– 90% of the time, gout shows up for four to 12 hours, at 10 out of 10 pain, when you wake up in the morning. It is caused by a
chemical called uric acid. This is a DNA breakdown product, for people who eat too much
red meat, too much seafood and too much curated meats. It's also likely, if you drink alcohol, not enough water, and you're a male, ages 30 to 50, although it can happen to woman. And when you wake up in the morning, it's the worst pain of your life. (upbeat music) Gout can be dangerous, because not only does it
cause pain for the first day, but if it happens three times in a year, that means you're likely to
get build up in your joints. You probably should be on a
medication called allopurinol, to prevent it from being
created in your body or potentially in medications, to help you pee out that chemical quicker.

Uric acid is a breakdown. Diet will control it from
building up in your system. So studies show, stop eating the meats. So curated meat, red meat, seafood lose some weight. The more weight you lose,
the less alcohol you drink, the less carbonated beverages you drink. The better you will do. The more you hydrate, the better you will do. Anecdotal studies and early research show, Coffee is great for it. Although if you don't drink
it and hold start now. Cherries, that can be good for it. Vitamin C can be good for it.

Drinking a ton of water
can be good for it. Low stress can be good for it. These are not proven
things, but they were great. The number one treatments are, find yourself a podiatrist or great primary care doctor, who can send you a anti-inflammatory such as, indomethacin or celebrex, or you can even use over the counter ones, when it first hits. I prefer steroids and a
medication called colchicine. These were great. And believe me, when you wake up in the
morning, with 10 out of 10 pain, you wish you had a podiatrist that can send you that medication, because just like that, that pain can go away and you will feel amazing very quickly. (upbeat music).

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