Hello Everyone, how are you all? I am here again with a new diet video for
all of you. Today in this video, I will tell you what
I eat in a day, how I plan my diet accordingly, because I believe, most of you want to know
this A lot of people asked me, being a professional that you may have a fancy diet with an uncertain
quantity. Come, let's start our diet video In which
I will tell you my full day diet Come, let's talk about the first meal of
the day Which is my post cardio diet Because I have been doing cardio for 45 minutes
daily from a very long time In which I do cycling or treadmill or cross
trainer ,it depends. But for me doing cardio is necessary, After half an hour of post cardio, I eat this meal Which contains 250g of white
rice, 50g of broccoli, ½ scoop of whey protein I made it by mixing water So here is my first recipe of the day I think I have already shared this recipe
in my one of the video Some of you may have tried it.

I don't know how much you people have liked
it But for me, this is one of my fav recipes
because of its taste And I have done cardio, so for me, any meal which is a mixture of carbohydrate and protein
would be great So that my post cardio recovery gets good Now, we will talk about meal number two which is my mid-morning meal Which I eat between breakfast and lunch In which I eat 8egg whites, 11 almonds, 4-5 walnut, one apple, and two tablespoons of peanut butter This is my snack meal, where I try to eat good fat quantity and protein is always there in my meals the reason for using peanut butter in my
meal is because it is natural and I gain good fat in fine
quantity And along with that, you see you will get
30 g protein in 100 g, so this is a good option to be included in
the diet You have to eat it in moderation Like I am eating two tablespoons in which per serving is 32 g And any age group can use it Here I am using "DISANO'S UNSWEETENED PEANUT
BUTTER" being a fitness freak I have to resist eating excess salt and sugar
And In it, there is no addition of artificial sugar
and salt Whenever you open a box you will see oil
separately in the top, don't hesitate it is a sign of natural peanut
butter, you have to mix it before eating I am sharing the link of DISANO product in
the description for those who want to try
it I also use different products of DISANO like
olive oil, oats etc My 3rd meal of the day is lunch Where we are eating 250g of fish, I often change my fish I have made it in
coconut oil I eat salmon, sole and bass, whatever is
available I eat.

And along with it 50g carrot, and 50g beans, both of which I have boiled We have white oats in carbohydrate whose approximate quantity is 60g which we have made with salt and pepper And one plate of salad This is my proper lunch, but I eat it as
heavy pre work out meal because I take it 4 hours before the workout that's why I have chosen oats because they are slow digestive and will
provide me energy during the workout I am eating fish from the last 10-15 years because it is easy to make and easy to digest. So this is my proper lunch, or you can say heavy pre work out meal Let's discuss 4th meal of the day which is going to be our small pre work out
meal Let's see why I am saying it small because we are eating four eggs where the two eggs are with Yolk, and two are without Yolk. Sweet potatoes 150g and one banana After 90-120 minutes of this meal, I perform
my Strength training in the evening to utilize the meals I prefer to train six days which is very intense as you may have seen
in my blogs And every day I do single body train After 15-20 mins of workout, I take my post-workout
meal Let me show you what I take as a post-workout
meal which is my 5th meal This is simple, 250g of potato and ½ scoop of whey protein which we will pour in water and we will mix
it well I think I don't have to tell you about whey
protein But the reason for eating white potato here
is because like I have eaten white rice post cardio
which is fast-absorbing carb likewise white potato is a fast-absorbing
carb, so it is good after the workout.

After two and a half-hour of the post-workout
meal, I take my 6th meal which is my dinner Where I generally eat three chapatis, 250g fish, and one bowl vegetable which can be anything like calabas, Ridged
gourd, apple gourd anything Now, tell me what is fancy in it A lot of people tell me you are a fitness
freak and still eating chapati, but I am telling you the truth that I eat
chapati for 12 months regularly it may vary from three to two And fish is my personal preference Chicken is equally good, but my skin gets good because of fish So this is my simple dinner Before sleeping, I am taking my last meal
of the day and whoever is related to fitness will surely
relate with me which is one scoop of casein protein Now you call it a meal or anything but casein protein digest slowly so it will save me from going into a catabolic
state So this was our today's video I hope you will like this video Continue to love the channel And if you like the video do share it with
others I will continue to make such informative
videos I will continue to come here Please take care of yourself and your health Till then, Goodbye.


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