Come in, come in,
Mr. Arjun. Come, sit. Cheers! Aai, what are you doing? The neighbors will see. Kadam kaku is right outside.
What are you up to? What am I up to? Your father drowned his life in alcohol and
now you also find solace doing the same. So I thought, why shouldn't I keep up? Stop blabbering.
I’m hungry.

Give me something to eat. There’s nothing to eat at home today.
I just didn’t make anything! You didn’t make anything?
What do I eat then? I don’t know.
You tell me. Aai, are you really drunk? Where did you find this?
What are you going to achieve from doing this? Whatever it is that you achieve! Do you know what
I’ve been going through in my life? Um.
Neha left you, isn’t it? How many days of drinking will bring her back? And will she come back sooner if we both drink? Don’t speak rubbish! I have other problems too.

Just serve me dinner. If you want to have dinner,
you will have to arrange for it yourself. And even if you don't want to eat, you'll only have to
arrange for it, because I haven't cooked anything. Then make something now! No! Put some rice on, or khichdi, anything will do.
I am starving! No. Tonight I am going to sit back, relax and drink.
And you're going to feed me. Aai, have you gone mad?
Will hitting me make you happy? Hit me! Hit me! Should I hit you?
Hit you? Has hitting, getting hit ever helped in this house?
What good has come out from it? All my life, I've been up early in the morning, packing
tiffins. I tended to your father.

Raised you with the money I earned through the tiffin
service. I kept telling your father, let's talk things out, find solutions together. But he sought solutions only in alcohol. And now you're following his footsteps. So why should I stay behind? Aai, come here. Tit-for-tat won't help. Drinking will cause you a lot of harm. I am already in harm’s way even when you drink. Also, why don't you preach these lessons to yourself? Because you're not addicted yet.
– The way you are? I don't enjoy drinking. I just don't know any other remedy for my stress. Remedy? Or escape? Come, come here.
Sit down. Look, do whatever you want to do.
Do you want to drink? Here. I am not like Papa.
I’ll let you do whatever you want.

But let me just tell you one thing about alcohol. You won't know when one drink turns to two
and two turn to three. If one doesn't drink, the brain doesn't work. One can’t sleep at night.
Everything gets disturbed. And once you're sober,
you feel even worse about drinking. My brain just can't function without this now. Has your brain stopped working? Is the body craving for alcohol now? Has it hijacked your brain now? Arjun.. Arjun! What about food? What about food? I didn’t talk to anyone. I didn't have the courage to take you and leave the house.

Either to take you and leave the house or to get beaten up. These were the only choices. Who’s fed you all your life?
I have. Who’s washed your clothes?
I have. And you? From now onwards, there won’t be separate rules for either
of us in this house. Let us both drink. If there’s any other addictions you have,
let’s indulge in those as well. Bring it on! Enough now, Aai! What is it? Tell me.
What do you want, what is it? You’re the one who needs to decide what you want. Do you want to let old wounds heal? Or keep picking at them, making them worse? If there is a problem, you will have to confront it, right? Can you tell me what has happened? Talk to me, let’s figure it out. Arjun! I feel lost, Aai. Ever since Papa passed away, I haven’t been able to make
sense of things. People keep saying stuff behind my back. They mock me. I don’t even attend college anymore.

And now Neha’s left me too. I can’t forget her.
I just can’t forget her. Cry. Cry as much as you need to. You don’t need alcohol for that. Why is all this happening only to me? To whom should all this happen to then? I used to ask myself the same thing. Then I thought to myself –  I am able and fit, There is food
on the table and I have such a lovely son. When the going’s good do we ask ourselves why all this is
happening to only us?  What should I do now, Aai? I'm not asking you to get rid of
all your thoughts. But if you keep on mulling the same thoughts over and over
again, your brain won't be able to function elsewhere. Bad habits can be replaced by good ones. And once you get busy with work,
you won't have time to overthink. No? Talk to me, I’ll help you.

You help me.
We’ll find a way. Okay?
– Yes. For how long will you try to find an escape in drinking? And how will you not be able to survive without her when you did just fine without her for the first 20 years of
your life? Go, get me some Bhurji Pav. Yes. Go on!.

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