Greetings to all the seekers of good health! Obesity and morbid obesity affect people a lot these days For people who want to get rid of obesity, for a quick, safe and healthy weight loss I will tell you about a 30 day diet plan today I am going to tell you about a best technique to lose weight in naturopathy First let me tell you about the first 6 days diet plan. All you have to do for first 6 days is honey water fasting Drink 1.5 liters of water early in the morning and focus on the bowels to defecate. After you finish your work for 1.5 hours, drink another 1.5 liters of water and have a second bowel movement. Suppose you finished, drinking water, defecating and exercising by 9 o'clock Between 9 to 10 am take a glass of warm water or plain water and add 3 to 4 spoons of honey to it and squeeze a lemon You can avoid lemon juice if you find it too sour Drink plain water 1 hour after drinking this lemon honey water You can drink another glass of water after 15 minutes if you want It is best to drink 2 glasses of water in between After that, drink honey water again If you drink honey water at 10 am, next you should another glass of lemon honey water at 12 pm In this way, drink lemon honey water and plain water alternately every hour If you consume 200 to 250 ml of honey in a day during fasting, you will not feel lethargic while working and exercising You will not faint or have low blood pressure So, consume 200 grams of honey daily 250 grams gives you complete energy requirement for a day Drink lemon honey water around 6 times throughout the day The last drink of honey water should be at 9 or 10 pm before bedtime Drink coconut water in the evening in the place of plain water You can substitute honey for lemon water when you are out and about Consume 3 to 4 spoons of honey and drink water hour Do a honey lemon water fast for 6 days and not more at home You can drink coconut water twice instead of plain water if you want Lemon honey water fasting for 6 days will result in weight loss of 2 to 3 kg This is the technique that gives the best result This keeps the stomach and intestines on rest It is very detoxifying in the body and boosts immunity Fasting is a naturopathic principle that offers many benefits during weight loss I have seen the results of fasting in lakhs of people So, fast for 6 days with lemon honey water I do not recommend anyone to fast at home for more than 6 days I will now tell you what to do after this 6 day fasting Do a juice fast for the next 9 days of the 30 day schedule.

Follow the same morning routine for exercise and bowel movements Drink a glass of vegetable juice and go for your work Drink 300 to 350 ml of vegetable juice with honey, without adding milk, sugar or ice You can drink fruit juice instead of vegetable juice. Vegetable juice is cheap and best option as vegetables are available at home Drink another glass of juice around 1 or 2 pm, i.e, 3 hours after drinking the juice Drink sugarcane juice at 5 pm and another juice at 7 pm It is enough to drink juice 4 times during fruit fasting If you feel lethargic, start the first juice at 8 am After that drink a juice every 3 hours Drink sweet lemon, watermelon, pineapple, pomegranate, vegetable and sugarcane juices Milk shakes like banana and sapota shake do not come under this Drink only plain juices During these 9 days, do not drink any juice before 7 pm Following this schedule for juice fasting will yield amazing results With fasting immunity boosts a lot In these 9 days, 20 to 30 overweight people lose another 2 to 3 kg So far we have discussed about 15 days diet in 30 days diet plan Its lemon honey water fast for first 6 days and juice fast for next 9 days Do fruit fasting for about 6 days from 16th day Eat only fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner It is an easy fast to carry and eat fruit Eat 3 types of fruits on full stomach in the morning Eat a banana also if you want in the morning Be sure to eat guava with papaya or watermelon instead of banana You may eat banana in the afternoon In the evening, eat pomegranate, jujube or any fruit as per your wish Since you eat only fruits throughout the day, this fast is called a fruit fast Honey lemon water for the first 6 days, juice fast for the next 9 days and fruit fast for the next 6 days is the complete diet plan.

From day 21 to day 30, you should eat raw food It is intermittent fasting which consists of 100% raw food Until 10 am in the morning, you should stay only on water A morning routine of twice bowel movements and exercise is normal Drink a glass of juice at 10 am Eat 2 to 3 types of sprouts along with some fruits around 11 am Sprouts provide adequate amounts of proteins and nutrients Even while eating raw food, there will be weight loss So, eat sprouts and fruits Do not eat anything in the afternoon and drink another 1 to 1.5 liters of water by 4 pm Drink a glass of juice around 4:30 pm Have dinner between 5 to 6 pm with almonds, pistachios and walnuts Also eat dry nuts like pumpkin seeds along with dry dates Soak all the dry nuts for about 7 to 8 hours and eat them in the evening Peel the skin and eat the nuts along with dry dates followed by fruits for dinner Eat natural food both in the morning and evening You can lose 6 to 9 kg weight with this diet at home Some people who weigh more than 100 kg can lose 10 kg to 12 kg easily If you want to continue this diet after 30 days, continue with the raw diet You will lose weight furthermore Have a salad along with dry nuts and fruits for dinner if you want You can also take sweet corn Dry nuts prevent lethargy and provide all the nutrients to the body You can lose weight healthily and safely Following the diet that I have discussed will also make you less lazy Make a rule not to eat anything else for 30 days For 30 days, you should not disturb your schedule Make sure you follow the whole diet plan strictly You will definitely see the best result If you want to continue, eat raw food for another 30 days Following this diet will give you better results than you can imagine As you continue to lose weight, you will be motivated to keep eating raw food Sometimes you can eat tasty food very rarely I suggest everyone to follow this diet plan for 30 days, to lose weight safely and healthily Namaskaram!

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