Our eyes express our emotions and thoughts
beautifully when words fail us. It s our responsibility, in turn, to take
care of them. In today s world, with the workload and strenuous
lifestyle, eyes have lost their natural beauty. In Today's video Remedies One will discuss
Essential Eye Care Tips To Protect And Soothe Your Eyes. Eye Care Tip 1: Tea Bags, Apply cooled tea bags over closed eyes. Don t use herbal tea bags, because most aren
t as effective as the black tea bags Eye Care Tip 2: Chilled Cotton Balls Dip cotton balls in chilled water and keep
for five to 10 minutes on your eyes. Eye Care Tip 3: Cucumber, Cucumbers work wonders for tired eyes. Place two slices of cucumber over your eyes
and rest for a while. Besides its cooling properties, it also helps
to lighten dark circles. Eye Care Tip 4: Cucumber Juice, 1) Extract cucumber juice by grating them
and squeezing them through a muslin cloth. 2) Dip cotton pads in the juice for two minutes. 3) Place on eyelids and darkened area. 4) Relax for 15 minutes and then remove. Continue this procedure for two to three days
and you will see remarkable results! Eye Care Tip 5: Tomato Pulp, Turmeric, Lime
Juice, And Gram Flour, 1) Mix one tsp of tomato pulp, a pinch of
turmeric, tsp of lime juice and one tsp of gram flour till it becomes a paste.

2) Apply gently on eyelids and darkened area. 3) Leave it on for half an hour. 4) Remove gently with moist cotton pads. Follow this for a week for best results. Eye Care Tip 6: Almond Oil And Lime Juice, 1) Alternate hot and cold compress under your
eyes for 10 minutes. 2) Then apply a teaspoon of almond oil mixed
with half teaspoon of lime juice on the dark surface every night before going to bed.

This is a good beauty tip that can be tried
at home for dark circles. Eye Care Tip 7: Rose Water, Do they require a special mention when it
comes to eye care tips? Multi-faceted and multi-talented, the rejuvenating
features of rose water can also be effective to reduce dark circles! Just apply cotton balls soaked in rose water
on closed eyes for 15 minutes or so. This method is considered to be one of the
most popular and easiest cures for dark circles. This tip is so convenient that you can do
it anywhere and everywhere, even if you are on a flight. Share this beauty tip with your friends also! Have you ever tried these tricks To Protect
And Soothe Your Eyes.



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