Salut Youtube! hi everyone. I'm Rosie. I'm
Kate. and we are going to do a challenge which is called Eat like a Parisian
where we're going to Eat like Parisian women for an entire month to see if it
actually helps you to lose weight and feel healthier so if you want to see
exactly what that diet entails keep watching.So it's a new year and the same
us you know we've decided that we wanted to try do something a little bit
different maybe get a little bit healthier this year and so Rosie and I
were talking a lot about the different diets out there that we could kind of
test and we decided since we've been living now combined 14 years in France
we could probably do a French based diet so we might have started talking about
the different things that we've noticed the different ways that Parisian women
eat the things that they do that are different than us and we've kind of put
together a little diet that we're going to try to follow for the next month.
Exactly because French women don't get fat right? Obviously French women do get fat they're human beings funnily enough but
there is something quite particular about the Parisian way of eating and it's true that the vast majority of women here are slim.

They are slim they're very careful about how they eat which we're going to
talk through a bit later and they obviously get results. So my
personal motivation for doing this basically I went to the gym and they've
got this special machine there I don't know if it's the best thing or
worst thing that's ever happened to me. So you stand on these special scales, you're holding
these rods and it kind of like scans your body and it lets you know what your
bone density is, how much fat you have, how much fat you have in your
arteries, like it's the full analysis and actually my body fat percentage in
particular had just dipped into the overweight category so it was quite shocking for me.

During this month on this diet my goal is to
lose four kilos and to really drop in that body fat percentage as well. I would
say my motivation is a little bit different if you follow any of mine
journey on my blog I just recently got married a year ago and so that was kind
of my time where I was really like oh I want to kick it in gear I want to get as
healthy as I can you know probably more for vain reasons and really for getting
healthy on the inside and this year I'm thinking more about just how can I be a
healthier person and live healthier I just had some changes in some medication
I was taking that have had a lot of effects on my skin and when I talked to
doctors they really ask you about what are you eating what's going
into your mouth the food is really important for the way that your body's
reacting and so when we were talking about diets I really wanted something
that would address like those different concerns that I'm having so mine's less
about weight loss and a bit more about just being healthier in general.

I would
say I really like about this diet concept that it's not about what you eat
although we will be showing you what we eat so if you follow us on Instagram we are
gonna be posting in our stories every single day showing you guys what we eat
but that's not only the point of all of this. This diet is really around how you
eat it's a completely different mindset it's about creating those habits it's
about a different way of eating and it's about actually setting yourself up so
that you eat differently for the rest of your life.

Much more of a lifestyle
change then just like something that we're gonna do for a month. So check out
the description box down below there is a freebie in there for you guys you can
download it directly and it's gonna have a summary of everything we talked about
in this video all of the principles that we are going to follow for the next
month so that you can follow along too if you like and without further ado
let's get into the Parisian diet! Principle number one I would say is
probably the most important one because it's all about portion control so as
Rosie was just saying the idea is not to cut everything out of our diet like no
eating carbs or no eating pastries,I that's not gonna happen especially
in France so the idea is just that you're more restrictive on how much
you're eating.

Parisians I've noticed will eat a big a lunch and then a much
smaller dinner so they can easily have just like a small soup or a salad or
something a bit light in the evenings which i think is probably the right way
around.One of the things that we're really gonna do is be using smaller
dinner plates as a constructive way of putting a normal amount of food on our plate. So if you're worried about cutting
down on a bit of food and wondering like are you gonna be hungry, one of the
things that we've really noticed is how much time French people take while they're
eating so they're not rushing through meals so you need to take time you need
to chew slowly, you need to let your body process the fact that you're eating
so that you have time to get full but what happens to me all the time i stuff
myself really quick and then I realize that I've eaten too much but it's too
late to go back.

They'll eat for maybe a few minutes,
they'll stop, they'll chat, they'll take their time… I mean they say it takes 20
minutes for your brain to register that it's eating and has eaten so it kind of
makes sense.. When we talk about portion controls I don't know about New
Zealand but in the u.s. the portion sizes that you get at restaurants or
when you're being served food is nothing like the portion sizes that you get here
but that doesn't mean that the French don't like to indulge. They have dessert
here all the time. It is not something that I'm used to where I grew
up and so one of the things that's really easy to do is if someone's giving
you a dessert for the second time that day cut it in half and share with
someone and eat half of it.

That's the classic Parisian girl to me like she'll
have a beautiful pastry or cake or something on her plate and she'll be
able to eat a third of it and stop here. She wanted the taste she wanted to
indulge and she's enjoyed it and her brain is satisfied and she's moving on. Very impressive, whereas I'm like "inhale." You can have a few desserts per
week you know we're not like completely no sugar, but it's like do you
need the full cake?Could you put a little bit of Nutella on your bread every single
morning rather than eating a jar on a Saturday night? Like it's about balace. I
think one of the worst things that I do as well is eating well I'm distracted
it's really hard to do portion control when you eat out of a bag in front of
the television or when you eat while you're on the move.Rosie and I are really bad about grabbing Starbucks before we go to the office and walking
and chatting and stuffing muffins in our faces while we're walking down the street and that's not a good way to eat! Really, sit down for your meal and you
concentrate on what you're eating or the person in front of you in order to stick
to the portion size that you want.

Totally, blanket rule: the French eat their
meals at the table. It's really about being conscious that you're eating unlike when
you're watching series and you look down and you're like oh am i finished already?! I ate that whole bag of Cheetos? Principle number two is pretty easy to explain, less easy to execute so it's really about no snacking so
something that shocked me when I arrived in France I don't know if you felt the
same but they're very strict around meal times like it's breakfast lunch and
dinner there's no such thing as late night snacking like the midnight
snack and that kind of thing.

If they snack it's late
afternoon 4 or 5 p.m. it's called the goûter and they'll have a piece of fruit or
some nuts or something like that and so what they'll do is they'll eat like
fully satisfying meals so like a full lunch and the lunch is maybe you know like
a chicken breast and vegetables like it's quite substantial it's more than
enough to keep them going. So principle 3 is one that's gonna be a little bit more
difficult for me I'm not sure about you but it's cooking at home. So my husband
and I are not very big on restaurants which is kind of funny because we live
in a great neighborhood with lots of really cool places to eat out but we are
absolute fans of delivering our food way too much so as you said it at this
diet it's really important to understand what you're actually eating and you're
not preparing the food yourself you don't actually know what's in your food.

I feel like in the French culture there's a lot of pleasure
around shopping for fresh produce and cooking nice meals and sauces and
things like that from scratch, not buying bottled sauces and there's definitely a
pleasure around food preparation as well as you know taking the time to slowly
enjoy and eat it so it's an important part of the culture I think to try and
cook it home. So for the sake of this diet we've given ourselves a maximum
which is eating out twice per week so that may mean like brunch with a
friend or it may mean getting Deliveroo.They're very
good at regulating themselves so if they do go out and they have like a big
brunch on Sunday for example they have a very light dinner that evening and then
Monday it's straight back to it.

My problem is sometimes what I have a cheat day that I'm just like screw it that means Monday's a cheat day, Tuesday's a cheat day, Wednesday…it's all downhill But here it's not like that.They have their cheat moments, but it's a moment and you move on and you don't do the same thing the next day.
Alright so principle number four is around what you drink. It's gonna be
pretty simple water and wine. Cutting out sodas, fruit juice and beer. The
inspiration for this came from the fact that whenever I go out with Parisians
and the waiter is asking you what would you like to drink, especially
at lunchtime like in the evening they maybe take some wine, but at
lunchtime it's like what would you like to drink? We've got these lovely juices,
we've got smoothies we've got…

And they're always like mmm tap water, just water please. I'm like "They've got milkshakes!" but no one will order one that never happens. I'm a big Coke Zero
fan which is a problem I know but I do drink a lot of coke so that's gonna be a
little bit hard for me I think to cut out and so my idea in my head is okay
you can have like Perrier or like San Pellegrino or sparkling water that gives you a bit of that carbonation and if really you're looking for something
sweet, add a bit of like syrup you know the French really love like their
different flavors of syrup so I could just add a little like drop of that into
water and and that should be like my go-to drink if I really need something
sugared right because otherwise you just really don't see it.

So our final
principle is about exercise and I am a very typical American when it comes to
exercise so if I'm on an exercise kick I am going to the gym five to six days a
week for an hour and I've noticed that the French don't function like that
around sports it's not like this ever compensating taking over their life
every day type of thing they tend to go like once or twice a week
thank you a bar class they do yoga they do like gym suedoise so we've decided during this diet that we're not going to go to the gym six
days a week the gym is something that we should do once or twice a week and then
on top of that you should just be trying to walk everywhere.
Exactly, Parisian style. So something concrete that I'm gonna do is try and
walk to work at least five times a week so that's something that I've got in
mind it's about a 45-minute walk and then you maybe go to the gym once or
twice per week.

So those are our five principles that's
the Parisian diet.Who knows what's going to happen, we've taken extensive measurements: weight, actually like measuring tape, body fat, that kind of thing. We're gonna
keep journals around how we're feeling and we're gonna be checking in and we're gonna be back here on YouTube and we're gonna give you you guys the results of all of this! Follow us on Instagram we're
going to be posting very regularly about what we're doing, how we're feeling you, what we're eating all of that kind of stuff. Don't forget to download your
freebie down below in the description box as well that Kate has prepared for
you so that you can grab those principles as well if you want a copy of

Let's see if the clichés are true, let's see if it helps. We'll think when we're eating half a cake! A bientôt, see you guys next time, bye!.



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