[Music] we have been exploring adventuring for the last 10 years and a big part of adventuring is preparing your body for us trying to keep our fitness interesting and trying to keep ourselves motivated we tend to try and focus on these three-month segments of fitness because we're genetically identical we can compare various different foods training regimes and find out what works for us so we wanted to test plant the animal what was the best what was the worst what were the benefits what were the drawbacks and uncover something new [Music] we dubbed ourselves as the adventure guinea pigs because over the years we've taken part in research at the department of twin research at king's college london we wanted to use the model of identical twins who are genetic clones in order to test the effects of diet and exercise on the way they respond to foods [Music] [Applause] [Music] i was on the vegan diet and it really does take a hit on your body i think the first couple of weeks it was really craving of wanting meat and dairy and cheese love cheese i was now having to eat fruit and nuts and alternatives that didn't have any dairy and so that meant i was eating a lot more wholesome food which meant that my sugar levels were a lot more satiated during the day i felt like i had more energy performance was up and down a little bit more for me on my meat diet i'd have a few days before i was very energetic in the gym and then i'd have huge lulls as well whereas hugo is far more sustained and associated with energy levels [Music] i think the interesting thing is how they differ in their responses to sugars and fats despite being identical twins ross was actually above average for the way he processed fats and sugars whereas hugo was below average [Music] we believe that there's a big non-genetic element to that that is driven a lot by our gut microbes [Music] if you treat them right they will produce thousands of different chemicals that will keep your body in the best shape they will help your immune system to fight infections they will go to your brain to make you not feel over hungry or not stressed or depressed we find on average that most identical twins only share between 25 and 30 percent of their microbes with each other and we think this is why many of their metabolism is different and they react to foods differently and that's in a way an example why all of us react differently to foods being a vegan and going through that 12-week period my diversity of gut bacteria severely dropped whereas mine mine stayed the same which meant that i was less susceptible to illness it could be that diversity he was getting from dairy products and those other fats in meats led to a slight reduction in in the diversity they're already in the top five percent of their gut microbiome health so they it's hard for them to push it further than that so the first thing is to give yourself try and aim to have 30 different plants a week to give it that diversity second is to always try and pick plants that have these natural chemicals called polyphenols in them which gives them the bright colors or the bitter tastes things like brightly colored berries or nuts or seeds things like coffee things like dark chocolate and even red wine thirdly probiotic having foods that contain live microbes themselves like traditional yogurts kefir kombucha and finally it's cutting out ultra-processed food watching hugo eat all his vegan food you do realize how much processed or i say crap food you do eat compared to a vegan and you do become quite aware you're like oh god like i feel guilty the whole time when you're next to somebody eating very very healthy food on average vegans are healthier than meat eaters but within that there's a huge range and there's some very unhealthy vegans and vegan diets and it does depend on the quality of the food it's not about whether you have meat on your plate or not and many vegans often find themselves eating ultra processed food because of reformulating standard foods particularly dairy substitutes and meat substitutes that are probably as unhealthy as eating processed meats the medical and scientific research that monitors us all agree that there's not a huge difference if any between the two diets it's just the small ones we both have high cholesterol because we lose a lot of weight on expeditions hugo's cholesterol dropped off the scale on the vegan diet whereas my regular meat diet just stayed the same my obesity level dropped my resistance to type 2 diabetes also increased they're looking for small incremental effects that athletes tend to look at it's very much understanding how your body's working so you can tailor your nutrition optimally and athletes do it to improve performance normal humans would do it just to feel less tired feel less hungry put on less weight over a year i've slightly changed my diet and sense that i eat a lot more different things eat the rainbow eat everything in moderation yeah have a balanced diet that's really the key i think if somebody says right you need to do this certain diet with these weights to get the results question it a little bit just go and have fun with it experiment find out what works for you [Music] you



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