It is widely accepted in
the scientific community that diet has an enormous effect on one’s day-to-day productivity. It’s for that reason that I scoured the
internet for obscure diets that might supercharge my workday. And a diet that intrigued me was legendary Apple founder, Steve Jobs’ carrot mono-food diet, so to see if Steve was onto something, Holly and I tried the
all-carrot diet for a week. It was a part of this very
famous man’s mythology.

– People will do pretty much
anything Steve Jobs did. I did have an experience
where I was texting my friend and complaining about the challenge and my phone froze, and I have an iPhone and I was like, I feel like
Steve Jobs is pissed at me. – I’m the king of carrots, I’m Steve Jobs. – I’m the king of carrots. – That’s what everybody remembers him for. – You asked us to eat carrots
for four days straight. I tried to just add some
humanity back into the challenge by looking up every version of
a carrot that you could enjoy which like, spoiler
alert, is like four types. You can basically roast them, you can boil them, you can pan fry them and that’s, I’ve literally
just gone through your options. Bon appetite Everything was more
palatable than raw carrots. You really went hard on the raw carrots. – Yup, I was lazy so I just cooked big things and wished for the best. I had a winner with some
of the baked carrots and I had a loser with the soup. – Your soup looked
mostly like carrot juice.

– It was a white– – Mine was chunky – Carrot soup.
– and yours was watery. – Yours, there was a sad moment when I tried your carrot soup and it reminded me of garlic bread. – I was like, this has a
flavor that’s not water. And I therefore feel
really good about myself. – I feel like you should make a cookbook for people who only eat carrots. I – Coming for ya, Food Network. (ding) In terms of productivity, you had a lot going on this week. Did the carrots actually help in any way or were like, they just a hindrance? – The first day or two, I definitely had moments where I was very clear-headed and I didn’t crash
from, like, a big lunch.

Today it’s grilled carrots. By day three, I had run
out of things in my body and I got very sick. – It’s like there’s sluggishness and quite honestly, you
are paler than usual. – [Mark] Yeah, that’s true. – [Anna] And I have been concerned. – It was a little dangerous. – Like you could have fainted? – I was feeling very frail. Yeah, definitely dropped, I
don’t know the exact amount, but five to 10 pounds seems right. And it was to the point where
I felt like a very old man. Like, I was going upstairs and my feet were kind of shuffling. There’s a part of me that’s kind of like, oh, that’s an interesting preview, now I won’t be surprised when I’m 80 but it did not help me do the work that I had to do. How’d it gone for you? – I felt really tired when I woke up and really tired at night so I definitely got more sleep, I don’t think in a good way.

I guess during the day I drank way too much coffee to supplement the lack of flavor but, in a sense, just
not worrying about food made it not as big of a factor in my day so in some ways, I had more
time to do other stuff but also not the energy to do stuff that was even useful…



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