[Music] erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a common condition faced by men it refers through the inability of maintaining an erection for satisfactory sexual activity in most cases it is temporary and requires no medical intervention but when erectile dysfunction becomes an ongoing problem it requires treatment this affects a man's self-esteem and invariably his sexual relationship so what causes this condition electoral dysfunction is usually related with old age but it could also be a side effect of other medical conditions like heart disease diabetes and high cholesterol depression or other psychiatric diseases physical injury stress or external factors like addiction to nicotine alcohol or other intoxicating substances also cleared all let's look at some simple home remedies to treat this condition take about half a bowl of chopped carrots add 1/2 boiled egg add two tablespoons of honey mix it well eat this mixture once a day continue this for two months take two teaspoons of ginger paste add two teaspoons of honey mix it well have this three times a day for two months drumstick claws also known as Swan Jurek a pool a very useful in treating sexual weakness boil a handful of drumstick claws in one glass of mace for 15 to 20 minutes drink this tonic when you form one must not mistake erectile dysfunctions with other conditions that affect a man's sex life like lack of sexual desire or issues with ejaculation and orgasm sometimes couples have unrealistic sexual expectations which makes lovemaking and effort rather than a pleasurable experience it is important that you communicate your needs to your partner take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit www.investlocalbook.com

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