so i want to talk about a very
interesting herbal remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and it's called
thunder god vine here's the plant's name right here but we're just
going to call it twhf how about that this plant as a remedy
in certain cultures has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years
but apparently as an anti-inflammatory it works
really good for rheumatoid arthritis but it also creates some positive effects
for ankylosing spondylitis and psoriasis these are autoimmune
diseases and there's also benefits for
alzheimer's and dementia obesity and even cancer
here you have this natural remedy hundreds of years
so in the articles that you read about this you'll see all sorts of conflicting
information you should use advanced caution from
using this herb because it could create you know some pretty serious side
effects in frequent periods diarrhea and nausea okay well
doesn't seem to be that serious to me you'll see you could take up to 570
milligrams per day and it's completely safe now in some of
these articles that you would read they're talking about use extreme
caution on this herb that's been around for hundreds of years
it's been used very successfully it'll start talking about
this compound right here which is called celestrol where they're extracting a
bioactive compound from this plant and of course
getting the patents on it okay they have patents for alzheimer's i think there's
one for obesity right here and of course when you patent certain
extracts from nature now you're competing with natural things
so it makes a lot of sense that you're
going to have to emphasize the dangers the side effects of this plant well what
about the side effects from this vital nutrient
high blood pressure muscle atrophy infertility and a slight minor
complication of a 27 percent mortality rate let's see let's compare
these side effects to these side effects hmm which one actually seems to be worse
i think i'm going to go with the natural one over here i'm not making
any claims is this going to cure your arthritis or any of these diseases
check with your doctor before taking any of my recommendation
but if you have an autoimmune disease especially rheumatoid
you may want to research this natural herb because it potentially could help
you hey we're back with another amazing
recipe no grains no sugar totally keto there's no
suffering in keto absolutely not karen and it's an immune
system builder absolutely you have to check this out i
think you should hurry up watch the recipe and make it yourself
it's just so easy to be keto but is it simple it's super simple
we hope you enjoy making it as much as we are enjoying eating it



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