[Music] hi guys and welcome to astrix guys one week load three kgs loose chasers without compromising on my immunity gm diet or general motors diet though so a diet meal challenge i don't feel that you have to totally give up on like zero sugar zero salt or zero you know carbs or zero protein a la chaise at a diet like it's not a sustainable diet until even one week where could you but i can definitely feel a flatter tummy and inch loss so it put dietitians that you do not have to totally give up on these things to lose weight you can just eat right or reduce the quantities so watch on guys every day video record chase so it becomes easy for you to follow okay now incorporation guys so please listen very carefully do not forward important that you have to have eight to twelve glasses of water every day are the without fail tagal sindhi please be careful of this second thing uh in the actual green tea aloud instead of 15 minutes of workout every day chase in a challenge 15 minutes until it does not have to be in the gym only no jim kel'thuna super soup recipe superfood soup recipe you can say so adi every day fruits m [Music] [Music] this is very tasty mixed fruit flavor the color is also natural strawberries guys so totally natural on the matter [Music] [Music] them [Music] no artificial flavors fda approved in the hundred percent vegetarian under no gelatine gluten and dairy free cuda [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] choose [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] one cup brown rice lay dante 285 grams chicken lettuce foreign [Music] so [Music] handy [Music] so [Music] [Music] mushroom baby corn and mixed vegetables and evenly nothing but use cheese [Music] so is day seven which is your last day guys hang on a complete chase a hundred percent three kg lose unlimited fruits and vegetables plus one cup of brown rice rose brown rice knee chicken and fish and water replace the chance 1 cup brown rice handy [Music] [Music] [Music] you literally feel like giving up evening cravings but you have to hang on guys always remember why you started it remember that goal focus do not give up you know you can get back to your regular pattern it is just a circle andy lifelong permanent results then we have to like cook sorry temp tautam or cockside festivals or style we give in we eat we put on little weight kani three to four kg is maximum per gain of antennae just get a hold of yourself and get back to normal 10 20 kgs periphery s so at that time you need to give a break hold control and get back to normal after that enjoy your life a day life could i enjoy you should not give up on your favorite foods totally is what i feel just balance it out okay guys description description box go check out their so you know you can go and check it out if you wish if you like this episode do not forget to subscribe like and share and follow me on astrix official on instagram and also in our personal id which is ashmita underscore nine then follow our bundy and astrix on facebook also on our website which is and also guys miku google play store ninja ash tri xx na [Music] let's stay connected everywhere guys i love you all see you in another episode of astrix very very soon till the next bye from asterix [Music]



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