– I'll be happy with where I'm at and where things are going. When I reach the point to look like that. – (laughs) Today we are reacting to some
extreme body modifications. You have to see some of
these mods to believe them. All right, let's dive right in. – [Narrator] The Black
Alien project refers to the, let's say, passion project
of Anthony Lafredo. – Whoa. So what is going on with this guy? There's definitely implants
underneath the skin definitely on the scalp. The eyebrows, looks like
there's some modification to his nose as well to make it look more of an open hole. The way our nostrils are
made actually air goes up versus into our face. – [Narrator] However, instead
of buying a house or a car, he spent it all on body
modification that's left him fingerless, noseless, earless, and walking around the
streets of Barcelona. – I also see there's a green
of the eyes, the sclera, which is the white parts of
the eyes are actually green.

You know, I do know that people attempt to
do tattooing of this. You get the ink within the globe of the eye itself gonna cause issues. You might have trouble seeing. It's gonna cause problems with getting images to your retina. – Yeah, I'm picking up for Dunphy. It's on hold I believe. – [Narrator] He claimed that
the most painful body mod was the tattooing and
splitting of his tongue. – Oh, he's got a split tongue. Oh my gosh.

– [Narrator] Lafredo would
travel the Mexico to receive an experimental and
internationally illegal surgery to remove two fingers
from each of his hands. – I don't believe you're
allowed to just remove bones for the sake of removing. – [Narrator] He's also
added ribs to his arms. – Why? Look at his arm. He's got ribs to his arms. So he is, wants it to look like ribbing. Oh my Gosh. – [Narrator] Bulged to
his eyebrows to hang over his eye sockets and he's added
a gauge to his lower lip. But the question still
remains, what will he look like when he's a hundred percent complete? – Wow.

What would you do if you
actually saw this individual walking the street? Talk to him. You run away. – Run, Forrest, run. – Ranges the spectrum of, you know body modification versus
like, are you having some sort of body dysmorphia going on
that requires you to do this? Do you really just
enjoy the transformation or is there another
deeper component to this? It'd be interesting to have an interview with this individual. – [Narrator] Dennis began
turning himself into a tiger 20 years ago. So far undergoing 10 extreme
body modification surgeries – Felines and different
animals have sharp teeth and we call them canines, so they can rip tissue and bite into it. And as humans, we only
have very little canines. Most of our teeth are
flat or made for grinding and that's why they say that
we are omnivores potentially. – While in the Navy, I
started the tattooing.

We started off with the eyebrow implants. – Oh, he's got eyebrow implants
to give him potentially more of a ridge to the eyebrow itself. Some people are just born
with very prominence ridges. They're protective. – And the the bridge implant here. – That actually will
mess with your vision. When kids are born, they almost appear to be
a little bit cross-eyed. – (groans) – And because of the bridge of the nose is much more flat as we're little babies.

So as we get a little
bit of the bridge grows and it actually allows our
eyes to focus independently of each other. – The reshaping of my ears to give them a more cat-like appearance. – And now he's got modifications
to his ears to make a little bit of a tip, a
little bit of an implant. There's not much blood that
is on the ear itself up there so you gotta be really
careful of infection.

– Cleft my lip, relocated my
septum to change the profile of my nose. – People are literally
born with a cleft lip or cleft pallet and they actually
have surgeries to fix them versus this individual
had surgery to make one. And you can tell just by
the way his mouth is moving that bodies aren't made to
have it this way because he is having trouble just
communicating as best he could. – I'm going to eventually
be putting transdermal implants somewhere around here so I can mount conventional
type tiger ears. Haven't decided exactly how
we're gonna mount them yet. – Oh my gosh, it's a transdermal, so through the skin implant,
so you can attach ears. – I'll be happy with where
I'm at and where things are going when I reach the
point to look like that.

– (laughs) Everybody has
that inner tiger in them. – [Narrator 2] Bobby Jo Wesley
is on a one woman mission to become the proud owner
of the world's biggest hips. – The last I measured my hips,
they were almost a hundred. – Oh my gosh. Why? Why, why? Why would you
purposely do these things? This woman's structure
that she currently has is being supported by a very small frame. Bodies aren't made to handle that. With all this weight and tissue,
you're increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease
and metabolic syndrome increasing your risk of diabetes. These are all things
that are very concerning. – I like 'em. They're
like saddle bags. (laughs) – (laughs) I like 'em. They're like saddle bags. – When I go down up to steps,
I have to turn sideways. I can't sit in chairs with arms. – Yeah, that's uncomfortable. And then how do you get on an airplane? Those airplane seats are tiny,
sideways, up and down stairs sideways through doors
and all that movement and walking in those weird
directions is not good just from biomechanics.

– The last time I went to a
doctor, I weighed in it at 542. I'm still five foot two inches. – Five foot two inches, 542 pounds. That BMI is equivalent to morbid obesity. – [Narrator 2] Bobby puts a
lot of her weight gain down to having an underactive thyroid and insists it's not down
to her diet or lifestyle. – She's telling us it's related
to her underactive thyroid. There are people out there
that do have hypothyroidism which is basically where
your thyroid is not, you're producing enough of
the hormones that you need but there are medications
to actually help them and it can be fixed very simply. – People look at me and
they say, oh, she's big. She must eat a lot. No, to be honest, I don't eat a lot. It's medical. – Wow, it could be medical but I'm watching this salad
being made that's got a bunch of carbs on it. You got cheese on there
that's got a lot of calories 'cause of fat, for
dressings the serving sizes are supposed to be like
super small tablespoons, which are not even a
quarter less than that of what was just poured on there.

– I understand that, that
I'm putting myself at risk. I wanna be known for something. – Oh. She wants to be known for
something in her life to get into the Guinness Book of World
Records, maybe get there quickly, be done with it and be that opposite and
it's gonna take a while. It took her a long time
to get that weight. You have to really think
when you're losing it you need to process it and lose it in the same kind of speed. – [Narrator 3] Romerio Desantis. – Oh, we got a bro! – [Narrator 3] Huge frame
on his favorite superhero, the incredible Hulk. – Those trapezius muscles, those big neck muscles
that does not look normal. – [Narrator 3] But his
obsession with injecting muscle enhancing oil into his body – Whoa. Muscle hardening oil.

His biceps and his
triceps are weirdly huge. And then he is got these
little tiny shoulders. You can see his deltoids
don't even fit his body. It doesn't even make sense. – (speaking foreign language) – So necrosis basically
means like dead tissue or dying tissue. When you have that in
there, it actually leads to infection and the infection
can be implanted so deeply into your tissues that
the only way to treat it is actually to cut it out, aka amputation. – [Narrator 3] But he
would stop at nothing to make his look even more extreme.

– (speaking foreign language) – Wow, you've seen the images
and all the soft tissue looks like an MRI. You're seeing all these
abnormal formations within the tissue. Could be air, could be
fluid, also could be rocks and different materials or
hardening of the tissue itself. It is not good. – (speaking foreign language) – So he is an individual
that wants an advantage and wants to have the best
modifications that he could find. So now he's trying to use horse hormones. You gotta be careful
allergic reactions that are can occur from other species. – (speaking foreign language) – Getting these hormones and these meds from somebody down the street
that's concocting them. Wow, wow, wow. So super crazy interesting. These body modifications are
literally mind blowing to me. Something that I don't see very often. If you guys thought this was really cool, definitely check out
this playlist right here. Binge watch the whole thing. And please make sure that you subscribe, turn the bell notifications on, and hit that like button for me.

Thank you so much for watching
and stay healthy, my friends..



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