the movie begins in a small town named urana in australia sixteen-year-old beau is cycling back home late at night when he hears a woman crying in a cemetery she is naked covered in dirt and is asking for help beau is too scared to approach her but he hides behind a tree and starts filming a video suddenly he hears another noise and witnesses a man crawling out of his grave this is followed by several more people appearing out of nowhere somewhere else a police sergeant named james gets a call from an old lady claiming that her dog had gone out of control and killed her sheep he goes to help her and reluctantly puts down the aggressive dog the police station gets a call about a disturbance coming from the cemetery and james being the closest one to the location goes to check for the cause to his surprise he finds the naked lady who is very scared and doesn't know how she ended up there her leg is bleeding hence he calls for medical help a noise from another grave makes him realize that there are more people like her dr alicia arrives a few minutes later and helps the sergeant collect all the naked people the strangers do not resist instead they ask for help because they are terribly confused after gathering five people they drive to alicia's health center only a few minutes away however they fail to notice an old man who is left behind bo who has been watching the commotion from the dark sees him walking away and follows him out of curiosity meanwhile elisha makes the strangers change into clean clothes and checks their medical condition james assumes that they are on drugs or were performing some satanic ritual because none of them remember anything about themselves a woman finds a wedding ring on her finger which reminds her that her name is kate another person is an italian man who wanders away because he doesn't understand english suddenly he remembers a glimpse of himself running from something the glimpse reminds him that his name is carlo james calms carlo down before bringing him into the house again the sergeant then comes face to face with kate and freezes he cannot believe his eyes and has to touch her to find out if she is real even then he refuses to acknowledge her existence because she is his wife who died two years ago dr alicia asks him to stop joking about such things but james couldn't be more serious he brings out a picture of kate which makes her remember that she was in fact married to james she even shows him her birthmark which confirms she is not just a doppelganger the sergeant bursts out into tears overwhelmed by the sudden surprise elsewhere in the city the man who is left behind is wandering around while being followed by beau he finally catches the boy and inquires what his intentions are beau tries explaining that he emerged from a grave but the man rationalizes that he must be dreaming he introduces himself as patrick and asks to be taken to some place he can get alcohol the kid doesn't want to tag along anymore but patrick forces him to back in the medical center alicia checks the database and finds kate's medical reports according to them she died two years ago from breast cancer kate thinks it is ridiculous so to get her in touch with reality james brings her to her grave there is a massive hole in it which clearly means that she crawled out of it seeing her name on the tombstone kate panics and runs away before james follows her his fellow policeman sergeant vic arrives to inspect the situation james doesn't tell him about kate or the cemetery people not wanting to attract more attention to her dead wife after that he calls alicia and tells her there are many empty graves in the cemetery which could mean that everyone in the medical center is resurrected from the dead she is asked to keep an eye on them until he finds kate at the same time one of the resurrecteds sees the name anna on a book and remembers that it is her name slowly they all start regaining their memories a while later james finds kate at a park they often used to visit he apologizes for bringing her to the cemetery and promises to take care of her this reminds kate of how helpful her husband was when she was on her deathbed patrick and bo on the other hand break into the pub patrick has been here a long time ago hence the drastic changes make him lose his mind he starts breaking things before the boy offers him a beer after that they go to a grocery store and rob it pretending to be a customer and a burglar they make friends with each other in a short time even though patrick is wildly racist and laughs when he finds out native americans are allowed in schools on the way they come across a statue of patrick and discover that he was the first mayor of urara who died over 150 years ago initially the old man refuses to believe it but he soon comes to terms with his unusual existence james brings kate back to alicia's house and they discuss what they should do next if the news about their existence spreads an army of researchers and scientists will want to experiment on them hence they decide to keep everything private carlo again runs into the streets when no one is looking he is later found by sergeant vic and thrown into a cell the confined place reminds him of the time he and his brother alexandro were trapped by the american soldiers alexandro couldn't take the pressure so he committed the unthinkable and while trying to alert the soldiers carlo was shot and killed in the present he remembers every part of his life james arrived soon after asking vic to go home since it is not his shift yet vic thinks it is strange but doesn't question him then james brings carlo back to the house with the others anna knows some italian and can translate carlo's sentences for the others it turns out that he and his brother came from sicily when the war began but they were trapped in a prisoner camp in urana anna understands what camp he is talking about because she was also alive during the same time alicia recalls that she has a 90 year old patient named alexandro nico who could be carlos's brother james offers to drive him to his brother's house which is just outside the city however while crossing a bridge on the way carlo's eyes start bleeding he screams in pain until his body decomposes and turns into dust james can do nothing to help and just watches he quickly collects the dust carlos has become and returns to the medical center the following morning james and kate talk about what happened after her death by now kate remembers almost everything about her life she wants to go home to sleep in her own bed but james thinks it is better if she stays with alicia for some time what are you hiding james he returns home to freshen up and we see that he has a pregnant second wife her name is sarah and she used to be kate's best friend in the following scene we see another man emerging from the ground as the others did earlier his grave doesn't have a tombstone so his identity is unknown alicia and james meet in the cemetery and find out that alexandro died last night around the same time carlos did alicia thinks it is a coincidence since he was very old james is informed about a naked man running about in a school he goes there to bring him to safety but unlike the others this man is aggressive james has to cuff his hands before driving him to the medical center meanwhile the injured girl named kirsty has been whining in pain since the morning it turns out that the wound is infected and she needs to get to the town's hospital for proper care when the new guy is brought to the medical center alicia acts strange she seems to know who he is but pretends to have met him for the first time james kirsty and another guy named charlie who died about a hundred years ago set off for the hospital but when they reach the bridge the resurrected start to get sick james registers that it is the same place where carlos died he immediately backs up the car and the duo's condition improves which means that they can only live inside of urana if they try to leave they will end up like carlos elsewhere patrick and bo meet again after spending the night apart patrick has stolen clothes from a store but he thinks it is okay since he is the first mayor he has started to regain his memories of how he looted the poor to make more money as the mayor he also remembers that he was killed by a native american man outside his estate patrick still has something important hidden in that house that he wants to retrieve anna and kate go out for a walk and end up at the cemetery anna finds out that her real name is maria and anna is her daughter who died the same day she did she cries on the grave asking her to come back to life when she calms down they decide to go to james's house they enter through the back door and don't take long before seeing a wedding picture of sarah and james before kate can brace herself a pregnant sarah returns from the store the two quickly run away before being caught but kate is heartbroken a while later james finds kate walking down the street and tries to approach her however she refuses to listen to him and walks towards the bridge as a result she gets sick like the others and he has to forcefully bring her back to the medical center james wants to tell vic about kate and the others so they can ask for help from the outside but alicia is against it when he doesn't listen to her she brings the group away to a secret barn without telling him at the police station james tells vic everything but the man thinks he is bluffing later that night he is driving home when he gets into an accident the car is destroyed and his head is injured but thankfully he comes out of the wreckage alive weirdly enough he doesn't go to the doctor and ends up cleaning his wound in a gas station bathroom he also acts very strange and gets a sudden urge to find every resurrected person at any cost in the meantime maria visits her former home which reminds her of her daughter and husband however she is soon kicked out by the current owners of the house in desperation she goes to the church and declares that she is a miracle sent by god a worker asks her to sit down and secretly reports to the police about the frantic lady somewhere else beau takes patrick around the town and they eventually find his old estate someone clearly lives there but they haven't been taking care of the place patrick starts looking for something in the fireplace but beau is caught by a bunch of teenagers they turn out to be patrick's spoiled great-grandchildren despite knowing that the kid broke in they ask him to sit down and smoke weed with them a while later their mother arrives and they throw bow under the bus to save themselves the police are called and he is taken away while patrick watches him from the balcony he has a box in his hand one that he was desperately looking for james goes to the church and finds a crying maria he needs her to reveal where alicia has taken the others but she only agrees to do so if he finds out where her husband leon is james has already done background checking on all the resurrected ones and knows that leon lives in an old age home maria meets her husband after all these years and is filled with happiness but leon calls her a [ __ ] jeez leon james discloses that the man has dementia but maria saw that he actually meant what he said she then gets flashes of the past when she was inside a car with another man touching her leg the man's name is don smith who james recognizes as the owner of a car dealership he and maria go to dawn and ask him about his relationship with her to maria's relief dawn reveals that he once tried to hit on her but she slapped him across the face and walked away after finding out the truth maria brings james to the barn where everyone is he finds kate alone and claims that he and sarah only bonded because of her death however he is not ready to forget kate now that she is back when kate suggests an official breakup james panics and asks her to come with him they drive to a house by the side of the lake that consists of all of her belongings james bought the house after her death because he felt like the coffin was too tiny overwhelmed by everything kate kisses her husband and the two make love i hope kate showered vic has been continuously trying to find alicia and the group he searches around her medical center and even goes to interrogate sarah but to no avail back in the barn the new guy refuses to speak to anyone when kirsty tries making him talk he pushes her to the wall and hits the others as well a while later he comes to his senses and decides to separate from the group elisha assures him that he will ultimately remember who he is but the guy simply walks away in the morning maria goes to leon with his favorite dish but he calls her a [ __ ] again god damn leon the scene then goes into a flashback maria was always faithful to her husband but he accused her of sleeping with dom he wouldn't listen to her so she took the car keys and drove away in anger but on the way she realized anna was hiding in the back seat the car crashed which caused the death of both mother and daughter after realizing that she was the cause of anna's death maria visits the cemetery and cries on her grave suddenly she is approached by vic who claims that he is here to help her subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel out thank you for watching



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