When your head is pounding like a jackhammer,
your nose is running like Niagara Falls and even your favorite foods start to taste like
cardboard, you’d do almost anything to get rid of your cold. Before you resort to pouring yourself a tall
glass of bleach to get rid of your symptoms, there are some better (clear throat) non-crazy
ways to cure your cold. 1. Get Some Sleep. The body can do miraculous things when we
let it rest. We often catch a cold when we’re feeling
run down, or even exhausted. Sometimes, just getting some extra rest is
all you need to help the immune system do its dirty work or cleaning our nasty viruses
and foreign bacteria from the body. Just one day of extra rest can boost the immune
system. 2. Hydrate. Water taken generously even when you are not
ill helps the body to flush toxins out, and it is even more important to stay hydrated
when you are sick. If you add some lemon and honey to your water
and warm it, this can also help to loosen phlegm and reduce congestion.
3. Rely on nature’s herbal helpers like ginger,
garlic, oregano oil, astragalus root, olive leaf and calendula.

These are natural anti-virals which support
the body as adaptogens. Add some turmeric and organic coconut oil
– natural antibacterials to your diet – and your cold hasn’t got a chance. Follow these simple cold remedies and you
won’t need to flush your nose and throat like a cleaning lady wielding a toilet brush
and caustic chemical cleaners. No desperate acts required! If you liked this video, please share it with
your friends and family. You can also comment below and tell us a few
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