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QR code, or click the link in the description. Assalamualaikum, guys, and welcome 
to another episode of Smile2Jannah. Society, what has that come to? What has it become 
because of a lack of a Divine Compass? Europe has   become a cesspool of liberal values.

By three and 
a half, Kieran had transitioned to a girl. "Hi,   my name is Lyanna. I use the demon pronouns." 
If you refuse to date a gay person, you're   homophobic. Men are not meant to be dominant; men 
are meant to be submissive. Listen, I'm ready for   the asteroid. I've had enough. Reported by CNN in 
Berlin, "Oh yes, Germany, they are allowing women   to swim topless in the name of gender equality." 
Now, whilst the women in Germany might be happy   with their rights, the men are gonna be staring 
at their lefts.

This is the most Haram video I've   ever watched. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised 
if husbands suddenly start telling their wives,   "Darling, we haven't been on holiday for quite 
a while. I think we should go to Berlin. Yeah,   let's take in the sites. Let's take in 
the historical sites and let's take a look   at the natural sites as well." And if this is 
seen as progress and Islam is called backwards,   then you know what? I don't mind being 
called backwards, frankly. Thank you. So let's get to the crux of the matter. Why 
on Earth has this come to fruition? Germany's   trying to say, "Oh, you know, we're a society 
that does this sort of stuff. We're comfortable   in this and that." No, but this is not 
as simple as that. In fact, in December,   a mother went with a five-year-old child topless. 
Oh yes, topless.

Naturally, she got kicked out,   but being the German version of a Karen, she 
complained. But the people that are responsible   for making the decisions actually went, "You 
know what? This is a bit of a difficult one.   She's gone topless, she's got a five-year-old 
child. This is a thinker." And another case was   that of a biological woman who, when she was 
stopped topless, she goes, "I identify as a   man." So because they've already opened the doors 
to LGBT, they're gonna have to do the same hair   mate. But how on Earth are you going to justify 
when school kids go to that swimming pool and   see a bunch of women expressing their rights and 
their lefts and slapping them in their faces and   in the faces of your kids? But apparently, this is 
what we should all be aiming for. This is why we   need to reform our religions – religion that want 
the women to cover up in front of their kids and   strangers. What nonsense is this? What barbarism 
is this backward stuff? Hey, you know what? I'm   okay with that stuff still.

And you know what? 
They accuse religions with brainwashing kids. You   know why these guys complain? Because they want 
us to clear the field for them so they can come   in and sow the seeds of confusion in the hearts 
and minds of our children. You're a boy but also   a girl. Maybe you're a mixture of both. Maybe 
sometimes you feel more like a boy or sometimes   you feel more like a girl. You know what? You're 
a boy-girl. Maybe SubhanAllah, InshaAllah. And if   gender equality is really the flag that you want 
to be swinging around, amongst other things,   then what about those men that don't get access 
to their children? In fact, ninety percent of   women get access, and men get blackmailed with 
their kids. Are you going to be including gender   equality there as well? Because we welcome it. 
Will you also be doing gender equality when it   comes to certain professions that unfortunately 
have to be dominated by males because women   just don't want to do it? Like construction 
workers, engineers, truck drivers, firefighters,   and the list goes on.

Can we get a bit of gender 
equality here as well? And it's what we say about   liberalism as well – that they cannot prove their 
foundational principles. When they say issues   about the hijab, as Muslims we say the hijab, or 
the compulsory covering of a woman, is the whole   body except the face, the hands, the feet, and for 
a man, the compulsory covering is Naval to knees.   These are the hijab for both men and women in 
Islam. They say no, the hair shouldn't be covered,   and we go why? Why do you think that your method 
is right and our method is wrong? You love proving   stuff and going with the evidence. Yeah, when it 
comes to God evidence, give us evidence. Then they   don't have evidence. It's just a cultural norm. 
And 10 years ago, the cultural norm was to cover   the bottom and the top of women. Now, slowly, even 
the top is coming off. Not only is it coming off,   it's coming off in front of our kids. And 
you know what? Give it another 10 years,   and they're gonna be saying about the bottom as 

Hey, we don't want restriction down there.   It's bad for your health. Let it all hang free 
mate. And the most shocking and surprising bit   is, how the women are not seeing how they are being 
sexualized. And they genuinely have believed that   this is helping their cause of equality. How is 
showing your private parts linked to freedom? I   just don't get this, mate. In Islam, we understand 
the body, the private parts, and how it can lead   to illicit relations. And then eventually, it can 
break up the family and affect the society. Look   how beautiful the laws of Allah are, because Allah 
has the picture, we have the pixel. We are biased   by the laws that we come up with. And frankly, 
this is enough evidence to suggest that we're   not really good at doing this either.

Let's leave 
the decision making to the Most High, and guys,   if we do not learn our religion, then our kids, 
and possibly even we, will get swept up in society   and pleasing other people. So it's important that 
not only do we learn our religion, but we teach it   to our kids as well. Because without Islam, boy, 
it is going to be difficult. And let's face it,   guys, the society that we're living in needs us to 
be solid so we can present them with the gift of   Islam as well. Because this is an example amongst 
many that Islam is needed in these people's lives.   Because what they have at the moment, boy, is 
not only going to ruin them, it's going to ruin   the people around them as well. Let's leave it 
there, guys, until next time Asalaamu Alaikum..

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