Bismil R Rahman Rahim Assalam walakum How
are you, I hope that you all are well and prayer to Allah that He give us good health
Amen, today we are making a great remedy in Fatima foods, it is a very beneficial remedy
in these Things have been used, they are very suitable for our body, so you must try it,
we do not get these benefits in English or any market food, then you must prepare it
for your children for elders, let us start our remedy.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim First of all we will
take almonds, almonds have many benefits, it is a bit expensive but it is very good
for mental weakness, it is also very beneficial, it keeps our heart healthy, mind strong and
ends lethargy and always keep us young This stops hair fall It also eliminates the cholesterol
of the heart, due to the smell of the mouth Beneficial for gram at number three, gram
is a very beneficial thing that it reduces cholesterol in our daily use as compared to
meat in our front, it is very beneficial for children studying, removes the weakness of
eyesight, all four at number four – Come, this watermelon is made by mixing melon pumpkin
and cucumber seeds oil, it has many benefits, it sharpens the mind and does a great job,
to strengthen our heart, sugar candy is very sweet at number five.

The beneficial thing is that it hates the
chemical and is used in sugar candy, so let us now grind all our things very finely, first
of all we will eat it after roasting it a little. And we will make them look like Potter, now
that if in your house, it is very beneficial for the people who study crime and work on
the computer, people who spend more time on mobile, there is a tremendous remedy for them.

It makes the city very good, if you use them
immediately, you will get down on your own, people complain of headache, it is very suitable
for them, this powder we have prepared, it is ready for about Rs 300. It is not very expensive, now you must make
this in your house, its benefits are unmatched, we can take it with milk in the morning and
evening, children can take one spoon and big one and a half spoon that in winter We can
also take it with honey, so as you see that we grind all the things in turn, then we have
to give it the shape of a potter, now that you must make it and feed your elders and
children to everyone. That the benefits of using it will be visible
to you within a month, by using this portal, you will always be in a fast and sharpe. For those who watch TV and computer and mobile
phone more and their eyes feel themselves, it is also very beneficial for them, it is
a very simple recipe, if we start counting its benefits, then we need a lot of time,
I came to it.

Side Boosting Remedy I can also say that all
the things have been put in it which is very beneficial for us, if we use it without break,
then our hair will stop falling, our heart and mind will be very beneficial for the memory
of diseases. if you like my today's recipe, then like it,
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till then Allah Hafiz.



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