good evening friends this is rajesh from 
bangalore though currently i work in Chennai and   come here for some reason and let let me tell you 
that do not consider this as a promotional video   since uh this is the journey 
of what i've been through   with Narayana Nethralaya especially in the 
diabetes reversal uh just to give just to give you   a backdrop of what has happened what had happened 
earlier uh probably uh during April 2021 i   i was diagnosed for Covid and 
subsequently to which i i had developed   uh enormous amount of you know diabetes in 
within me and for some reasons i didn't knew it   it was one of my friend a doctor who you know 
asked me to just go and have a regular check   which i did in fact had it and surprisingly the 
doctor was you know too very surprised to know my   sugar levels were on a random check was around 
565.70 which was really really disturbing and   luckily i think it was luckily i got to know 
about this diabetes reversal so one of the   one of the videos i i started searching 
on the youtube and this one this place is i i i should thank each and everyone here 
and i god bless them the moment i came here   my HVAC levels were 13.6 and doctor asked 
me whether i should go for an insulin   and it was my gut feeling that okay let us do 
with this you know dietary pattern what you   what you provide your you know patients your the 
people who come here for help and that is how it   all started the journey started two and a half 
months ago and the diabetes reversal actually   started three months ago and i am glad to admit 
that today when i am sitting in front of you my   hba1c levels are eight it's incredible improvement 
and doctors are very very happy with the progress   and uh dr shetty and his team mentality in the 
the digestion team maybe the staffs around him   are really really helpful they each guide each and 
every you know the way the way you are supposed to   take uh you know this is this is a silent killer 
basically and you never know how how it will you   know engross you it is going to put in all kinds 
of [ __ ] so i would urge everyone see there is   this is this is something the the doctors are 
trying to give it back to the society it is not   for the sake of making money here it is purely and 
purely giving back to the society so that everyone   every individual on this planet earth gets 
benefited out of it and i'm very very thankful   very grateful for the kind of improvements i've 
got after coming here and i'm very very happy for   that and i've stopped certain medicines which 
were earlier referred and uh the doctors have   confirmed if i start i mean if i continue the 
same uh you know the rate of progress in next   two months i'll be completely out of medicine 
thank you Dr Keerthy and staff thank you so much you

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