So here's a fact up to 9 out of 10 sore throat 
infections cannot be treated of antibiotics I'm   going to teach you how to get rid of a sore throat 
at home so hit that like button if you fired up   about this and let's go so here in the UK we get 
approximately 1.2 million appointments every year   for a sore throat so it's extremely common good 
news is sore throats generally get better on their   own within a week but there are many tips and 
tricks that you can do that are going to help   and I'm going to teach you exactly that let's 
begin with tip number one you're going to try a   salt water gargle okay 99 of the times this is the 
first thing I recommend most of my patients it's   extremely effective it's inexpensive everyone has 
the ingredients to make at home and it's really   easy to do it reduces the pain it reduces the 
inflammation so it's a win-win here's how you   make it Kettle water boil one teaspoon of salt Add 
Water mix and your saline solution is now ready   okay so now it's time for the fun bit once you've 
got your saltwater gargle solution ready you're   gonna let it cool you need to make sure it's nice 
and cool like lukewarm so you don't burn yourself   next you're going to stand over a sink because 
this bit is a little bit messy you're going to   take a sip and then you're going to gargle okay 
gargle and then spit it out and then repeat I'd do   it at least three times but you can do it as many 
times as you like for symptomatic relief and then   you can repeat it again and again but remember 
you have to make a new solution each time you   repeat it now moving on to tip number two look 
I know it can be really frustrating especially   when you've got a sore throat to keep on drinking 
fluids okay keep on drinking water but it's super   important that you're not dehydrated if you are 
dehydrated it's gonna make things worse it's gonna   make you a lot weaker and it's going to slow down 
recovery time so to avoid dehydration you need to   be aiming for six to eight glasses a day remember 
warm drinks soup all of these things count towards   as well but please remember this don't be having 
your warm drinks or your soups soup super hot it's   going to make things worse it's going to make the 
sore throat pain worse let it cool okay so it's   like a tepid temperature that's the most important 
thing you need to remember about how warm things   are that you're going to be drinking now let's 
move on to tip number three paracetamol and   ibuprofen both of them are fantastic at reducing 
the pain of a sore throat as well as reducing a   fever and moving on to tip number four medicated 
lozenges these can also be very helpful with a   sore throat and Los Angeles basically a boiled 
sweetie so con the medicated ones contain things   like benzocaine okay and flubriprofen these 
are both quite good ingredients to look out   for to contain they can both numb it and help 
reduce the inflammation and there are quite a   few studies supporting their use so I would also 
recommend them too let's move on to the next tip   now as always with all medication always read the 
information leaflet and speak to your pharmacist   to make sure you're safe and suitable to take it 
that's the most important thing I'm moving on to   tip number five we want to eat cool foods and soft 
foods so we're talking things like ice lollies ice   cream even sucking on ice or chewing on soft 
foods that are all cool these are all going to   help with sore throat pain and please remember if 
you do smoke you need to stop smoking especially   when you bought a sore throat it's just going 
to cause inflammation and make things worse now   please remember there are situations where you 
should seek medical advice for a sore throat and   I'm going to leave loads more information in the 
description below I really hope my tips help your   sore throat get better soon always remember 
your awesome and I will see you next week

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