in good health today move over Mediterranean yeah there's another trendy really of course it's gonna want a buzz oh yeah can really Gil here with a closer look at the benefits of the Nordic diet a lot of your folks talking about this yeah and here we go again with another diet guys the Nordic diet is actually the new Nordic diet the original was revamped in 2004 to improve the culinary appeal although it may still feel the same it shares many features of the Mediterranean diet with a few major exceptions eat like a Viking well not exactly the staples of the Nordic diet are based on the Baltic Sea diet pyramid seen here that includes fish legumes berries and other fruit vegetables and whole grain cereals like the Mediterranean diet it's linked to a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes but while the Mediterranean diet relies on olive oil the Nordic diet promotes the use of canola oil both are monounsaturated fats but nutritionists generally favor olive oil the new Nordic diet emphasizes seasonal ingredients and regional products while traditional Nordic foods may not appeal to Americans you can follow the principles of the plan on either side of the Atlantic first when planning your meals focus on sustainability by using local organic fresh ingredients second make sure your meals are plant forward that means filling up on Nordic staples like cabbage and root vegetables eat more fish such as salmon mackerel Cod herring and halibut and load up on a daily serving of beans peas or lentils and finally limit your overall meat consumption eating smaller portions of higher quality meats and another principle of the Nordic diet is mindful eating to prevent overeating and to prevent food waste that means eliminating distractions and really savoring every single bite so we'll see no oils interesting because I don't yeah I know you know most people hear olive oil is better or avocado oily yeah well I think I'm on this died and didn't realize it I eat almost all of that there you go and look at you I'm doing great I'm I'm one of the story thank you can



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