Are you tired of hairfall? Using curd, egg yolks, keratine treatment, expensive shampoos, conditioners, serums, different oils, multivitamin tablets, you must've tried something or the other, but here you are on YouTube today looking for yet another video that can finally stop your hairfall Do you know what? You just found that video! In the first part of this video, you'll learn the root cause of your hairfall Why are your hair even falling in the first place? And in the second part of this video, you'll learn 5 steps that you can follow to not just stop your hairfall within 3 months, but the hair you've lost will grow back too Further ahead in this video, we'll also discuss the best food to fast forward your hair growth, a powerful shampoo to stop your hairfall that you can easily prepare in your own home, some remedies that will help give your lush hair quickly So please watch this video till the end Come, let's understand this with the example of a tree Oh! These leaves just won't stop falling! What do I do? I've tried everything! I'm so tired of it all! Woah! The problem wasn't in the leaves.

It was in the roots When a plant starts withering in your home, then you always remember to water its roots, not the leaves But when it comes to your hairfall, why do you believe the problem is with your scalp? And why do you waste so much time cleaning and decorating it? The truth is that the problem is not in your scalp, but in your stomach Come let's understand why! We experience hairfall when our blood becomes dirty When it gets dirty, it becomes heavy and is unable to reach our top floor – our head When the blood circulation up here is cut off, then our hair don't receive the necessary nutrients and they start falling You might be wondering – how did our blood get dirty? When we eat food that doesn't come directly from Mother Nature – fried, roasted, overspicy foods, such as parathas, biscuits, noodles, snacks, packaged and bottled foods, lots of grains, digesting them is extremely difficult All these foods get stuck to the walls of our intestines and turn into waste Whatever is stuck in our intestines gets absorbed by them If there's waste stuck to them, then that's what they'll absorb and send to our bloodstream When our blood becomes polluted, it gets thick and heavy and is unable to reach our head If you want to fix your hairfall, then you have to pay attention not up there, but down here 5 years ago, I had a major hairfall problem because of my thyroid too I had only half the hair that I have on my head today I was scared of washing my hair, combing it.

"Will I go bald soon?" These are the kind of thoughts that haunted me But when I changed my food and habits, within 3 months, everything changed My hairfall completely stopped. Even the hair I had lost grew back again And it can happen to you too! It can happen very soon if you follow the 5 steps we are about to share religiously In just 3 months, you won't be identified by your falling hair, but your shiny, bouncy hair You will comb your hair without hesitating, wash your hair without thinking twice, whether it's the bathroom floor or your rubber band, you will stop seeing fallen hair, the hair you've lost will grow back, and people will ask you the secret for your lush hair Come, let's move onto our 5 step hairfall reversal plan now Our solution is divided into 2 parts – Take Out and Take In In Take Out, we'll learn how to clean our blood so that it can freely circulate up here In Take In, we'll learn about the right food to eat that will help speed up your hair growth So let's proceed to our first step – fasting Do you know a super fast way to take out the waste from your body? This method activates your body to go into full cleaning mode This is 16 hour fasting Every night, you have to give your stomach a break for 16 hours.

You have to stop eating for 16 hours If you have dinner at 7 pm, then don't eat anything till 11 am the next day If you have dinner at 6 pm, then don't eat anything till 10 am the next day As difficult as it sounds, it's actually really simple when you follow it because you'll simply be sleeping through most of those 16 hours When you keep eating the whole day and night, your energy is always absorbed in digesting and eliminating it. Your body gets no time for cleaning But within 2-3 days of starting 16 hour fasting, your body will start cleaning itself, the waste in your blood starts leaving the body your blood can freely circulate up to your head, and soon, your hair starts growing back again If you start it tonight, then know that you hair recovery journey will begin tonight itself How to do 16 hour fasting? We've explained it in great detail in our Detox video You can find the link for it in this video's description box below Another powerful way to remove the toxins from your system is enema It looks like an ordinary little box, but it is a box full of wonders for your intestines Enema saves us from the food that we ate years ago, which is still stuck to the walls of our intestines and is polluting our blood even now How to take enema? You have to take in and hold 300 ml water in your intestines for approximately 5-7 mins And slowly, this water will attract all the poisons, all the waste stuck in your intestines to itself When you go to the bathroom, you'll be shocked to see how you had been living with years of waste stuck inside you This is the same waste that gives birth not just to hairfall, but many other diseases as well Wait! Don't be scared of enema.

It is 100% safe and absolutely pain-free When you start following this plan, you have to take enema every day for 21 days After that, you can take it once a week or whenever you need it Come, let's move onto our next step – wet pack To stimulate hair growth and blood circulation, this step is extremely important Basically, you have to take a cotton cloth and dip it in cold water Wrap it around your waist, neck and forehead Apply it for at least 30 mins. What happens when you apply wet pack? It maintains 2 different temperatures in your body – cold where you have applied it and the rest of the body is warm According to Mother Nature's laws, whenever we maintain 2 different temperatures in an area, the blood circulation increases there The blood that wasn't able to circulate earlier will be able to circulate and reach your head easily after applying wet pack Hairfall will stop automatically You have to use wet pack every day for 21 days after starting this plan once in the morning and once in the evening After 3 months, use it only when you need it Avoid using wet pack in cold seasons, but please use it for all other months So please watch our Detox video after this video It's a 20 min video where we have explained all 3 steps – 16 hour fasting, enema and wet pack in great detail Now we've cleaned our body from inside.

But what do we take in now? Let's move onto our 4th step – this food can bring back your hair even in your 30s and 40s Food that is filled with every mineral and multivitamin you need Food that can even break the impact of bad genes Food that has the strength to fix your hair along with every other health problem This is Satvic food Come, let's understand what it means Our Vedas have given us the 4 principles of Satvic food In shortform, we call them LWPW L means living food. Eat food that has life in it, such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, grains and coconut Dead food that is packaged, bottled, and boxed pollutes our blood and does not allow our hairfall to stop On the other hand, living foods have the ability to grow things.

Hair growth becomes much faster W means wholesome. Eat food in the form Mother Nature gives it us White rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, refined flour, sooji, oil, these are all refined foods Instead of this, eat wholesome food – brown rice, wheat with the bran, coconut kernel, dates or jaggery instead of sugar When you eat refined foods, your hair will never get the nutrients it needs to grow back P means plant-based.

We should avoid all food that comes from animals – meat, fish, eggs, milk or any milk products Eat that which comes directly from plants Digesting milk and milk products is very difficult and make our blood thick and heavy So avoid all meat, eggs, and fish And switch milk with coconut milk W means water-rich. That means we should eat food that is juicy as much as possible, food that is water-rich Try juicing a cucumber and see how much juice you can get from it Do you think you can ever get any juice by juicing a bread? No! Because it has no juice at all Water-rich food does the job of cleansing your body.

It removes toxins and waste and makes your blood lighter When you follow all 4 of these principles, then your new diet plan should look something like this After waking up in the morning, have a vegetable juice. The best is ash gourd juice. You can have coconut water too For breakfast, you can eat a plate full of fruits. The best practice is to eat one fruit at a time. For lunch, you can have a grain meal. But it should have less grain and more vegetables For dinner, have salad or soup. If you want, you can switch your lunch and dinner meals This plan is given in great detail in this video – One Diet to Cure All Diseases You can find the link to this video in the description box below Can you guess which food goes not to your stomach, but straight to your scalp? It is sunlight Just like how the leaves of a plant start falling without sunlight, similarly our leaves – our hair start withering & falling A plant is made up of the same 5 elements that make up your body If we want lush and strong hair, then we must expose our body to sunlight every day How? Sunbathing Simply lie down under the sun for 20 mins every day wearing minimal clothing Allow the sunlight to fall on your scalp along with the rest of your body When should you do sunbathing? Only in the morning or evening As the light of the sun falls on your body, your blood circulation increases, ability to grow back hair will increase hairfall will stop That completes our 5 step hairfall reversal plan.

Now we have some super exciting bonus tips to share with you For our 1st bonus tip, we're introducing a food that has more protein than any meat, protein powder, supplements or bars It is the building material of your hair Can you guess what it is? Vegetable sprouts! That means seeds sprouted from vegetables Sprouts is the most nutritious food in the world Do you know that the sprouts of a radish have 30 times more nutrition than a fully grown radish? That means a vegetable sprout is more nutritious than a fully grown vegetable Why? Because that little sprout has the power to give birth to such a big vegetable When you eat these sprouts, where do you think this power goes? Inside your body, and brings strength to it Sprouts is the best building food in the world and works like a miracle for hair growth We recommend eating 4 kinds of vegetable sprouts – radish, alfalfa, fenugreek and clover After a lot of testing, we have picked these 4 sprouts, not just because they are easily available, but are also the easiest to grow based on Indian climate Vegetable sprouts are better than lentil sprouts as they are more nutritious than them How do we grow them? Exactly how you grow lentil sprouts Take some seeds and soak them overnight.

In the morning, drain the water and wrap the seeds in a thin muslin cloth Cover this pot Open this bundle twice every day – once in the morning and once in the evening Soak the seeds in water, wrap them in a bundle and keep it in the pot with the closed lid again. Do this for 3-4 days On the 3rd or 4th day, you'll see tails emerging from your bundle When your sprouts start looking something like this, it means they are ready to be consumed Add them to your salads and soups. And don't just eat a tiny amount. Eat at least a half cup of sprouts in your salad If you wish, you can order these seeds from our website These sprouts are the building material for your hair 2nd bonus tip – curry leaves paste.

What should you do? Take two fistfuls of curry leaves and blend them with some water and create a paste Apply this paste to your entire scalp like this Keep this paste on your head for at least 45 mins and then wash it off with water You should apply it every day for 1 and a half month Remember one thing – this step will only work when you follow all 5 steps – fasting, enema, wet pack, Satvic food, and sunbathing If you skip them and only apply this paste, you won't get any benefit. This is only a bonus tip As we understood earlier, the root cause of our disease is not here, but down here Come, let's answer one important question on your mind – which shampoo should I apply? Today, the entire world is selling us products. First shampoo, hair oil before shampoos, conditioners after shampoos, masks between shampoos and conditioners. After all this, some hair serum and who knows what else? Do you know the skin of your scalp is a lot thinner than the skin on the rest of your body? Now turn your shampoo bottle around and read it.

What does it say? Names that you can't even pronounce. All these chemicals are absorbed through our thin scalp skin and weaken it This accelerates our hairfall If no shampoo, then how else should we wash our hair? We have brought the best herbal shampoo for you. It is really simple to prepare and it cleanses your hair thoroughly You can prepare it once and store it for the next 3 months You need 3 ingredients for it – Shikakai (200 g), amla (200 g), and reetha or soap nut (200 g) Reetha helps give our shampoo its lathering property First we have to create a powder of all 3 ingredients Add Shikakai to the blender and turn it into a powder like this Before turning soap nut into powder, remove its seeds like this Then blend it and turn it into a powder as well And then blend amla and turn it into a powder too Now all 3 powders are ready Let's move onto our next step. Take a big bowl and add 3 litres of water to it. Now add all 3 powders to it and mix them Boil this mixture on a high flame for some time Now there's one ingredient still left to be added to this – and that is flax seeds Flax seeds give our shampoo a creamy, gel-like texture Now turn these 200 g flax seeds into powder Add this flaxseed powder to our boiling mixture.

After adding flaxseed, add another 1.5 litres of water to it Allow it to boil and keep mixing it properly in between Now it has properly boiled and turned into a gel-like consistency. Switch off the flame now We have to filter the mixture while it's hot. Place a cloth over a bowl and filter the mixture by adding it slowly to it It's important to filter it while it's hot So now our all-natural, edible herbal shampoo is ready! Transfer it to a big bottle and keep it in your fridge. It should easily last for 2-3 months You can keep it in a small bottle in your bathroom as well Its texture is just like the shampoos available in the market and it lathers really well because of reetha You just have to wet your hair and apply it to your hair, and after massaging it really well, you can wash your hair If for some reason, you aren't able to prepare this at home, then at least stop using chemical-filled shampoos If the ingredients list of your shampoo has the words Paraben and Sulphates in it, it means it is loaded with chemicals and is contributing to your hairfall Look for a shampoo that is paraben-free and sulphate-free And avoid using shampoos too often.

Use them only when you need it. Once a week is enough If your hair get too dirty, then you can do it twice a week Another mistake we make that increases our hairfall is bathing with hot water Hot water damages the blood vessels under our scalp and weakens the roots of our hair In winters, bathe with lukewarm water. And in summers, bathe with warm water When you follow all these steps together, you'll see the work expensive medicines and serums failed to do, is being accomplished so easily by the 5 elements of Mother Nature Do watch these 2 videos right after watching this so that you can get clarity about all the steps And please share it with all those who are suffering from this hairfall problem. We'll see you soon!.

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