And the main thing is that our bodies
really do need periods of what we call fasting. I don't like that word because
it sounds like we're denying ourselves something. Really, it's restricting the
hours that we actually do diet. A better way to think about it and the
hours that we are actually feeding the sugars that are easily released during
that are meant to help our cells grow to to be plastic in terms of the way that
they function within an organ to help regenerate cells. So we do need food but
equally important we need times where our bodies do not have foodstuffs
to process in. And during after about 8 hours of not having food intake,
the body has this wonderful mechanism to start to extract calories and nutrients
from the fat stores.

And viewers of this channel know about ketosis, and in
ketosis, it is important for lots of reasons. Number one of which is it's
telling you that you actually are burning fat. And if you're trying to lose
weight at some point, you've got to be able to burn fat. But the other thing
about ketosis is the ketone bodies that are produced. There are fuel. Yes, they are
fuel for the cells during times when we're not eating. But more importantly
they are signals for lots of pathways within the cell to repair DNA, to make
new mitochondria which are the power plants in the cell, to reprocess the
organelles (the little tiny structures in a cell that make it work),
to repair them, and to replace them so that they're helping to control the
impact of hormones on the cell. So a whole host of processes that are
damaging to the cell are actually undone while we're not eating.

And so to have 12
to 16 hours of no new food intake – water is fine – nope, no calories is what we mean –
allows your body to create ketone bodies that do these wonderful metabolic
switching and signaling that actually promotes health and help lifespan and
longevity as well. So that was the most powerful thing that for me in that
article was that the essential value for ketone bodies. The Louisville event was an incredible
success. Many people didn't know that that was our first attempt to coordinate
the whole thing ourselves. And it was better than we had hoped. A lot of
focus and people saying, you know what, I know that we can deal with this together
as a group. There are other people that I'm meeting here at this event that are
doing the same things I'm doing and with success. I don't have to be a doctor to
know all this stuff. We are going to go ahead and have another one on February
28th in the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando.



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