namaskar to make your day energetic you need a healthy and energetic body and mind but we often get exhausted too quickly and our whole day is ruined currently symptoms of body ache pain and fatigue is increasing and it is becoming very common in this pandemic wave covet breakdown is significantly more severe in cold as the body spends lots of energy in maintaining body temperature and also fighting infection one gets exhausted too quickly today i am going to give you some effective tips which shall help you to rejuvenate your body quickly and help you to maintain good energy first give warmth to your body place a hot water bag on aching region it enhances the blood circulation in that region and suits the sore muscles you should also cover your body with sweaters and shawl and remember to cover even your head to protect yourself from cold second point take sunlight warmth especially in winter is so important for your body one of the best way is to soak in the goodness of the sun person can take early burning sun on the face but for the rest of the body sun rays even between 10 and 4 are very good so person should take sun rays not only the warmth will help your body to heal and rejuvenate but it would help to give you a nutrition and that is vitamin d and that would be very much useful for your bones and muscles third point stretches to release the fatigue most common reason for fatigue is lack of good blood circulation in body and inactivity of the muscles practice the simple wall stretch that would help you to rejuvenate and strengthen your muscles all such stretches really help to improve the flexibility of the muscles stand around two feet away from the wall keeping the feet together bend from the hips grab your elbows with your hands keeping the arm and ear in line keep this folded hand on the window platform or wall stay in this position with normal breaths for few seconds also if you have space to lie down then you should do casa pavan muktasan and say to band asa these stretches can instantly energize you if there is no space to lie down you should do some stretches sitting on chair while sitting in chair you should interlock your finger and raise your both hands up and stretch to both sides do these simple stretches to relieve yourself from all kinds of tiredness third point have this energy booster drink [Music] whenever you are feeling weak or you have a body pain then make this drink it will strengthen your bones and muscles and make you feel active and energized especially during winter time you should make this special drink to bring warmth and energy ingredients 1 cup water 2 tablespoon full of ragi flour a handful of dry fruits like kaju badam pista and walnuts 2 to 3 wet dates 1 teaspoon full honey add half a cup of milk method boil water in a vessel simultaneously make a ragi paste in other vessel mix it with little water and make a thick paste once the water in the vessel boils then add this ragi paste into this water and cook it for 5 minutes once it's nicely boiled then turn off the heat and let it cool down in a blender add kaju badam walnut pista and make a coarse powder then in the same blender add the dates and the cold ragged drink add one spoon of honey and half a cup of milk blend all these ingredients and make a nice thick smoothie this trick will instantly rejuvenate you fourth don't neglect to take rest relaxation is extremely vital to overcome body aches and pains take out five minutes every two to three hours and lie down in shavasana it will instantly release the stress in body and mind this covet phase is a difficult time for everybody but instead of getting worried take charge of yourself these tips should be followed whenever you are experiencing body pain and fatigue it's very important to figure out what is causing these symptoms at time mental tiredness leads to physical exhaustion therefore it is crucial to keep your mind stress free in yoga it is mentioned that root cause of all the problems is in mind so check your mind see that you are not exhausted at mental level organize your life a bit have some proper schedule and work systematically and it would be very easy to maintain good health good energy level pain free body and relaxed mind in case you get into some trouble that trouble will also go away since you have taken charge of yourself so take charge and do things according to your body's needs your body language and everything would be perfect namaskar



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