We care for people and we love them. We need to teach them what is right, but let's take care of our language. While eating something we say it will increase my weight. And then we eat it. Either don't eat it. Why do you want to give that blessing while eating But your weight will increase by eating it? Everything is having an effect. If it is not us, the other person might be eating. The person is eating it. We say things like – Don't eat this, it's not good for you. Such words make a difference between a house and a temple. In a temple, for the same item they say – This is Prasad. Just eat it. Nothing will go wrong. This makes a difference. When we eat with a thought – This is God's Prasad.

This is good for my health. It can not cause me any harm. But at home we keep telling each other not to eat. It is fine to select what you should eat and what you should not. But don't tell that while someone is eating. Either you tell them before they start eating. Are you tell them after they eat, that they should avoid it in future.

But don't give the wrong vibrations while eating. That is why some people say – I don't want people's evil eye set on my food. It works because we added that blessing into their food. It will manifest in a big way. Don't eat more … don't eat this … All this brings down the energy. Internalize one equation for the year. Don't talk about what is happening right now. Whatever you want happening in your life, speak only about that. Because a lot is happening today In the world, the country, the city, our homes, and even in our minds. A lot is happening. It is energy. So if we keep talking about what is happening, the negativity will intensify. Because our strong vibrations will radiate to the situation. Let's not talk about what is happening today. Let's talk about whatever we want happening in reality. Then our thoughts and words will get elevated. Suppose someone is ill at home. It is a reality that they are unwell. If we only keep thinking that they are ill. Even if we keep thinking that much, and not go more negative If we repeatedly think – He is ill.

Somebody calls up and enquires about him, and we say – He is ill Again we reiterate that he is ill. That person will inform someone else – Do you know, so and so is ill? So what is the blessing coming from each one? Everyone is saying repeatedly – He is ill. It will reach that person's mind that he is ill. Remember that he has already been thinking – I am unwell. We do not see the impact of what is happening. Each time the mind repeats about the illness Whether it is the person himself or other people The same thought is created in his mind. The same vibration radiates to his body. So his illness will either remain there or will increase. Can an illness intensified because of our thoughts? Let's keep aside illness. Suppose you reached home in the evening in a tired state.

You are not unwell but you are just tired. Is it normal to say – I am tired When we are tired, they will obviously say I am tired. Isn't it? Given when someone at home asks you, you will tell them you are very tired. Within a few minutes everyone at home we'll say – Don't disturb him, he is very tired. If it is repeated 5 times that he is tired What happens to his tiredness? It increases. How many of you feel he will be more tired? Why does it happen? We only thought and spoke about it.

He has got such an expensive sofa to sit on. We had believed it will give us happiness. But he just came home, sat on it and said he is tired. However he did not say anything negative. It is real and it is a fact. Just repeating as – I am tired And allowing everyone else to repeat – You are tired Within 10 minutes tiredness will increase. So how many of you believe that our thoughts can aggravate our tiredness? Good.

Which means with the right thoughts, our tiredness can reduce as well. What should we say for that to happen? We are changing vocabulary. It is not just for this discussion here. Low energy words and thoughts will create a low energy reality. Suppose you come home at 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. Physically drained out and mentally also drained out. The reality is that you are tired. But we are not to either think or speak that low energy word.

Because we don't want to become like that. We are tired but we want that in the next 15 minutes we shift and feel fresh. We want to feel fresh. Any problem in your life can be at this level. Whether it is tiredness or an illness in the body. Whether it is a crisis in business or conflict in relationship. Or failure at something. It is at this level. Whether to increase it or decrease it from that level – that is in our hands. Can the problem intensified because of our thoughts and words? Yes. Then the problem can also be reduced because of their thoughts and words? Yes. What should we say when we come home tired? I want to relax? We will anyway relax.

But what should we say about how we are feeling? This is what we are going to change. She says – When we are not fine, why should we say we are fine? Because we should speak the truth. When we are so tired how can we say we are fine? The other person might even say – Your face itself tells the story that you are tired. Why do you say you are fine? So we have to speak the truth. In the process of speaking the truth, what we did is We made our vibrations very low. We need to remember one equation about how energy works.

Our thoughts create our world. And our thoughts create our reality. But we have reversed this equation. We believe our world creates our thought. Which means whatever we see, we think about it. But the truth is that whatever we think, that becomes our reality. Let's listen to it with attention. What is the Law of Gravity? When you throw something up, it is certain to fall down. This is the Law of Gravity. There is also a Law of Energy. That whatever you think, it will radiate out of you And it will manifest. This is Law of Energy. That energy flows out from your mind into the world. Every thought that you create will radiate outside. We said that whatever is happening, we will think about it. So we kept thinking about whatever is happening. And law of energy states that whatever we think, it will manifest. So now we entered the house in a tired state. We thought about whatever was happening. We were tired and so we created a thought that we are tired. Law of energy said that whatever we think will radiate and make it a reality. Because we had created a thought that we are tired And what we think will radiate out So our tiredness will increase.

Now this is going to be the new way of thinking and speaking – Don't think about whatever is happening at present. And do not speak about it. Because if you think and speak about it It will start manifesting all the more. Just keep this equation with you – Whatever I think will happen. Because energy is constantly flowing. I am a ___? But 'tired' is a low energy word. You are exhausted but now you want to be more energetic once you come home. So we will start using higher energy words. Because you might say you are feeling good. But it is possible that other people around you cannot say so. So you walk into the house feeling happy and energetic. You are energetic and that is you are happy. You are not tired. You are very vibrant and energetic.

Physically the body can be a little tired but you the soul are energetic. But if you just come and tell even your staff – I am tired They will circulate the word that you are tired. These are very small things. But because our vocabulary has become so much like that Our basic and normal vocabulary is also lowering the energy of the house. Our language creates our energy. No matter what the situation in life is. Because being tired is just a small thing. Regardless of how big a challenge life presents Use a high energy word for it. And speak only that high energy word. So now if someone ask you if you are tired Tell them – I am perfect. Tell me where you want us to go. And it happens isn't it? When he keeps saying I am tired If someone comes and shares an interesting matter with us And if they ask us to go somewhere, within one second hour thought changes. And the moment our thoughts changes, we will be sprinting with energy. The other person will wonder – What happened to him? Just now he said he could not even lift a glass.

You are thought had changed. As soon as your thought changed, that became your reality. Moment ago you could not lift the glass. And now you are ready to set out. Because you just changed your thought From – I am tired To – Something new is happening so let me go. So it is the thought which is affecting the body. It is not the body affecting your mind. All the effect is happening from here. What are the aspects that our thoughts influence? Firstly and importantly our thoughts impact our feelings. Create low thoughts and you will feel low. Sometimes we say – I am feeling very low today. We cannot change our feelings directly. We only have to check – What thoughts did I create? Only because of creating a low thought, we will have a low feeling. Secondly, our every thought has an effect on our body. There was a time when certain illnesses would occur after a certain age. Something after crossing the age of 50, something else after 60. Now age is not a criteria. Any illness can happen to anyone because it is not the body which is getting older.

It is the mind which is not radiating good thoughts to the body. If the mind is radiating good thoughts to the body And if we are taking care of the body, then no matter how old the body is It doesn't make a difference. So every thought is reaching our body. So my every thought creates my feelings and every thought creates my health. Thirdly my every thought radiates to people and creates my relationships. Today we are working very hard in relationships. We had never worked this hard earlier on relationships. We are investing a lot of energy and time today in our relationships. And yet our relationships are fragile. We don't know what matter will upset someone or anger someone. We don't know what will hurt someone. We ask – Why did they feel bad over such an insignificant matter? After years of our relationship, they are feeling bad and holding onto such a small matter? When they feel bad over something in significant, it is not about the matter. It is because the relationship has not been on a strong foundation for years. So even a small incident is enough to shake the foundation of a relationship.

Because the energy we had been investing in that relationship over the years We were investing them in terms of words and behaviours. We were speaking lovingly and behaving cordially with everyone. But internally in our thoughts we were judgemental or critical about them at times. Perhaps we were talking negatively about them in front of others. Won't all our thoughts vibrations reach them? They do reach. So the third effect of thoughts is on relationships. And fourth is that our every thought radiates into the environment Look at what is happening to the environment on our planet. If we want to heal this environment, there is only one way. To elevate our thoughts. Whenever there is a natural calamity If you consider high energy places What happens to it even if there is a flood or an earthquake? Water gushes towards it But its flow softens as soon as it touches that high energy place. Likewise if it is an earthquake, buildings around it will collapse but this place will remain erect. Why does it happen? We call it a miracle. There is no miracle but it is pure science.

It is a very high energy place. So the low energy of the natural calamity cannot affect that high energy place. So it will just stop as soon as it reaches that high energy place. The environment is directly influenced by our vibrations. So when everything is radiating from the mind If you just a little attention here Then our feelings, health, relationships, and our environment will become fine. The world will change. Because our thoughts create our world – Sankalp se Srishti. Even if there is a slight issue in any of our relationships And if we keep thinking and speaking about it That relationship will become more fragile. Suppose the other person did not speak nicely to me last time. If I create a thought – I don't know what problem they have with me. It's a normal thought because there was a problem and so I thought about it.

So I start repeatedly thinking – I don't know what the problem is. I did my best to rectify things but I don't know what the problem is. Then I told other person also about it So they will also start asking – They have a problem with you? This energy and vibration will reach them. Now the problem they had with me will intensify. When that happens we say – Now the problem has increased. We need to bless. Blessings are not for certain occasions, they need to be our vocabulary. Let's make blessings our vocabulary. That even in the face of the biggest challenge Keep blessing that situation. We don't need to go places to get blessings. Who can give us the most blessings throughout the day? We ourselves can do that. Our every thought and word should become a blessing for ourselves. Blessing means, thinking and speaking only of the reality we want in life.

We will not think and speak of what is presently happening. At Mount Abu we have a project called Reversal of Coronary Artery disease. People come with blockages of 100% or 95%. They stayed there for a week. Lifestyle, diet, exercises, and sleep. And importantly, thoughts. They keep visualising That the blockage of the artery is clearing. They also visualise clearing of blockages in any of their relationships. After returning to their homes, they continue following that Lifestyle for 6 months. Till date, blockages of 11000 individuals is cleared. Without a surgery needed. And it is all scientific. DRDO has everything documented with statistics.

Because what creates that blockage in the heart? We create the blockage. Because we first create a blockage in our mind. Even if we get the bypass done It is just a bypass for the heart isn't it? That is why some people fear getting the surgery because they believe it will recur. But we don't check with the doctor why it could happen again It is because we have clear the blockage from the second stage. We have not cleared the bracket from the root, which means from the mind. If we have not changed our emotional pattern Then even if we get the blockage cleared from the body If we don't clear the emotional blockage from our mind and correct our lifestyle Then the chances of recurrence of the artery blockage are high. That is why today for most illnesses, they say they might recur if we don't take care Of course each time we keep saying – hopefully it should not happen again.

What should we say instead of that line? We get the treatment and recover completely. But someone comes and tells us – I have heard that this illness re-occurs. So you take care. Moreover we have internet where we go and search What percentage of people experience the occurrence of this illness? And we will get statistics. Suppose the statistics we get is that recurrence happens in 90% of people And 10% of the people don't have recurrence. We ignore the 10% and focus on the 90%. What is the difference between that 90% and the 10% people? Why is the percentage of miracles low? Because most people read those statistics of 90% Put that information into their minds Keep thinking about it And therefore keep increasing that 90% even further. If someone has an illness at home, just do one thing – Find out how many people have created miracles related to that illness Listen to it, read about it, and share that fact.

Tell that person – These people have recovered completely. These people have no recurrence even after 25 years. These people didn't even have a single side effect. So that person who is going to the illness will feel good. Just make them listen only to such miracles. The percentage of miracles will start increasing. The we want to make miracles a normal way of living. Miracles will become a normal way of living. Because only those people can create miracles I think differently from the definition of normal thinking. That will create their miracles. Actually that shouldn't be a miracle but should become a normal way of living. Generally even before getting the treatment, check for its side effects on the internet. Anyone can experiment this – If someone has no idea about side effects of a medicine They will have very slight side effects. But once you tell their mind Take care because this medicine causes nausea, headache, stomach ache, drowsiness …

Then their mind will start thinking about them. Few days ago a doctor told me – One of my patients had so many side effects today. But he had been taking that medicine for 10 years. That patient was taking that same medicine for 10 years with minimal side effects. Until the patient did not know about the side effects. Which means the flood of information coming to us is also affecting us. So let's ensure not to read about side effects at all. Even if you have read it, create the opposite thoughts. Think and speak only those thoughts. Don't let even the person who is ill, to think or speak about the side effects. There is always a small percentage who don't experience any side effects. Those are the people who can do it from here.

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