– Don't move it till I say- (screaming) – Ohh! – Okay. It's on my foot. – Talking bowels, cheese-grated skin and doing the sponge dance. Today we are back at it reacting to and breaking down all of the most extreme medical scenes and most painful injuries from someone that lives in the pineapple under the sea. SpongeBob SquarePants. Let's dive right in. – Don't move it until I say- (screaming) – Ohh! – Okay. It's on my foot. – [Doctor] I have seen
so many broken toes, dislocated toes, ruptured toenails, ripped off toenails, cracked toenails, bleeding toes, lacerations, all related to pieces of furniture. – [Announcer] Killing machines! (Squidward screaming) – Okay. – [Doctor] Dislocations, very easy to put back together. We'll literally use
some numbing medication, pop that joint right back in, and usually you're just fine.

Because of the necessity of that toe being so important to the body for balance and movement, we want it to heal right. (Squidward screaming) – SpongeBob, I told you not to move it until I said- (screaming) – Oh! Have you ever broken a toe? I've actually broken a toe. I played a lot of soccer, AKA football, and the toes have gotten
a little messed up. – I don't need you! I can move it myself! (Doctor laughing) – Do we get amputated toes? – Severed toe, you just said it! – The only time I ever see toes not there is when a diabetic ends up having an infection or necrosis of the toe and it needs to be surgically removed.

Oh! (laughs) We literally get people who come to the emergency department where their skin is scalped off of their head here, there's like a big flap. If the flap is actually thick enough, we can sew that right back down and it'll take, and your body will kind of reconnect it and it'll be fine. – Barnacles. – Barnacles. Some teeth, you see your incisors, you see molars on the bottom. And then obviously you're seeing all the different muscles. Not so bad. – This is not so bad. – We have a lot of different
muscles of our face. They go in all different directions. – What is going on here? (screams) (Doctor laughs) – We see degloving injuries, pretty intense, usually it's from a trauma.

Sometimes you can actually just slide it all back together. Other times the patient needs to have multiple skin grafts and multiple surgeries
to cover those areas. (Spongebob screams) – Oh! What? Tape hurts. Sometimes when you go to the surgery they'll actually shave the area, but they'll actually use tape, like duct tape. They'll just make sure that there's no extra hairs that's floating around and reduce the possibility
of wound infections. – He can't treat us like this anymore.

– (laughs) The eyeballs
have six muscle attachments on the back of the eye, plus the optic nerves, so you'd see all that. At least we got the skull with the teeth up into the maxilla, the ribs almost coming all the way around the heart and the lungs and we got some intestines. So we got some anatomy here in SpongeBob. – (indistinct) – (laughs) – I said I will not- – What? – May I borrow a (indistinct)
– Oh my God. What the heck? We do see people who come
in with skin flapped open. The only other time I ever see the anatomy on the inside, major
trauma, is actually when we cut open the chest ourselves
and we do a thoracotomy. But most of the time when
I'm seeing intestines it's usually on a CT scan.

I'm assuming that's like
squid ink or something. – Hold still buddy. (skin ripping) – Whoa. In the elderly population,
their skin is so thin. You could literally
put a piece of tape on, if you rip too hard or pull tape too hard you can rip their skin off. They lose a lot of the subcutaneous
fat underneath the skin so there's not much holding it together. Ohh. We actually see a lot of people come to the emergency department
with abscesses in the armpit clogged glands, and you get this horrible, cheesy smelling, white purulent comes out. Dr. Pimple Popper is
probably the place to go to take a look at those things. Band-aid in the armpit, we actually refer to the armpit medically as your axilla. Having a band-aid over that seems like nothing compared to
an abscess in your armpit. (screaming) – Oh, I can't quite reach it. – (gasps) Oh my gosh.

Burned face on the grill. Sometimes you have to cauterize
tissue and we use different techniques in the
emergency department to do small little burns and
you can smell things in the operating room. The smell of burning flesh is awful. – (indistinct) Just you and me. (skin tears) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I like that he's got the snaggle
tooth, the one tooth there but we got good striations of muscle. Different directions. I love it. – So am I ready for the beach, SpongeBob? – Sure. Little sunscreen
and I'm sure you'll be fine. – So we have sunscreen, sun block. Make sure that when you do go out in the sun, please use something, but also use stuff that is safe
for the environment as well. – (male voice) But trust
me on the sunscreen. – Cheese graters! No! Ow, ow! – Okay, I don't see too
many cheese grater injuries.

I do see a lot of salon injuries where like people who cut hair their scissors are so
sharp that they actually may cut themselves and
they just bleed like heck. – Ow!
– Ohh! We'll see people who get crush
injuries from heavy weights. Obviously we worry about
fracture, making sure that you don't have a release
of potassium into your system, which then leads to the destruction of other byproducts of the body. – My leg! – What is up with this guy's leg? Don't ever put anything
in the garbage disposal that shouldn't go there cuz you don't know if it's on or not.

Something's gonna get caught up in there and you can take your hand
off, take your foot off. ♪ (indistinct) The sponge,
do the sponge, sponge! ♪ – Oh my God, their legs are up in the air and now they're
bouncing on their groins. No matter what type of genitalia you have down
there, it's gotta hurt. – That's gotta hurt. – You're bouncing on your pubic bones. If you bounce on the vaginal tissue that hurts on your labia. And then if you're bounce on
your testicles or your penis that's gonna hurt a lot too. Oh! (laughs) I've never seen somebody
pull off their own limb. I've seen people kind
of rip their own tissue but not be able to just
tear apart their own leg. One, the pain would be not tolerated and the mechanics are way off.

– Let's go get a crabby patty. (crowd cheers) – Trample injuries are a real thing. People get crushed by
people stepping on them, causing fractures to the ribs, causing a hemothorax, pneumothorax, maybe traumatic brain injury, and then also asphyxiation
where they can't breathe and they can become hypoxic and die. (lightning strikes, Spongebob screams) – Oh! Whoa. People do
get struck by lightning. That is a direct current, a dc.

Electrical injuries typically
cause cardiac arrhythmias and then can cause a lot of burning. – Ooo, burn! – Tissue destruction, a lot
of injuries on that level so you have to be really careful. (ominous music) – Perhaps a soothing
limerick will calm thee. There once was a dragon
so handsome and smart. He let me go free, for he had a big heart. (Doctor laughs) – Everyone be a critic. – Obviously if you get
electrocuted any which way, get to the hospital, get checked out. We need to do some blood
work, we need to get an EKG. We just need to make
sure that you're okay.

There could be underlying
soft tissue injury that you don't see, because there's typically an
entrance and an exit wound. SpongeBob SquarePants never
fails, always interesting. A little kind of out there. Hope you guys enjoyed this. Definitely check out
this playlist right here. Binge watch everything. And as always, make sure you subscribe, turn on your bell notifications and hit that like button for me. Thank you so much for watching
and stay healthy my friends.

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