If you do this, you will see half your problems
of health. Whatever you have health problems, minimum
50% will go in six weeks time. Then you will see minimum 7 to 8 hours. You must sleep 90% of your problem go off
10%. If it still persists, you can treat it. It's very, very good for your health & your
body, the way it functions and Namaskaram Sadhguru fasting on auspicious. Days has existed in India since time immemorial. But many Indians believe that it's unscientific
and illogical until the work on autophagy induced during fasting has been awarded the
Nobel Prize. Even I started doing intermittent fasting
this year. So why are such beneficial ancient practices
being labeled orthodox and then immediately implemented once there is a Western approval? That's because you don't have the right color
of the skin and I've been talking about this for 40 years.

All right? And I have seen hundreds and thousands of
people who just become healthy and well simply because they're not fueling up all the time
when the tank is spilling in the yoga center, everybody eats at 10:00 in the morning and
at 7:00 in the evening, our clients have very physically active. There are no automobiles inside the ashram. It's a large place. Everybody that walks or cycles, Even if you
have to go to the dining hall, it's a kilometer. If you want to go your workplace, it's half
a kilometer, one kilometer like this all the time. People are physically active, so everybody
is very hungry. By the time it's 3:30 – 4:00 in the evening,
they're extremely hungry. But we learn to live with that because hunger,
empty stomach and hunger are two different things.

Hunger means your energy level start dropping,
but empty stomach is a good thing in the yogic sciences today, modern times also is coming
in line with this. But what we know about experience, you spend
$1,000,000,000 to come there because research is all about how many million dollars. That's how it is. Your body and your brain works at its best
only when your stomach is empty. So we always make sure we eat in such a way. How much of we eat? Our stomach must be always empty within 2
to 2 and a half hours time maximum. So we go to bed hungry. Always. People think they cannot sleep. They can sleep on an average for 25 years. On an average, I slept only two and a half
to 3 hours. These days I'm getting little lazy and sleeping
anywhere between three and half to four and a half hours, in spite of the level of travel
that I have. When I say level of travel, if I say my level
of travel in the next few days, you'll fall off your chair.

Yes. Should I tell you?, Because in the next ten
days. I'm in five different countries doing I don't
know how many events, all kinds of events. So you're able to keep this up simply because
you don't overeat. It's very, very important everybody eats two
meals. I generally eat only one meal 4:30-5:00 in
the evening because I don't like to sit in front of the plate and worry about how much
to eat. I like to eat well. So 4:30-5:00 in the evening, if I eat a meal,
it's only next day. Is this enough? am I looking ok? Hello. I'm not looking like your patient, isn't it? I'm not going to come to you because any correction
and purification that needs to happen in the body, your stomach needs to be empty is very,
very important. Otherwise the purification on the cellular
level will not happen.

You pile up things and then you have all kinds
of problems. The first thing is inertia in the body. Inertia means there are many levels of inertia. If you don't notice all that, the amount of
sleep that you have is inertia. All of you. You have come here to live or Hello?.. to
live, right? Not here. Here. I'm saying to this life you want to live. The intention of life is to live, isn't it? But because you talked about American doctors,
this is all being picked up here.

Also, all American doctors say minimum 7 to
8 hours. You must sleep. So that means one third of your life you must
sleep another two, 3 hours, 4 hours goes in Bath, toilet, eating this, this, this, You
know so literally 50% of your life is just maintenance. Suppose you have a vehicle, you have a motorcycle
or a car. If it goes to service one day in a month,
all right. To keep it. If it goes to service 15 days in a month,
this is a nuisance, isn't it So most people have made their systems into a nuisance because
their own body is a big impediment in their life and they think they want to do. Their body will not allow them to do so. In this, there are many aspects. One important aspect is people are eating
much more than what they should eat simply because they have been told you must eat more,
otherwise you will become weak. This that Now theres a way you keep your body. Today everybody is trying to work towards
a fuel efficient car or motorcycle. Everything this means. What if the machine runs smoothly? It will consume less Fuel isn't it? So you should sit here and you are very much
at ease now.

It will consume less fuel. If you are like this all the time, then it
will consume more fuel. It'll want you to eat compulsively will come
about this. So this new name intermittent eating You should see in the United States, people
come to our programs. Our programs will run 10 hours, 12 hours. So but they will come with some biscuit and
something else. They say, I have sugar intolerance. I have to I have to eat You just be here. You're not going to die. Ill ensure because I don't want anybody dead
on my hands. All right. I'll make sure you first day. No, no, no. I have to eat. But third day they gave up all that 12 hours
without food.

They sat that ther, they're perfectly fine. See, health is not something you can do from
outside. Health is something you have to do from within. From outside. When something goes wrong, you can seek some
help. But all the time something is wrong with you. This means what you're of all the machine. This all the time. Something is wrong with you. Why? That's not how this is designed. This is designed for help. Every cell in your body is designed to create
help, isn't it? They're all working hard to create help. Except you. So minimum 8 hours gap is what is recommended
in yoga between one meal and the next meal. There must be an eight hour space. If you do this, you will see half your problems
of health. Whatever you have health problems, minimum
50% will go in six weeks time.

If you do certain other things, which may
right now seem a little extreme to you. if you have a little yoga practice, something
meditative within you Then you will see 90% of your problem will go off, 10%. If it still persists, we can treat it. Now it's become like this. The health care systems, especially where
there is heavy insurance policies, people are eating and drinking all kinds of rubbish. Go to the doctor and fix me this is not how
it works.

If you observe the natural cycle of the body,
that is something called Mandala every 40 to 48 days the system. Most of us in cycle every cycle that this
every single cycle in this three days will appear when your body does not need food. If you are conscious of how your body functions,
you will become aware that today my body does not need food and without any effort you can
go without food on that day if you observe the cycle properly. If that awareness is not there as to which
day that is. For that, in India they have fixed what is
called as Ekadashi. That means four days before the full Moon
four days before the new Moon day, people don't eat, wake up in the morning, no breakfast,
no lunch. Only after the sun sets they eat one meal. This is just to allow the system to realign
itself. If you get this break, it's very, very good
for your health & your body.

The way it functions because the system needs
that time to adjust itself every day food, every day food its lot of hard work to the
body. Give it a little break. If you are not able to fast on one day, you
go on something lighter, Maybe just Juices or something else, which is much lighter for
the system to handle. Definitely your body will be very grateful
to you. yes everyday loading it up with cooked food
is not a good thing to do. So what is its Spiritual significance? Because it's a cleansing if your system is
not Vibrant you won't feel like doing anything spiritual you're feeling is lathargic. For a meditator, the biggest enemy is sleep. To sit here with eyes closed and fully alert. It's something else.

But most people, they close their eyes, sleep. So to sit here and to be very alert with eyes
closed takes a certain level of vibrance in the body. So to create this vibrance, we observe, well,
how to eat, what to do, how much to eat, all these things. It is not spiritual, but it is providing the
right kind of body Right Now, if your body is feeling very lethargic, I am talking enlightenment. So what the hell, isn't it? So keeping it vibrant alert and keeping the
body free of pains and problems is important because only then you will see something bigger. Right now your leg is hurting. Really hurting. God appeared what will you ask? my leg pain should go Yes or No? What more will you ask the that only you will
ask, isn't it? because body has that kind of power over you
unless you keep it in a certain level of ease.

It rules you from every direction is but this
keeping your body very pure & healthy is important. Otherwise body becomes the dominant force
in your life. It will not allow you to think beyond right
now if something starts really paining in your body, just your little finger really
starts hurting badly. You are not interested in God. Enlightenment, meditation, nothing you are
intrested in this one isn't a so? so this one has that kind of power. So you must keep this one happy. Only then it will allow you to do something
else. otherwise it will not allow you. So in that context, fasting here and there,
giving the body a break to recover itself, Recover its vibrance, not become lethargic
with food is important. Yes. So fasting if you just keep sufficient break
between one meal and the next meal. If I say this you will give up Yoga the ideal
break between one meal, the next meals, 8 hours, always. If 8 hours is not possible for you, minimum
5 hours break is needed. You must feel a certain sense of hunger before
you eat, before you feel hungry.

If you put food into the system, the system
will become lethargic. It will not know Vibrance. When I say vibrance, I am not just talking
about you being right now Awake We are not in the same level of Vibrance right
now. Each one of us we are eating the same kind
of food. We are breathing the same air we are in the
same space, but we are not in the same level of experience this moment. How I am within myself. I will not exchange this for anything in the
world. If you give me the whole world, I will not
make a deal because this is much bigger than that. And it's possible for everybody. It's not happened simply because the necessary
attention and what needs to be done with the system has not been done. So human vibrance can be various levels, many
different dimensions. It can carry you to completely different dimensions
of experience and living. So keeping the body well is a fundamental
requirement. you don't have to be a great athlete or something,
but just keeping it easy. that if you sit down here, you don't have
to twist and turn all the time.

If you sit down here next few hours, you can
simply sit here without being bothered by a bursting bladder on a craving stomach bag
or this hurting that hurting if you sit here you’re fine just that much ease has to come
into the body..

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