I am Dietitian Natasha Mohan and in today’s video, I’ll tell you, hot and happening, sizzling and glamorous, Everyone’s favourite Kareen Kapoor Khan diet plan. That after too 2 babies. The weight she has reduced this time, She’s looking even younger and more beautiful. So all those who are watching this video, Don’t you also want to be like her? So clear skin, such a great glow on the skin. Moreover, long thick hair, and a perfectly thin waist. We all want to look like a Bollywood actress but, If we get the diet plan of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Then who would not want to follow it? Friends, with so much efforts I search and make these, Diet plans. Moreover, I review celebrity diet plans too. So that you get these diets for free. So, it deserves one like for my efforts! But you guys do fewer likes these days. You watch the full video but forget to like the video. That’s why I’m reminding you! Quickly press the like button, Subscribe to my channel and, Don’t forget to press the notification bell. As a dietitioan I’ll review Kareen Kapoor Khan’s diet plan.

In which I’ll tell you all the details, When, what, and at what time does she eats. How many calories she consumes in a day. And what options you can take instead of her meals? Because Bollywood actresses have a tight schedule, When they do shooting. So what food do they eat, Due to which their slim trim figure is also maintained, Have a glowing face and they get thin so quickly. You know that on every Bollywood movie, More than 100 crore is spent. Bollywood actresses spend lakhs of rupees, On their diet plans and follow them too. Because movies made with crores of rupees, All its burden is on actors/actresses shoulders only. If they won’t shine in the movie, then how will it work? Often people get scared with dieting name only. They think dieting means to eat very less food, And they’ll have to starve. Dieting is equal to punishment. But it’s not at all like this. If you maintain the calorie deficit diet in the right way, And lose weight then you can eat your preferred food too. Moreover, your health will improve, and you won’t starve too. It’s a diet plan between 1200-1500 calories.

And everyone can follow it, ageing between 18-45 years. By easily eating your favourite food, And at your flexible mealtimes, how you can easily lose weight? Come, I’ll show you specially Kareen Kapoor khan’s diet plan. The food that lacks nutrition won’t give your body nutrition, And that food can’t help you lose weight. Maybe, That’s why Kareen Kapoor Khan eats homecooked food. So Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet plan starts at 9:00 AM. You heard it right! Her morning starts at 9:00 AM. That’s the time she wakes up. As soon she gets up, she takes 1-2 glass of lukewarm water, To flush out all the toxins. After that, she takes 1 full banana. And with that 4-5 soaked almonds without skin.

There’s a special thing between these 2 things. Nuts are a very good source of protein, fibre, And omega3 fatty acids. And almonds have vitamin E, which is good for your skin. Also, banana is a very healthy choice to start your day. Because banana contains fibre and it also contains, A lot of minerals and vitamins which you do need daily. So if you take multi-vitamin pill in the morning, Choose a fruit instead of it. Whether you take a banana, apple, or a bowl full of papaya. It’s the perfect choice to start your day. But those who wake up early in the morning and, Do their breakfast between 8-9 AM and can’t exercise, For them, breakfast option is Curd sandwich and oil-free Poha. You can also take a moong dal chilla if you want.

These are very healthy options and, You’ll get these 3 recipe links below in the description. These recipes are already there on my channel, Diet recipes by Natasha Mohan. But only go after watching the rest of this video. So this was Kareen Kapoor Khan’s meal number 1, Meaning breakfast. And after taking this only, She gets the energy to do her workout properly. She prefers to do Yoga during her workout.

She does about 100 Surya namaskars every single day. Yoga is anti-ageing. Maybe, That’s why our Kareena Kapoor looks so young now also. After having been in the industry for so many years. So she does yoga and maybe that’s why, Her metabolism is very fast, And by eating her favourite food, she can lose weight. But those who can’t do yoga can include any kind of workout, In their daily routine. Be it a brisk walk or walking in the park near your home. It’s very important to include some form of exercise. Yes, yes, I know many of you will ask. But we don’t have any time to exercise in the morning. No problem! You can also exercise in the evening. After Bebo does 100 Surya Namaskar, So what she eats as a post-workout meal? She takes directly her lunch. No compromise! And here, she only like homemade food. Because when she shoots or is on the sets. She doesn’t eat the sets food at all. She knows that is oily, contains preservatives too, And salt is too much.

Her tiffin comes from her house. Sometimes she takes daal rice, curd, or sometimes, She takes roti, and for vegetable, she takes paneer. She’s a sucker for home-cooked food & that’s the right choice! If you are also travelling anywhere, And you know you won’t get the right type of food there, That maybe won't help in your weight loss journey. So you guys must pack and take it from home only. Here’s the tip for all those people that make excuses, That we go to the office that’s why we can’t eat healthy food. You guys can too eat this. But here in, Kareena Kapoor’s diet plan, the fibre amount doesn’t lack, So you’ll have to include a plate full of salad. You guys too who are watching this video, Eat a quarter full of salad mandatorily with your meals. When I say quarter plates, it means a quarter plate.

Don’t measure your salad. Consider it as a free food. If you’ll eat this food as it is so definitely, You won’t feel hungry for the next 2-3 hours. So this was about meal number 2. Now is the turn for meal number 3. This Kareena Kapoor does till 3:00 PM. When it’s been 2-3 hours since she had her lunch. So the little hunger that we feel, For that also little snacks have been organized. Our lovely Bebo takes either a small bowl of roasted makhana, In which sweet is not added, only salt and pepper. Or she takes a small bowl full of peanuts. Or she’s allowed to have a slice of cheese.

A big block of about 1-2 inches of cheese she can take. Or she can take nuts. In nuts, she can include cashews, walnuts, and pistachios. These all are low calories. Almonds she already took in the morning. So, if you want, you can also take these options at your tea time. But please, steer completely clear from tea. Many people are tea addicts, but they don’t know, How many troubles tea is doing in their body. Look, if you drink tea, and you don’t feel any trouble with it, Like bloating, acidity, water retention, then keep drinking it.

But, if you drink tea and still face its troubles, thinking, The day won’t pass without drinking tea. So, you’re doing it wrong! Listen to your body and not tea! Now come, let’s see what’s the next meal of Kareena Kapoor? Kareen Kapoor's next meal is at 5:00 PM. Now you look carefully, from morning until evening, All her meals have this much gap only. 2-3 hours! So her evening meal allows Kareena Kapoor one milkshake. I’ll also suggest if you also want to take a mango milkshake, Then you can take it! There’s no problem! Because mango is a very rich source of fibre, And it’s loaded with nutrients. Very dense in nutrients!! But half glass of milk and half glass of water! Because often people use full-fat milk in their homes. That’s why we have diluted it. This particular meal is actually optional. If you feel hungry between 5-6 PM, then take it! Listen to the signs of your body.

If you’re feeling actually hungry, You have had an adequate amount of water in a day, And aren’t dehydrated. But you’re actually hungry! Then guys, you must take this meal. So this was about meal number 4. Now, what’s in the dinner? Dinner, Kareena Kapoor takes between 7-8 PM. She likes to take either veg pulao with raita. She takes cucumber raita here. I have a very good veg pulao recipe, Which is completely oil-free. So if you want, You can make that pulao as it is & eat it. There’s no harm at all. It’s loaded with vegetables and, It has a very good source of protein like paneer. So sure, try that recipe. Otherwise, those who are fond of roti, Can take 1 roti, 1 bowl full of vegetable, quarter plate salad, It’s very important! And about half a cup of curd.

You have to take this much only for dinner. And try not to eat anything after 8:00 PM. Now, Kareena Kapoor’s bedtime is between 10-11 PM. So she likes to take turmeric milk. You’re also allowed to have half cup of it if you want. So those who feel hungry at night, sleep late at night, Due to any reason can also take up to half a glass of milk. So that’s just about it for Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet plan, For today. It’s a wholesome meal plan between 1200-1500 calories. And you can also follow this diet plan easily. But all the extra meals, if you feel you don’t need them, Or you aren’t exercising. You can let go of them. Those who have joined my weight loss program, They also lose weight happily by eating food.

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