Hey Eumu. I got all this from some oni who looked like he was one of my fans. It looks human flesh But I don't like processed meat. It's like. geez, at least give me something a nutritious female! Yeah… Yikes, I called it. tasteless meat And they look super tasteless Enmu, I'll let you have this Hey, Enmu! You listening? Um… eye jelly? Damn, this reeks of male Oh, have you heard of this Demon House place? Aaa… I'll pass. What? You serious? You don't want it? Then, I'll give it to Eumu Slime. Hey, slime! You want it? Eat it! Ooh, nice catch! You have to eat everything that fell. Okay, here it comes! And that! And this! Eat Up! HAHAHA! Wai-



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