hi beautiful girls i hope you're 
doing well so today's topic is how   to get period immediately this is part 
two but one was in hindi so some of you   would not able to understand the language 
so that's why this video is specially for   you sorry the two conditions first your periods 
are delayed second you want your peel a little   i'll leave the both condition you can try 
this remedy so i'm going to share two remedies   both of them are very effective your periods 
live for one day one week or one month try it   i'm gonna have a regular cup of water added in 
the pan next ingredient is around this size of   fresh ginger i cut it into small pieces and add it 
in a water i will let it boil two to three minutes   so i think three minutes will be enough just turn 
off your stove and stain this water into your cup   uh now our next ingredient is a tablespoon of 
brown sugar and and just let it cool down a bit   now your question would be regarding sweetness 
so there is three options honey jaggery or   brown sugar please do not add white sugar 
in it now let's move to the second remedy   have a regular cup of water add it into 
a pan and a tablespoon of cumin seeds add it in the water and same thing let it boil   two to three minutes maximum three minutes no need 
more than that just turn off the stove and stain   this water into your cup and for 
this i'm gonna add a a tablespoon of   organic honey and mix it well it's too hot 
so we just be careful just to wait for a bit   same condition with this also honey jaggery 
and brown sugar no white sugar okay so you can   consume it just like a tea not too hot and no too 
cold either you can have it any time before meal   after meal whatever is suitable for you but be 
careful with the empty stomach you might feel   to throw up before i go i want to mention one very 
important thing here if you're young your teenager   never try to ignore your health i'm talking 
about your periods if your periods are no regular   anything wrong with that be aware about it if you 
want you can check some of my video you're gonna   see so many topics regarding women health issues 
so you will be aware about that if anything wrong   with your health if you didn't get the 
result might you have to try couple time   i hope you liked the video if yes give a 
thumbs up and follow me on instagram as well   hashtag fashion beauty so thank you 
for watching be healthy be happy



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