jumping right in we have a big bag of the organic 
carrots these will last three to four weeks for us   a big bag of the Fuji apples almond flour from 
Costco is really really great this is the best   price for it sweet potatoes I love yellow Yukon 
Gold potatoes I use it for about everything this   was on sale it was like three dollars off but 
this is the one that we normally get anyways   big bag of Oats this is from Aldi and that's their 
organic broccoli this is Costco's pasture-raised   eggs and their almond butter this is also from 
Aldi the guac singles silk unsweetened coconut   milk I get mine from Target these are from Aldi 
and they're organic blackberries and blueberries   and they were like 279 which is a really great 
price organic pears from Aldi bananas from Costco   and then these are typically always get 
these regardless of the store that I go into   some seasonings that coleslaw mix some 
vinegar I use this to wash my produce   and this is my absolute favorite pasta sauce 
I've mentioned that one before red lentil rotini   pasta is my favorite my husband's favorite these 
are also for him these RX bars I love them too   it's like having a candy bar this 
ground lamb is so good I mean so good   ground chicken I got both of those from Aldi and 
then the almond flour siete tortillas this is the   giant pack of them you get 20.

The organic 
chicken sausage my absolute favorite I get   two of those at a time and then we have the wild 
called Alaskan sockeye salmon which is so so good   and then we have the organic grass-fed beef some 
more ground lamb this is all from Aldi some more   ground beef and then from Costco I get this big 
triple pack of organic drumsticks this was only   10.37 and that's one of the tips I like to give 
people instead of trying to get organic everything   get organic things that you're going to eat the 
most of especially if it's a meat product and you   don't have to get the breast the leg has way more 
collagen it's really great for you it's still high   in protein and it's a way more economical price in 
my opinion and then chicken breast kind of gets I   get tired of chicken breasts that we don't eat 
a ton of it this is from Trader Joe's and this   is the organic arugula I'll just throw this on 
any random meal just to get it in Tuscan kale   if you don't like kale you might like this one 
really really good it's better than the curly kale   and then I got their red lentil pasta they put 
more in the bag and my husband likes this one   better than the one from Target next we have 
two packs of the almond flour tortillas this   is keep in mind this is from like two spread 
out between three weeks so this is an all in   one day I got this smoked oysters and olive 
oil this is one of the things that's amazing   for selenium and for iron and b12 it is amazing 
for you my kid won't eat it but me and my husband   like it a lot then some raw cashews from Trader 
Joe's also then they're um I love these little   organic coconut chips I'll put that in some 
homemade granola or I'll put that on inside   of my own trail mix they also have this grainless 
granola that's a really great price I like to get   that one and it's great for topping things 
and then they're organic Yukon Gold potatoes   as you can see this is my fit one of my 
favorite potatoes I love potatoes though   organic sweet potatoes also we've got their turkey 
bacon and I really like that one because it's thin   and crispy and then this is a staple for us 
um we get it from Aldi usually but the one   from Trader Joe's is so so good the refried 
beans and then this is my absolute favorite   scent of soap I don't know why but it's so good 
and then this was 2.99 and I needed some to make   some dressing with again the organic sweet 
potatoes and that is all from Trader Joe's Murasaki sweet potatoes AKA Japanese sweet 
potatoes might be the most delicious thing   on the planet when it comes to potatoes love 
those so much pink lady apples again it's a   favorite if you like a tart and crunchy apple 
these are great now it's time for the food so this is the Sakai salmon I just took it 
with the you know out of the plastic set it   in a bowl to defrost overnight pop this in 
the air fry over 350 degrees for 10 minutes   and it always comes out perfectly for me and 
then I just drizzled some olive oil on there   this is my absolute favorite one um so so 
good it's also great finishing oil I get   that one from Costco too and then I literally 
just sauteed some broccoli some fresh broccoli   and after I'm done with that I'm gonna get 
down on some of these that I made last night   I'm a balanced kind of girl so I made these 
like Little Brownie Bite things these are   grain free I made these last night so that's 
going to be lunch just a quick idea for you ridiculously easy lunch so I have some 
I just buy the coleslaw mix in the bag   um this is an organic but we're just gonna 
roll with it and I put a little coconut oil   into the seasoning and then I just have some 
ground lamb which is absolutely amazing and   delicious and tender and has Omega-3s in it way 
higher than any other ground meat that you're   going to get and then I'm just going to add some 
grated Ginger I like mine fresh and not cooked   I'll eat a cook too though and then we can 
pop some coconut aminos on there if you eat   soy you can just use some soy sauce but that 
is what we're going to do is similar to Egg   Roll in a bowl but I don't have eggs in 
it because I had eggs for breakfast so   we're gonna do that and I'm going 
to take like half of this pan   so I'm gonna do that and I'm going to grate some 
of that ginger on top there's already garlic in   here and that is going to be lunch super super 
easy and then I reserved a sweet treat for after   I grated some ginger and I'm just gonna pop that 
right on top so here is a quick and easy lunch I   have some ground lamb and I have grated some 
fresh ginger on top I just scrubbed the skin   and I just grate that on top I have some cabbage 
that I've sauteed and a little bit of coconut oil   for some healthy fats the ground lamb is high 
a lot higher in Omega-3s than any other ground   meat that you are going to find and then I just 
take a carrot and a peeler and I just peel some   slices of the carrot for some Crunch and this 
is great this is a great Prebiotic fiber to feed   your good gut bacteria and then I'm going to add a 
little bit of sesame oil and that is what lunch is   going to be the reason why I like doing the ground 
lamb or you can do ground beef or ground chicken   ground turkey whatever you like it's be and I make 
when I make it I make it without many seasonings   other than Salt garlic and onion because I feel 
like that's Universal so then I can use it in a   preparation like this or something different 
for a completely different flavor so I added   um some sesame oil to this the ginger to this 
the carrots the um cabbage which this is just   a coleslaw mix that I I used and you could add you 
know some cilantro in there if you want more of a   Thai Flavor you could pop a little bit of peanut 
butter in there for a more of a Thai Asian flavor   then for a little treat I have these unreal bars 
I buy a big bag from Costco it's like 10 bucks I   think um but I I have seen these in other places 
and I have seen them on Amazon as well this is   just a little miniature one I like to pop mine in 
the freezer because I freeze all of my chocolate   but this is also dairy free and gluten-free all 
the things and that is my little sweet treat   after lunch this is also a great dinner this is 
also portable which is what I like about it too Brown some breakfast ground beef I added in 
four cloves of garlic two celery sticks and   small onions small onion any kind you like salt 
but you can add salt and taste however you like that cook down salty just a little a 
little bit and then I'm going to add   about four cups of homemade chicken stock that 
I have just done I've popped out of the freezer   that I'm defrosting and I'm going to add that 
to this little mixture you can see it is still   kind of frozen but I'm gonna add in my stock and 
I'm gonna let that just melt down okay so this is   fine and that's not going to take too long so 
I'm gonna go ahead and add in four small cubed potatoes they've just been 
scrubbed and they have the skin on   add that I'm also going to add a bay 
leaf and some more seasonings once that   just thaws out a little bit more I'm just going 
to submerge these bay leaves into the liquid   that's already thought out the meat's already 
cooked the only thing that really actually has   to cook is going to be these potatoes and as you 
can see it is still this was an afterthought I   was going to make something completely different 
for dinner but today it's dreary and it's raining   and I really really wanted to but it's just one 
of those things that's so easy to put together carrots next I just added some Frozen chops 
chopped kale and I just get that bag from   Trader Joe's I eat half of it and then the 
other half I freeze so it is simmering and   I always add a tablespoon of this Nutiva 
shortening that I use and I'll show you   what it looks like it just gives 
such a buttery delicious flavor   so this is the one that I've been using for about 
seven years this is the one that I absolutely love   it only has two ingredients because I have 
any like flavors added or anything like that   but it gives such a buttery it's so good so 
that is check out all that steam next up I added   about three cups two or three cups of chopped 
cabbage and I just added about a cup more of water   and I'm gonna add that in because I just felt 
like it needed needed some more greens in this   soup I want it to be hearty and I'm gonna let 
that cook down the potatoes are pretty much   done the carrots they have a little bit 
more of a firmness to them like I like it   and I'm just going to let this simmer 
for about maybe eight more minutes sauteed cabbage we have some white sweet 
potato two mini slider like lamb burgers   on top of a bunch of arugula that I did not 
want to go bad so a bunch of green things until next time your life matters what you 
do that matters so what will you Steward well

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