Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel I feel like I've been eating a bit too much lately, so I'm going to start losing weight and I want to keep track of how much I eat every day I'm using an app called myfitnesspal, which I've used before But it's only intermittently. I used it to try to record and found that I eat about 2700 to 3000 calories a day. I don't think this amount is very healthy for my height. Sometimes it's not because I'm hungry, too. When Iโ€™m bored, I also eat to pass the time. Because of the epidemic, I donโ€™t have much opportunity to exercise. As a result, I donโ€™t exercise much and Iโ€™m usually very busy, so I plan to reduce the daily calorie intake to 1200 calories. How did it turn out after a week? Where did I read that if I cut my calorie intake by 500 calories a day, I could lose 0.5 to 1kg per week so we can test the accuracy of this theory and see how much I can lose this week Then there is whether such a diet is healthy, and whether it can maintain the initial weight for a long time: 56.3 kg.

I really want to drink hot ginger tea, but so far I have eaten 1160 calories today. A cup of ginger tea has 70 calories, so I plan to switch to one. Ginger candy I just remembered yesterday that I didn't count the calories of the two eggs for dinner so I accidentally exceeded 132 calories. No way… I have to be very careful not to exceed the daily limit and also to keep a record of everything I ate. Not to mention that I was really hungry yesterday.

I stayed up late to change my thesis and changed it to around 12 o'clock. I don't know if it was because I didn't eat enough during the day or if I ate dinner too early, and the calories I took in couldn't last all night. This is the current Question…see how it feels tonight I lost a total of 2.8kg here are my thoughts on this 1200 cal meal plan so first, is this meal plan sustainable long term I would say yes. Can I last longer than a week? Of course I can. Do I find it beneficial? The answer is yes, you don't have to starve yourself on purpose. Although every now and then you may feel a little craving for food, you're still getting the nutrients you need. I think my sudden hunger pangs are probably due to my unbalanced diet. Replacing those "less healthy" intakes with healthy ones and eating more fruits and vegetables, I think this diet plan is good but will I continue to follow it? The answer is no mainly because it is a waste of time to keep a record of what I have eaten.

I have no spare time, but I have to spend it on recording. But I think that for people who are overeating, or eat more than they need For many people, this diet plan will be particularly effective. I think that eating 1200 calories a day can indeed help lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for a long time. However, I think the body's metabolism will adapt to this intake sooner or later . The longer, the more you lose because sooner or later your body will get used to this calorie intake It's been three days since I stopped doing this diet and I've gained some weight now I'm back at about 54.4kg if you can't Follow this diet plan for a long time, once you stop, you may gain weight soon as well Hope you guys like this video, thank you for watching the end I want to do more videos about the diet plan, see you next time ๐Ÿ™‚



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