if you lose your voice experience hoarseness or 
any changes to your voice it can be challenging   to continue working especially if you rely 
on your voice for work or even doing simple   daily tasks such as talking to your family and 
friends many people reach for home remedies to   get their boys back as soon as possible but do 
these home remedies really work let's find out hi i'm katarina speech language pathologist 
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people believe that home remedies can be a   quick and effective solution to getting your 
voice back for example tea with ginger or lemon   salt water gargles or honey are often mentioned 
as the cure for your voice but is this really   true there are many different causes of 
hoarseness voice loss and other voice changes   these include viral or bacterial infections 
overuse or unsustainable use of the voice   swelling of the vocal folds or more permanent 
changes to the structure of the vocal fold tissue   such as vocal nodules and polyps different 
causes will require different solutions   and treatment options however there is no evidence 
that home remedies like salt water gargles or   tea with honey will fix any voice issues if you 
have a sore throat or a hoarse voice as a result   of an acute infection such as common cold or flu 
they may temporarily alleviate some discomfort   but they definitely won't reduce the roughness 
hoarseness or breathiness in your voice in fact   nothing that you eat or drink directly touches 
your vocal folds if any food or drink touches the   vocal fold it means that they entered your airway 
and your body will protect you by coughing them   out to prevent choking beverages medicines and 
home remedies taken by mouth may contain helpful   ingredients but none of them wets or lubricates 
your vocal folds or improves their function their   benefits are indirect drinking tea with or without 
honey is a good way to hydrate your body and   voice but it takes time to feel the benefits and 
hydration is important whether you are sick or not   your voice likes moisture so keep drinking plenty 
of fluids throughout the day so that the level of   the systemic hydration in your body is good enough 
to support good vocal health if your voice gets   hoarse or you lose your voice as a result of 
an acute meaning new condition there are three   basic things you can do to help your voice heal 
rehydrate your voice either drink plenty of fluids   or steam your voice rest it use it only for the 
most important vocal task during your illness and   rehabilitated when you feel better with the gentle 
vocal exercises like humming or straw exercises if   your voice gets hoarse or if you lose your voice 
on a regular basis then no home remedies will help   you fix your voice issue recurrent voice problems 
are usually a result of the way you use your voice   maybe you use your voice too much for what it can 
endure right now for example many people stopped   using their voice in their full range and power 
during the pandemic for two years they didn't   need to speak loud because they were talking 
to people in close proximity or through online   platforms most people stopped performing or even 
training their voice because there was no reason   some people use their voice less in terms of the 
amount of voice used so instead of speaking all   day long they only used it for a few hours a day 
and now after the pandemic when we are trying to   go back to using our voices in the full range 
we may feel more tired or experience hoarseness   that's because our voices lost endurance and our 
bodies lost their stamina to support the boys as   you can see no home remedies would ever help this 
type of situation or maybe you use your voice with   too much force or muscle effort you may not even 
know about it because this change usually happens   very gradually for example you may have been sick 
with a cold or flu but you needed to talk during   this period of time and you forced your voice 
this type of sound production then became habitual   even after the initial sickness went away and 
here is another example from the pandemic period   one of the most common symptoms of covet 
is cough many people spend days and hours   coughing which affected the health of the vocal 
folds some people ended up with a horse voice or   even a loss of voice like me if they didn't give 
their voice enough time to heal and the healing   times for covet-related voice issues are sometimes 
really long they may have developed motor problems   that use more vocal effort and force and these 
motor patterns could become habitual without you   even knowing you only notice when your voice 
becomes hoarse or gets [ __ ] on a regular basis   and again this example only shows that no 
home remedies would ever help this vocal issue   if you are experiencing vocal strain tension 
or even pain when speaking and you are ready to   work with me towards a free strong and confident 
voice you can apply to our vocal freedom system   coaching program check out this link or the links 
in the description below this video to learn   more okay so we are clear that home remedies do 
not improve vocal function but are there any foods   or drinks that are really great for your voice one 
of the most basic things you can do to maintain   your voice healthy is drinking plenty of fluids 
good hydration helps your body produce thin   watery mucus which lubricates the vocal 
folds which makes them work with less effort   hydrated vocal folds are also less prone to vocal 
injuries and last longer on the other hand there   are some foods and drinks that can work against 
your voice these are very individual and will   depend on your body's reaction to them i cannot 
tell you don't eat this or don't drink that   because we are all different but my advice in 
general is avoid foods that you are allergic   or sensitive to as they may increase overall 
inflammation in your body including the tissues   in your voice box also avoid foods and drinks that 
trigger acid reflux for example spicy foods for   some people also avoid foods or drinks that make 
you stay up all night and prevent you from getting   a good night's sleep and a rest for your voice 
for example coffee has this effect on many people   or avoid ingredients that dehydrate your voice 
like menthol laws than jess or make you overuse   your voice such as alcohol but don't exclude 
broad food or drink categories from your diet   just because you read it on the internet test it 
on your body and your voice we are all different   and your body may react differently than mine 
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