Hey everyone, my name is Rudi, I am 25 years old and in this video I want to tell you about my hair transplantation by Dr. Demirsoy. A couple of words about my history, I have suffered from hair loss since I was 18 years old. My hairline was receding, and it just kept getting worse and worse approaching my 21st birthday, until it became pretty much impossible to go on normally with the styling of my hair, Which, at that young age, was pretty important to me. I was trying to fight it with all my might, I let my hair grow out, combed it to the side, tried to fill it up with hair fiber, which kind of worked but was a huge effort to do, and I was heavily restricted in my daily activities, for example diving in a pool head first, which was pretty depressing.

That's why I started researching hair transplantation pretty early. I was 24 years old when I eventually underwent a hair transplantation myself, because most surgeons denied to do the procedure on a patient this young, simply because the state of my hair could worsen even more at that age. Fortunately, at 24 I was accepted by Dr. Demirsoy, after I had begun taking Finasterid. Before that, Dr. Demirsoy advised me not to do a hair transplantation, because the state of my hair was so unstable.

I was fortunate that I could finally do a hair transplantation. Why did I decide to go with Dr. Demirsoy? That is simple – after researching many possible surgeons online but my primary concern was that the results would flawless. I didn't want anything more than a beautiful, aesthetic looking and thick hairline. If you're searching through forums or the internet in general, you can find a whole bunch of experiences with Dr. Demirsoy, with continously stellar results. This was the most striking reason for me to choose Dr. Demirsoy. In addition I have to say that the price-performance ratio is absolute world class. I had offers by a number of different surgeons, with pricing up to 15.000 €, which is way too much for a college student to afford. With Dr. Demirsoy the pricing is significantly lower –
1,25 € per graft. The amount I needed was 2500 grafts, which I could actually afford.

And if you look at the result, the price-performance ratio is world class When I decided for Dr. Demirsoy following my thorough research, I used a website run by the organization HealthTravels to contact Clemens Weber. At first you undergo an online consulting. You send in some pictures of your hairline and the history of hair loss in your family, etc. And then you get your feedback, for me they proposed to transplant 2.500 grafts. Provided you agree with that you arrange a phone appointment with Clemens Weber. Then you pay a deposit of, I think it was 500 €. And then you just have to arrange your flight. Everything else was perfectly organized. Upon arriving in Turkey you immediately get picked up by a driver and taken to your hotel, which HealthTravel also takes care of. And the next day you're taken to the clinic. All in all a very frictionless procedure. Communication is no problem at all, since Clemens Weber speaks German.

So yeah, the only thing you have to worry about is booking your flight, which shouldn't be a problem. And then it's off! Upon your arrival you're picked up by a driver whose name I unfortunately forgot. He spoke German as well and was very friendly and pleasant. We drove over to the clinic where Dr. Demirsoy and Clemens Weber were waiting. The first step was discussing the hairline. Me personally, I was hoping for a very straight hairline so I could wear my dream hairstyle, but I was advised against it because on the one hand it wouldn't have been aesthetic and on the other hand, because I'm so young it's still possible that the hair loss continues and I might need additional donor hair to fill up the area further back.

I didn't take much persuading, I accepted the very first proposal almost immediately because these people are professionals and I trusted them. And as you can see it turned out very good and I'm happy I didn't decide otherwise. The clinic itself seemed very clean and very professional. There were no other patients besides me present on this day. That's due to the fact that Dr. Demirsoy prefers to only treat one patient per day.

And shortly after shaving me head we went straight to the the surgery room. It all starts with a local anesthesia, which was way less bad than I expected, and after the first two punctures you don't even feel it anymore. And that's when the surgery started, in which Dr. Demirsoy – this took me by surprise – did the whole procedure himself, which you can't take for granted these days. The first step is removing hair roots from the back and the whole donation area. The whole thing was pretty much painless, I even fell asleep in the middle of it. And then, after lunch break, we continued with pricking the canals in my bald areas in which during the last step the hair roots were put in. Dr. Demirsoy did everything himself, except the insertion of the hair roots. The placement of the roots was done by his assistants, who were perfectly skilled and did a professional and clean job. You can tell by the result. I can't complain at all. The hair transplantation itself took about 8 hours, and it went by completely painless.

Thanks to the anesthesia I didn't feel anything and spent most of the time dowsing or sleeping. I didn't notice much at all. After surgery you're given some very important advice on how to act, how you should sleep – preferrably with a neck pillow – they will advise you on all of that. And finally a couple of words on the time following the hair transplantation. After about 10 days all the scabs were gone and you could finally see the hairline. At first the hair is pretty dense and thick, which looks pretty cool, but don't get used to it, those hairs will fall out pretty quickly. About 30 days after surgery pretty much everything was gone. But on a positive note, at this time you can already see hair growing.

Bit by bit you could observe the hair growing and month by month it became more and more. About 4 months post-surgery I could start styling my hair. I decided to still help things a bit with hair fibers, so it seemed a little more dense. After about 7-8 months I had reached the final result, and it stayed pretty much the same until today without much noticable change. I am very happy with the result, it really looks amazing. I don't think anyone who's not involved would even notice that I had surgery done. Even most of my acquaintances didn't believe it, especially since I did everything to cover up my receding hairline prior to surgery. So to everyone toying around with the idea of doing a hair transplantation, Dot it.

It was the best decision ever. You will regain a big part of life quality, you really do, fully recommended. Here's another demonstration with freshly washed and wet hair. You can see the hairline looks very natural. It perfectly fits the rest of my natural hair. And one more time with the comb, so you can really see. And now for another look when it's dry. You can see it looks very natural as well. The hairline. And once more with the comb, so you can see the hair structure better.

You can see the hairline looks very natural and the density is very good and fits in with the rest. And here's a short look at the donor area, where the hair has been transplanted from. You can see that they did a very good job there as well. There's no holes or anything visible. Normally when I go to the hair dresser I get my sides shaved down to zero, and even then you don't see anything. No one could have ever told that I had a hair transplantation done. I wanna say a really, really big thank you to Clemens Weber of Health Travels, who was always by my side and has always been active, before surgery as well as after, even when everything was done and paid for, Clemens Weber was still there to answer any questions.

Even one year after the surgery – it is now exactly 12 months – I'm still in contact with Clemens Weber if there's anything uncertain, unclear or if I need any advice. No matter what, Clemens Weber is always there and always quick to answer. You can also talk to him on the phone. It really is world class service, which you don't find with many doctors. Especially since Clemens Weber as the assistant of Dr. Demirsoy possesses a great amount of know-how himself, about everything related to hair transplantation. That is really helpful and he helped me a lot as well, when I had questions regarding the intake of Regaine or anything else.

To everyone interested in more information about me and my hair transplantation, in the description below you will find a link to my post on forums. There you can find an in-depth description of my entire history. If you have any questions, you can sign up and message me on there, I normally answer quickly. So, again, if you're thinking about getting a hair transplantation done: go for it! I regret nothing and it was absolutely worth every penny and every painful hour post-surgery. It really is a piece of life quality successfully regained.

And with that, thank you for watching, and take care..



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