Hi guys from FIBO 2019, we are here with legendary Johnnie Jackson, strongest bodybuilder ever and still very great conditioning , all the years, how are you doing that man? I’m doing good. Life is good after bodybuilding, you know as you can see I'm still coming to
the expose and you know promoting my companies, Mutant, Gasp and all that. So, still living the dream. Yeah, you still enjoying so much, like maybe 15-20 years ago, you still have that passion for bodybuilding? For sure. Yeah , yeah, this is my life. It has always been my life, and I've said it before, I’ve not always had family members, you know to have my back and friends and you know never not always there to have my back. but gym has always been there, whenever i’ve needed it has always been there. So, you see yourself in the gym in 10 years, again? Absolutely. All the time. Yeah, 100% percent. When are you going to compete next time, where your fans can see you? Well, i’m not competing. I retired in 2017 from bodybuilding. Really? But it doesn’t look like that at all. Well, you know, you’ve got to keep up to date, you know what I mean? It’s a little bit of smoke and mirrors, you know what I mean? To help out a little bit, as we go.

And I’m 48 now, You know, so… i’ve turned more into a businessman more than, You know, an athlete, it's time for me to watch my kids shine I understand, what about your tips for beginning for bodybuilders who start lifting, for young bodybuilders to become that consistent for so many years and stabile. The most… I always tell amateurs or up and coming bodybuilders, wanna be pros. Nutrition. I mean, you’ve got to learn as much as you can. Research about nutrition. Because, what you put in your mouth is gonna predict how big you are, how fat you are, how lean you are. You know, exactly. You Know and so focus on that. And if you take care of the inside, the outside will take care of itself as well You know, you will look more clean, you have better separation, all that.

Got more quality muscle, you know , if you focus on nutrition. Yeah, if you had the possibility to change something? You know, to come back, like let's say 10-15 years ago. Would it be something you would do differently? You know what, probably not. Because im still getting a ton of fans coming in to say hello and you know, they actually call me a legend and all this kind of stuff, which is awesome.

So, I must have done something right in between of all that tripping up and screwing up. You know, to where… now it pays off because I get a lot of love from the fans, I get to answer a lot of questions and stuff like that, and they take me for someone who is knowledgeable and they can come and ask questions. So that's a big amount of respect and i really appreciate it. We are in a very famous supplement company here, Mutant. What are your advice , or your best , let's say 5 products are the must for your for example, for bodybuilders? What would you recommend? Definitely the Mutant mass, you know, for offseason. So, The gain. Like i said, the nutrition is one of the most important things, You know. So, you got to get those calories in, for sure. Creatine as well is important, it’s a muscle cell volumizer, but the recovey is…

It helps out the recovery time and the strength also. So, the stronger you become, the heavier you can lift, the more muscle tissue you can break down so it recovers bigger and stronger. You know, for sure. And branch chained amino acids, that's for muscles as well. That you got to take in and i love drinking that while I'm working out, you know. I’ll drink some in the morning, then i’ll drink a couple of scoops , you know, while im training, in between my sets. What it does is, it causes your body to strike a little insulin spike. And what insulin is a transporter for all that nutrition, you know, to get shoved into the working muscle to cause repair and grow before you’re even done working out, you know what i mean? So, you kind of set yourself up, you know, for the advantage or for success, as well.

And then of course protein, either one, whey or isolate, either one depending on what your stomach can handle. Isolate is a little bit lighter weight on your stomach, you’re not allowed as many carbs as well. So it just depends on where you are, you know, in your foot, is , which one you should take, you know. and Glutamine also is one of the more important supplements that you should take for joint health, you know, and stuff like this, so… Like , omega 3’s, stuff like the healthy fat, are you also supplement with that? Say it again. Omega 3 , healthy fatties, acids.. Well, absolutely. Yeah, like i said, nutrition is the most important thing, learn as much as you can about it. Because if you take care of the inside and that's functioning correctly and firing off, then the outside can’t help but to look good. OK, thank you very much for your beneficial information, for your time as well. Absolutely, my pleasure. Take care, enjoy..



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