Hello. I'm Trent LeCoultre, an Environmental Health
Scientist and Team Leader in ATSDR, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
in Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome to Module 2: Public Health Assessment
Overview. This module is the second in an eight-module
series about the PHA process. Remember from Module 1 that the PHA process
is ATSDR's method to evaluate the public health impact of hazardous waste sites. We explained ATSDR's role as a public health
agency and the components of the assessment. In this module, we'll discuss the steps, approach,
and community engagement activities that ATSDR does for the PHA. To help understand the importance of this
module imagine that you are tasked with the responsibility of conducting a PHA to determine
if a community is being affected by possible exposures to contaminants from a sanitary

You may be asking yourself how do I start
this assessment? And, how do I cover all the aspects of the
PHA process– especially those that apply to the site that I am investigating? Module 2 will provide you with these answers
by helping you plan your health assessment tasks and strategies, organize the site team,
identify vital resources, and recognize persons and groups to collaborate with throughout
the assessment– including community members. We've organized Module 2 into sections explaining
the steps and dynamics of the PHA, ATSDR's multidisciplinary approach in evaluating sites,
and tips to work better with the community and address their health concerns. Module 2 also has practical tools and resources
to facilitate your site and community work. Ready? Let's start Module 2!.



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