in today's video i'm going to give you a three-day 
meal plan aimed at reversing insulin resistance   insulin resistance has become an epidemic 
with an estimated two-thirds of the population   suffering from it symptoms of insulin resistance 
include abdominal fat skin tags and sugar cravings   after eating when untreated insulin 
resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes   pcos and heart disease and while this may 
sound scary insulin resistance is reversible   with a few diet and lifestyle changes so in 
today's video i'm going to show you an example   of what three days of eating might 
look like for insulin resistance hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new 
here my name is kait i'm a health coach and i post   videos on a high fat nutrient dense way of eating 
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i'm going to start off today giving you a bit of   a background about what insulin resistance is and 
how you can reverse it through diet and lifestyle   but if you want to skip ahead to 
the meal plan portion of this video   there will be time stamps on the progress bar for 
you to do so either way stick around until the end   of the video because i'm going to be hooking you 
up with a free printable version of this meal plan   what is insulin resistance insulin is a hormone 
that is responsible for keeping our blood sugar   levels in check when we eat blood sugar goes 
up and then the pancreas releases insulin   insulin is responsible for pushing the excess 
glucose out of your bloodstream and into your   cells as your cells pick up the glucose your 
blood sugar levels return to normal insulin itself   is not evil it plays a very important role in 
the body and without it our blood sugar would   rise to dangerous levels which is the problem that 
type 1 diabetics face their bodies do not produce   insulin at all so they have to inject it insulin 
resistance occurs when our cells stop responding   to insulin in the way that they should your cells 
are not accepting the glucose so your pancreas   creates more insulin to deal with it as a result 
you have high circulating insulin levels which   leads to a lot of side effects such as making it 
difficult to lose weight storing weight around   your abdomen and dark skin patches in skin folds 
the high insulin is able to deal with the glucose   for a while though which is why insulin resistance 
often goes undiagnosed practitioners are mainly   focused on fasting blood sugar and do not often 
test fasting insulin the problem is is that   insulin resistance starts years or even a decade 
before you start to see a change in your blood   sugar insulin resistance will almost always lead 
to type 2 diabetes if you let it progress enough   but if you know that you are insulin resistant 
you can stop it before it gets to that point   the reason we become insulin resistant is due to 
our bodies creating too much insulin for our cells   to handle the way to reverse insulin resistance 
and improve insulin sensitivity is to reduce the   amount of insulin your body is producing two ways 
you can do this include reducing carbohydrates   especially refined ones because they stimulate 
insulin the most and intermittent fasting which   are the two strategies we are going to focus on 
in today's video now when you reduce carbs in   your diet it's really important to increase fat 
this way of eating is also known as the keto or   ketogenic diet because when you reduce carbs 
your body starts producing ketones for energy   which is a natural and even beneficial metabolic 
process in the meal plan we are about to get into   i include a variation of fasting every other 
day known as bulletproof fasting this type of   fasting means you replace breakfast with a high 
fat coffee drink this drink keeps your insulin low   but gives you a boost in ketones and energy which 
keeps you going until your first true meal if you   don't drink coffee you can make a bulletproof tea 
or matcha instead or just skip it all together and   do a true fast and one very last thing before you 
get into the meal plan i often get asked if low   fat diets are effective at reversing insulin 
resistance there have been numerous studies   comparing low-fat and low-carb diets in the 
context of insulin resistance diabetes and weight   loss and low-carb diets come out overwhelmingly 
on top there really is no comparison of the two   one study compared three diets the first 
with seventy percent of calories from carbs   and ten percent from fat the second with fifty 
percent from carbs and 30 percent from fat   and the final was a ketogenic diet with less 
than five percent carbs and over 60 percent fat   all three groups ate the same amount 
of calories over eight weeks the keto   diet group lowered fasting insulin by 33 and the 
moderate carb group by 19 there was no change in   fasting insulin with the high carb group i will 
link this study and others in the description   box down below if you want to check them out 
afterwards but now let's get into the meal plan me foreign so so me and that is the three-day meal plan for insulin 
resistance now if you guys want a free printable   copy of this meal plan you can head to my website forward slash meal plan   and enter in the code word AVOCADO in all caps 
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