Greetings friends, I am Dr. Rishab Sharma Co-Founder ThyDoc Private Limited At you will get all services and information related to healthcare including Doctors and Hospitals And to use these services and information you should visit We will start the video, which is on home remedies for Gastritis i.e home remedies for Acidity/Gas problems/inflammation of the stomach we have divided this video into 2 parts in the first part, we will talk about dietary advice and in the second part, we talk about lifestyle advice related to acidity / gas problems So because of gastritis i.e.

Inflammation of the stomach patients have to face many problems like heartburn, pain in the abdomen heaviness in abdomen, fullness of abdomen, nausea, belching, and vomiting First, we will talk about diet management of gastritis / acidity/ gas problems/heartburn And in dietary management patient should reduce the intake of food which increase acid production or cause inflammation of the stomach List of food items which increase acid production or cause inflammation of the stomach include tea, coffee, spicy food items, fried and fatty food items, processed foods items like bread, pasta, pickle, and jams, And the acidic food items like citrus fruits (lemon, oranges) fruit juices, sour chach, sour curd should be stopped And in some patients milk, and milk products also, increases acid production So intake of milk and milk products should be reduced or completely stopped Next, we talk about food which relieve symptoms of gastritis/acidity/gas problems/heartburn And these food items should be included by the patient with heartburn In these food items, first, comes "probiotics" And probiotics increase the number of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system And this increase in the number of good bacteria causes a decrease in the number of gastritis causing H.

Pylori bacteria And the patient gets relief from the symptoms of gastritis/acidity/heartburn So the patient should include probiotics in their diet Besides you should increase fibre intake in your diet.

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