in good health doctors have known for years that eating whole grains is good for your heart but a new study finds there may be another big benefit to that our dr. Frank McGeorge is here to explain doc well you know Karen and Devin at least 28 million Americans are suffering from type 2 diabetes and that number just keeps growing well now new research suggests adding more whole grains to your diet could help reduce the risk if you're not already eating whole grains for your heart there's a new reason to start whole grains which our fiber actually can help with diabetes in the sense that it helps with insulin sensitivity so it's harder to break those down because it's fiber and as a result it stabilizes blood sugar so you don't get those spikes and blood sugar that you get with refined sugars the new study looked at more than 55,000 people between the ages of 50 and 65 researchers found the highest whole grain intake among men was associated with a 34% decreased risk of type 2 diabetes women who ate the most whole grains saw a 22 percent decreased risk examples include whole-grain breads pastas and cereals plus brown rice barley oatmeal and popcorn the takeaway messages yes increased whole-grain will definitely help to reduce the risk of diabetes but you want to incorporate vegetables and you want to incorporate lean protein healthy fats and fruits into your diet as well to help prevent type 2 diabetes eat whole grains instead of refined grains like sugary beverages sweets white breads white flour white pasta and white rice improving your overall diet can also help now if you're not eating a lot of whole grains now you can start by switching one product at a time for example try making whole-grain pasta instead of white pasta or try something completely different like quinoa it does take a little bit of getting used to in some cases but the health benefits really are worth it at first it felt like a little right and not only are used to I think a lot of times it's frankly I think it's better I think so too Yeah right texture becomes more important you know but as you start thinking about it but Cap'n Crunch still not on your list that's a little too refined for you all right target



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