– My name is Jeanne O'Brien. I'm a urologist with UR Medicine. I'm a urologist who specializes in both general urology and male infertility. My specialty training,
or fellowship training, is in microsurgery and andrology. I find the evaluation of male infertility most fascinating in
terms of the physiologic and endocrinologic factors involved. It's sort of like a puzzle
that you put together based on the history
and the lab evaluation. I'm very empathetic to their situation. I never just sort of
leave them in the lurch and say, okay, this is what I found, and now go figure it out
or go see another doctor. I take them through the whole process. And there's always an
end plan for everything. And they're always grateful. I mean, these are
probably some of the most grateful patients you could meet.

The patients that I see year after year, a lot of my follow-up
general urology patients, I really enjoy seeing them annually, and I find out a lot about their families, a lot about their hobbies and interests. I think I like the people
connection the most. Every interaction, every
time I go into a room, that person is the most
important person in the world. While I'm there, I
never have a cell phone, I never answer calls, I don't do anything except focus on the individual I'm with. And I think that that allows me to put everything in to that encounter..



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