Welcome back every one You are welcome to a new video We hope you are doing really good In todays video we are going to talk about hyperpigmentation It was a very requested topic,we had got demand so many times That tell us about hyperpigmentation Tell us home remedies how we can cure this And we are back here with a video for you Now you have to do your work you have to immediately subscribe our channel So that you get notification of our every video first Whatever topic you say we will get video for you on that topic And for that you will have to subscribe our channel So that you get notification first So lets move ahead with our topic Firstly lets tell you what is hyper pigmentation Our skin has its colour,like you can see my skin has its colour If your one part or small small patches starts looking dark From other parts,we call that pigmentation This is a very Common thing and nothing to worry about Most people have this Now comes in how many ways we can classify pigmentation If i say in short,we can classify in three ways First is age spots Age spots as we can know from the name As your age increases your skin loses so many things Like your glow is lost And more thing with it,melanin works for giving colour to your skin The colour of our full face Reason for that is melanin pigment When any part of our skin starts producing more melanin Then that part starts appearing darker So when your age increases,melanin production increases So because of that where ever melanin production increases,pigmentation increases there These age spots are very hard to remove If we talk particularly about pigmentation Second is melasma Melasma happens because of many reasons First is hormonal change which is very common Like during pregnancy blemishes occur on your face We call them melasma Second those spots which comes from sun exposure on our face Sun spots ,they are also called melasma And melasma is basically said when its population increases Like your spots get more dark We call them melasma When your normal dark spots increases We give them the name of pigmentation Third is post inflammatory pigmentation Meaning of this is like if your face has got some acne You have touched them with your hand or nail Then it permanently damages your skin And leaves its colour That is called pigmentation Beside this if you have got any cut any wound got spoiled due to any reasons Or your skin has remain irritated for a very long time Then it converts into pigmentation Now lets talk about how you can remove pigmentation First thing whenever you go out in sun you have to apply sunscreen for sure Follow this for sure Work of sunscreen is to protect you from sun damage And sun is a very big reason for pigmentation on your face Try to take minimum spf30,you can take more than that also And one thing which is important is you have to take a broad spectrum Broad spectrum protects you from both UVA and UVB rays One more important thing that people are not aware of That you should apply sunscreen indoor also And outdoors also When you stay inside home a blue light is released from your phone,tv and laptops So when you apply sunscreen it protects you from that also So you have to make sure that indoor also you should apply spf30 Second you should try not to touch your face at all Specially if your face has any acne or breakouts Never touch them ,you can spoil them they will convert into pigmentation Our third category which was post inflammatory pigmentation This is the reason You get any wound,you touch it again and again After being spoiled it becomes pigmentation Same goes for the acne If you will regularly touch or see your acne They can spoil and can convert into pigmentation So these were our two tips by which you can stop pigmentation One you have to apply sunscreen and second you dont have to touch your face at all So lets move ahead with our video and we will tell you home remedies For treating pigmentation Before moving ahead towards our remedies We will tell you some raw ingredient Which are going to be very helpful for your pigmentation First is pure aloe vera Nothing is more effective than this if we talk about dealing with pigmentation Massage it on your pigmentation twice in a day Massage it until it is absorbed This will very quickly give you relief from pigmentation Second apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar has many health benefits And it is very effective on pigmentation also For that what you have to do is in equal part you have to take water and apple cider vinegar Mix them both and apply with cotton on your pigmentation It will give you lot of benefits Now lets move towards our proper home remedies We will tell you total three remedies today Because of which you can get lot of benefit on your pigmentation Remedy number 1 green tea extracts Green tea extracts are very helpful in removing our dark spots Our pigmentation and along with these for removing fine lines But today we will only talk about pigmentation That how you can remove your pigmentation For that you need 1 green tea bag You have to dip it into boiling hot water Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes And then you can take it out You have to wait until it cools down Else your skin can burn As soon as it cools down,where ever you have dark spots Rub it properly there Where you have dark spots rub it properly there You will very soon get benefit in pigmentation This process you can repeat two times in a day And when you feel your pigmentation has started to reduce a little Then you can come on once in a day And frequently you can come on once in a week Remedy number 2 Our remedy number 2 you have to do in two parts First part you have to take 1 spoon rice flour And you have to take 1 spoon lemon juice First lets tell you the benefit of these two Rice flour makes sure to give you anti ageing benefits To remove excess oil from your face To reverse all the sun damage done during the day And makes sure your skin soothes and relax It gives soothing effect on your face And lemon is a natural bleaching agent And it works very fast on discoloration Now what you have to do is mix both of them properly One spoon rice flour and one spoon you have to take lemon juice Mix both of them properly your exfoliating scrub is ready You have to massage it in circular motion Focus more on those areas where you have discoloration or pigmentation You can massage it for 5 to 7 minutes Then you have to leave it for 3 to 4 minutes Then you can rinse it with water Now comes step 2 For step 2 you will need 1 spoon of rice flour One spoon orange peel And you have to dilute it with milk Milk is very effective if you want you can use rose water But milk is going to be more effective You have to prepare a face pack by mixing these three We have told you the benefits of rice flour Orange peel is rich in vitamin C Which is going to be very effective on your pigmentation Work of milk is to give extra moisture to your skin And helps in lightening all of your pigmentation spots And even helps in reducing production of melanin As soon as your face pack is prepared You can apply it with face pack brush or your hands on your full face You have to focus more on your areas of pigmentation You have to leave on for just 10 to 15 minutes And then you can wash it properly In first use only you will start seeing the difference You can repeat this process weekly If we talk about visibility of main benefit Then in third use it will start showing you proper results Use this regularly,in one month you will start seeing difference in your skin You have to make sure that you dont over do this process You have to use this maximum once in a week If your skin is of dry category Then after following this process you have to apply moisturiser Dryness will not come on your skin Remedy number 3 For remedy three you need total 4 ingredients Firstly we need curd Second we need turmeric For diluting you need tomato juice or rose water Which ever is convenient to you Tomato juice is going to be more better And finally number 4 we will need milk powder You have to mix them properly and make a paste A very good pack of yours will be prepared It will give you two benefits Firstly it will remove tanning from your face,a glow mask will be prepared Second it is very effective on discoloration because milk powder is added Milk powder gives very fast results on pigmentation or discoloration And tomato juice is also rich in vitamins Which gives good glow on your skin You have to properly prepare this face pack This is all skin type pack any one can use this Apply on full face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes And then you can rinse it properly with water This process you can follow twice in a week And you will very soon start seeing benefit on your pigmentation We have in total discussed three remedies You can follow any remedies from these It is not necessary to follow all three Like i have told in the beginning also that excess of everything is bad Choose any one remedy you will very soon get benefit from that We have told 3 remedies because Every ingredient doesnt suits every one So which ever ingredient is of your type you can follow that remedy And you will very soon visibly see results So this was our video on home remedies In which we have told how you can cure pigmentation Or minimise it If you want us to tell you cosmetics products also Which cream we should take? which face wash we should take? Which serum we should take? Then for sure tell us in the comments box We will very soon make video on that Provided if we receive your comment on that Then only we will know how much you want us to make video on that And we will definately bring video for you on that If you found this video helpful do like and share the video Do subscribe our channel So that we remain properly motivated And daily come with a good video for you This video will hopefully give you benefit very soon If you will use it properly in a good way And use with positive mind set We will meet you very soon in next video Until next time This is your host ROHIT SACHDEVA GOOD BYE



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