Seeing the thumbnail people who
are thinking that I was never that fatty let me show you. This is the date and this is my real
picture there's no photoshop done with it. Yes I was always into fitness but this lockdown was the first situation
where we had to stay at home and it was the first time that
I saw my worst body form. Because I was always busy
working on YouTube we've become a family of
300k from 3000 subscribers just because of the work
I completely neglected my body and diet. And I got this was body form. But on 10th August 2020, I was
mentally so frustrated that I decided let's do it. The transformation that you saw just now
many of you might get motivated with that but what happens is you get
motivation by watching YouTube video but you do not get the
diet plan and workout plan. I will give you everything; I have
taken guidance from professional athlete I will share everything that I got
watch till the end do not miss anything because everything is a chain. Before revealing the diet
I will talk about diet mistakes may be you also
do those same mistakes.

I used to think honey is beneficial,
yes it is beneficial than sugar but it has a high calorie
so don't take too much honey. Don't take black coffee in empty
stomach it causes gas problem. My fibre intake was low because of that, you will have acne on your
back, you'll have bloating problem and due to bloating your
cuts will not be prominent. Also, I used to take too much
protein bars which is also not good. Eating too much peanut butter. Extreme dieting is very unhealthy. That is eating a lot of boiled chicken you get mental fatigue and therefore people
put an end to dieting. Lastly, I used to avoid carbs. I used to fear white
rice and chapati I used to think that I will gain
weight and I couldn't have abs. This was my wrong assumption. No matter how expensive supplement
you take or workout for several hours it'll have no effect and
abs will not be seen, this concept is important to
understand even if you want to gain, I am not a professional, but I can
explain to you whatever I apply on myself.

It is very important to
understand maintenance calorie. You can search it in Google you'll get to see calculator and
you need to input your age, weight and your activity level,
then it will show you maintenance calorie. Like in my case 2500 is
my maintenance calorie, If I eat below that I will go
into calorie deficit if I want to lose weight and
make the abs prominent then I will gradually
lowered my calorie intake obviously, I have to do
the workout alongside.

If I want to gain then I have to eat more
than my prescribed maintenance calorie that is I have to eat more than 2500 cal then I will gain weight. Then how will you calculate
your calorie in a day? For that, apps are available
in android and iOS. You just need to check the
calorie of the food you take, from apple to egg white, paneer, chicken
it has got calorie for everything. You have to calculate whatever
you have eaten from morning to night. You will get to know your
calorie consumption in a day. If you eat less than maintenance
calorie then you will go to deficit if you want to become
lean, or you want to shred and if you eat more than that
you will gain. So with this diet, you lose your weight but I lost my muscle mass with this, I got a lot of protein
farts and I got bloating problem got acne on the back and also got pimples on the face
as you can see.

Then I took professional guidance
to understand what is the problem. Body becomes lactose intolerant as whey protein and protein
bars are all made with milk. There are many whose body
became lactose intolerant with age not everyone but many. This is what happened to me. So we included a lot of digestive food,
we included chapati which is high in fibre and we did a lot of changes,
let me tell you all those diet plans. The first meal of the day
is water with white rice 120 g with protein, you know whey
protein is prohibited for me.

It creates digestion problem,
protein farts, acne, bloating. I was recommended plant-based
protein which is not easy to get. I did a lot of research to find
plant-based protein in India. Which is good in taste,
because I had to take it twice a day. So after doing quite a lot of research
I find this, it is a genuine recommendation Which is Kapiva Protein which contains 25 g protein flavour is decent compared to
typical flavours of plant-based protein.

Its chocolate flavour is very good,
also, you get cookie and cream with it. Glutamine is 4.54 g and BCAAs is 4.97 g it is a very good pakage
and it is very reasonable. And this protein is best for those
people who want to build muscle. I take it twice a day. Both with water and rice. I take omelette of six egg whites
and take either an apple or orange. After that I eat chapati, with that I
have chicken curry of 150 g chicken. and salad is very important. After that, I take black coffee
and a banana, as a pre-workout. If I get hungry in-between
I make scrambled egg of 2-3 eggs.

Again they are all egg whites. And after workout, I take the morning
meal of water, rice and protein. And at night after a gap of 1.5-2 hr I take chapati with
150 g chicken and salad. I take vitamins C and E
2-3 times a week also, I take a multivitamin daily
and liver tablet that I take twice a day. The first thing in workout is
cardio, majority of people avoid cardio I used to do cardio four times a week that too 30 minutes
you might think it is too much yes I too don't like cardio that much.

Walking is the
most underrated cardio in the world. Walking is very effective, so I used to
do 15-20 minutes walking in the Park. As I used to do
10 to 12 minutes of jogging. Just basic jogging with
the speed of 6 to 7 mph so that was my cardio. For abs diet is the key, but many
people asked my workout schedule you can use it, but it is important
to go in calorie deficit for that.

Three thing which are important,
first is, your movement should be slow do not focus on repetitions. Secondly breathing is very important. When you go upward you've to exhale and
when you go downward you've to inhale. Last is contraction and
you have to feel the muscle then only you will be
able to develop your abs. When it comes to workout I do eat
six times a day and Sunday is a rest day I do single body part. I always have four sets of six exercises. You have to take care of three things
It will be negative when you make it go down very slow as much as you can
it will have a greater effect on your muscle.

And you must not take rest between
the sets, 30sec to 1 minute is max. And your back should be straight
and chest out for every exercise. This is my schedule you can follow it and also you can modify it
according to your preferences. Kapiva protein is a very nice
protein that you can consider the link is in the description. If you enjoyed the video
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