in today's video i'm going to be giving you a 
three-day meal plan for the keto diet this is   my final video in a series meant to help you get 
started with the keto diet in 2021 if you haven't   watched the other episodes yet on day one we 
talked about what the keto diet is and why it is   so effective for weight loss improving energy and 
reversing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance   on day 2 we talked about what foods you can eat 
on the keto diet what macros are and how to put   together a keto meal without tracking on day 
three we spoke about how intermittent fasting   ties in with keto and then yesterday day four i 
gave you some tips on how to avoid the keto flu   so if you want to get the most from this 
series i recommend pausing this video   clicking here and starting from the top the 
keto diet can be extremely beneficial for many   but it can also be overwhelming when you're 
trying to figure out what to eat which is why   i put together this meal plan to give you some 
meal and recipe ideas so in today's video we're   going to be going through what three days 
of eating on the keto diet might look like hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new 
here my name is kait i'm a health coach and i post   videos on a high fat nutrient dense way of eating 
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now the meal plan i'm going to be giving you today   includes a variation of intermittent fasting 
known as bulletproof fasting i find that   bulletproof fasting works really well for 
a lot of people who are just starting out   who want to try intermittent fasting but are 
having a little bit of a hard time with it   bulletproof fasting is when you have a 
coffee filled with fat in the morning   to replace breakfast and do not have your 
first true meal until the middle of the day   because the coffee is filled with fat it does 
not raise your blood sugar or insulin levels   you still get the benefits of intermittent fasting 
while being able to enjoy a delicious drink now   bulletproof fasting does not have to be done every 
day some days you can eat three meals and not do   bulletproof fasting other days you can eat two 
meals and do bulletproof fasting what i'm saying   is that every day does not have to be the same 
but enough chit chat let's get into the meal plan do so and with that we've reached the end of my keto 
diet for beginners series if you guys did miss   any of the previous episodes make sure to go 
back and watch those and if you are looking   for a little bit more support and assistance 
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thanks again guys i'll see you next time bye

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