Namaskar!! Vertigo is the problem which leads us to spinning,a sense of unsteadiness a feeling of whirling,the world is whirling around you and here the person feels very very uncomfortable,totally unsteady cant keep himself straight,he is into a very different state.This can be due to issues in the middle ear canal or the inner ear or a symptom for underlying condition.Here are some dos and donts for vertigo condition. 1)Be aware of your body,do not get out of your bed immediately,as soon as you wake up,that would lead to imbalance.As soon as you wake up,take few long breaths,turn to the side with the support of your hand get up and then sit at the edge ofyour bed and then turn your head to the 45 degrees at your right side,now quickly lie down at your left side,stay there for 30 seconds in this dhradhasana position,get back to sitting position and then wait for few minutes before you stand on your feet.Now reverse this pose for the left ear,keep in mind that you are not standing for too long,take a break every 45 minutes or 1 hour and sit down.Taking pause is very important to improve your condition.

2)Do the right exercise-do not do asanas where you have to stand on one leg,balancing on one leg,if your condition is severe avoid all the one legged postures.Asanas like talasana,ekpadasana,vrikshasana,natrajasana and garudasana could be avoided.Understand that don’t keep your both feet together,always keep them little away,comfortable position in your feet and stand straight.Also ensure that your neck is parallel to the ground,no heavy activity is advised unless the condition is improved.All the asanas that are performed should be done in a slow and steady movement. Food,which you should eat and which you should avoid.Natural remedies for vertigo from Ayurveda.(1) Kaunch beej – kaunch beej is a super neuro protective herb,it has profused amount of amino acid which stimulates brain function and also balances all the 3 doshas.i tsp full of kaunch beej powder mixed with warm milk a half a cup of warm milk and taken could really help in improving throbbing headaches and resolves vertigo.

(2)Shankhpushpi-shankhpushpi is flooded with alkaloids,these alkaloids promote weigh power,hence it possesses the ability to decrease precarious prini activity and preserves inner ear balance,taking a decoction of 2 gms of shankhpushpi powder with a glass of warm water,take this after dinner,this liquid will suppress the shaky sensation of vertigo.(3)Amalki-the uvcutous amla or amalki is abundant in vit c and it has lot of anti oxidents that bocks free radicals from the brain and enhances nervous system operation.Consuming 2 tsp of honey with little amla juice alleviates uncomfortable symptoms of vertigo ike nausea nd migraine and restores the inner ear balance.This decection should be taken twice a day.(4)Jatiphala-jaiphal or nutmeg has a compound called as myrustisin,this bio active compound improves brain functioning,prepare a mixture with 1 tsp full of nutmeg powder with 1 tsp full of cumin powder,mix this with little honey and take this with your meals twice a day,this would provide significant relief from unstable movement because of vertigo and naturally it also enhances your productivity.Certain foods like ginger and fruits which are rich in b1 and b6 are really helpful in vertigo,this includes bananas,oranges wholes grains nuts like peanuts.Now understand foods to avoid.Avoid consuming food which is high in sodium,all these processed foods they are high in sodium,apart from these , too many high sodium vegetable like spinach and milk products should be avoided,again avoid food with high sugar ,reducing sugary foods are very important,avoid amino acid tyramine,these foods include cheese fermented food sauces and soya beans .all such foods trigger vertigo and worsen the condition.So these are 3)some of the things better understand do it and see that you are free from this vertigo problem because this problem can never make anybodys life steady and comfortable so work hard and get rid of this,this is not a permenant problem,person has to work and get rid of that and so work on yourself and be free from vertigo.




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