Hey guys welcome to episode three of the ultimate 
weight loss plan this is going to be a four part   series where we learn how to lose weight and 
most importantly how we can maintain that weight   so we're not putting it back on later down the 
line now all of the information in this video in   this entire series is scientifically backed it's 
all from the NHS and the British association of   dietetics which is great stuff because you 
know it's safe and trustworthy now if you   haven't watched episode one of this series i would 
highly recommend that you start from episode one   and work your way through the episodes the 
reason being is we've designed these videos   in that way so you can work your way through them 
step by step to make that journey easier for you   and so you can get the most benefit from 
these videos in episode one for example   we first start with portion sizing and healthier 
breakfast options and loads of other things and   then we work our way through the episode so if you 
haven't seen that episode please start from there   and then slowly work your way through to these 
other videos i will leave links to them up here   and in the description below now before we begin 
please do remember that this video series has been   designed for adults with a bmi of above 25.

Now if 
you're wondering what on earth is bmi not to worry   i've got a bmi calculator in the description below 
feel free to check it out if your bmi is above 25   you can start this whole series but please 
do remember it's always important to speak   to your healthcare professional before you start 
any diet just so they can make sure you're safe   and suitable to do so because certain people 
with certain medical conditions shouldn't be   doing these sort of diets so hopefully you've 
already seen episodes one and two so you've got   a rough idea of how these videos work if you 
can't remember because it's been a while not   to worry i'm gonna give you a quick refresher now 
first of all the aim of these videos is to be as   simple as possible so that you can follow them 
and in each video we're gonna have a three week   challenge so this video is gonna be week seven to 
nine hopefully some information should pop up here   right now and as you can see each week we're gonna 
have different challenges that we can work through   together easy as that now i can appreciate this 
is going to be quite a long video so if at any   point you want any specific information the good 
news is i've time stamped it all it's all in the   description below so feel free to click it and 
click on whatever relevant information you want   i would however highly recommend that you watch 
the whole video so you can become a how to lose   weight pro now let's begin so first of all well 
done a massive congratulations for getting here   you're on week seven you are making a difference 
you're making the change you've done this all on   your own so massive congratulations to all of you 
who are doing this now please do let us know how   you've been getting on so far leave a comment 
below what have you found the hardest what we   found the trickiest what we found the easiest and 
any sort of tips as well i'd love to read it and   i'm sure everyone watching this video would too so 
for the first challenge of week number seven we're   looking at increasing your fruit and vegetable 
intake now hopefully you've already partially done   this when we spoke about it in episode one when 
we spoke about bulking up your plate with fruit   and vegetables however there are various other 
techniques as well that we're going to talk about   now in week number seven so not only are fruit and 
vegetables a great source of vitamins and minerals   but they're also a great source of fiber and if 
you remember when we spoke about fiber fiber is   one of those things that takes quite some 
time for your body to break it down it also   bulks up within your intestines so it makes you 
feel fuller for longer that's one of the great   things about fiber that's going to make us feel 
fuller for a lot longer so here's some examples   of how you can increase your vegetable uptake 
let's say you're making a sandwich or a wrap   fill it up with things like flavored herbs spinach 
cucumbers lettuce and tomatoes so that you can put   less meat or cheese within it or when making 
a high carbohydrate meal like let's say rice   or pasta substitute one cup worth for one cup of 
tomatoes or peppers or courgettes or aubergines   and the same kind of principle applies for 
fruit so let's say for example you're having   cereal or porridge use less of it and replace 
that amount with fruit so strawberries berries   bananas whichever fruit you like now you can use 
raisins or other dried fruits however fresh fruit   is always better reason being when you dry fruit 
like let's say raisins for example you get less   water in it and higher calorie intake because 
it comes more concentrated with the sugar so you   get a higher calorie content so if you are having 
lots of dried fruit then you could be potentially   getting a lot more calories than you think you're 
getting so they're great to have in small portions   but going for the fresh fruit is always better and 
remember when you're adding all these fruits and   vegetables to your meals you want to use them 
to replace the high calorie part of your meal   if you're adding fruit vegetables to the calories 
already you're just going to get more calories   so from this week onwards try substituting 
some meat some carbohydrates on your plate   for at least two portions of fruit or vegetables 
instead and see what a difference you can make   fresh frozen and canned versions all count by the 
way now increasing your fruit and vegetables can   be amazing but it can become counterproductive 
if you're adding in high calorie toppings so   in challenge two of this week we're going to talk 
about getting the most out of your salads now i   know when i say salad a lot of you may be thinking 
salad just doesn't do it for me abraham but salads   and vegetables don't have to be boring and they 
don't have to be flavorless you may have only   had one type of salad which wasn't very tasty but 
there's so many different versions out there and   a little bit of experimentation can help you find 
the best one for you a salad accompaniment can be   a great way to help you get in that vegetables 
the five a day that you really require but it's   important when you're choosing or making one to 
go for the right options some can be deceptively   high in calories if they have mayonnaise cheese 
bacon or croutons added now the common salad   often includes lettuce tomato and cucumbers but 
you can mix it up you can add whatever you like   you can add in butternut squash you can add 
an asparagus you can add herbs you can add in   whatever you want mix and match and have a variety 
so for example you can add in cooked chickpeas   or kidney beans these can also be a great way to 
add low-fat protein in place of chicken or bacon   pine nuts walnuts and sunflower seeds are also 
really good at adding both protein and texture   now coleslaws and potato salads unfortunately are 
not included in our salad list they are massively   high in calorie usually because they have so much 
mayonnaise in them and as well as that potatoes   don't count towards your five a day of fruit 
and vegetables okay they have such a high starch   content that we're unable to count them as your 
vegetable content now instead of mayonnaise for   dressings how about you try vinegar mustard lemon 
juice olive oil as they're all better options than   having anything cream based even just as little 
as two tablespoons of mayonnaise can be as high as   220 calories which is crazy so from this week 
onwards i really want you to make the most out   of your salad experiment make something new make 
something exciting to make those salads as good as   they can be honestly you can't beat a good salad 
when it's done properly okay guys moving to week   number eight first of all again congratulations a 
massive huge congratulations for you getting this   far let me know how you've gone so far what have 
you done with the salad what have you done with   the fruit and vegetable mixes leave some comment 
below and also leave some comments about what kind   of salad options you've been doing what works well 
for you what you've really been enjoying because   i know i'd love to read it and i'm sure everyone 
watching this video would too so the first   challenge that i want to discuss for week number 
eight is going to be a really quick one and it's   just staying on top of your exercise remember in 
episode one we spoke all about exercise so if you   want more information on that go to that video 
but just to remember if you're an adult over 19   or under 65 you need to be aiming for around 
150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise   or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per 
week okay you can do either or you can mix it up   but that's what you need to be aiming for per week 
now walking and running are great exercises that   we can all do obviously do at your own pace and 
slowly build it up again i discussed more about   this in episode one but also remember this 
studies have shown that just walking daily   can burn more calories and burn more fat than 
visiting the gym weekly okay so bear that in mind   as well so if you don't go to the gym don't worry 
about it you can do walking there's many different   home exercises that you can do and if you find it 
boring take a friend or family member with you try   running with music or a podcast i know i find this 
really helpful or find somewhere scenic to enjoy   the landscape whilst you run and if walking or 
running just isn't doing it for you you can always   sign up for a gym membership or if that's a little 
expensive a lot of the parks now here in the uk   have free workout sections now with machines that 
you can use which can be a great alternative as   well now there are also sports clubs dance classes 
and swimming lessons which can be a great social   way to get fit as well there's so many different 
options that you can look at now if you want any   more information on exercises or what you can 
try i'm going to leave more information in the   description below i also do have a few videos on 
different exercises that you can do at home which   i will leave links to up here and if you want 
more information on all the exercises by the way   visit episode one where we go in a lot more 
detail on this so now let's move on to the   second challenge of this week and it's all about 
choosing low calorie treats so i know that since   week four we discussed looking at healthier 
options snacks which is great and i'm sure   you've been continuing that but the next thing 
we're going to discuss for this week's challenge   is those low calorie treats specifically looking 
at desserts and what you can have which are low   calories and are going to help you lose weight and 
maintain that weight in the long run so let's say   for example if you've been missing having 
those biscuits whilst doing this diet plan   you can try oat biscuits or rice cakes instead 
these have a much higher fiber content so it's   going to leave you fuller for longer remember we 
discussed this earlier now let's say if you have   a sweet craving for for candies or sweets you can 
try sultanas or raisins instead to satisfy that   mini treat need now when you are trying to lose 
weight cutting down on those biscuits and sweet   treats can have a massive impact on us losing 
weight and maintaining that weight so we don't   put it back on later on let's say for example 
if you have two chocolate digestives every day   that will save you about 588 calories per week 
which is a massive number and a massive saving   now some other ideas to discuss for example if you 
really like cakes you can have things like banana   loaf you can have a scone you can have a malt loaf 
or if you really like ice cream try switching to   frozen yogurt and for comparison 100 grams of 
low-fat frozen yogurt can contain 104 calories   which is almost half of what 100 grams of ice 
cream can contain which is about 207 calories   so making the swap can be really really worth it 
but please do remember just because these are low   in calories they still contain sugars and fats 
and remember the key point is you need to have   these in moderation they need to be a treat type 
of food not all the time if you're having them all   the time it's not going to work this diet plan is 
not going to work so that's the challenge for this   week let us know how you get on and also leave 
a comment below to let us know any good treats   that you have found that are low in calories that 
are good for you and they're not too calorific so   they're not too high in calories so now let's 
move on to week number nine the first challenge   is reducing your alcohol intake if you don't drink 
alcohol feel free to skip to the next challenge   now when it comes to alcohol a lot of people don't 
realize how many calories there are in alcoholic   beverages most people always think about the food 
that we eat and forget about the drinks that we   have but these alcoholic beverages sometimes can 
have really high calories so for example just one   large glass of wine has about 126 calories which 
is the same amount as a small chocolate bar and a   pint of beer can have as high as 170 calories 
the same amount as a packet of crisps so try   and cut down on the alcoholic drinks just as much 
as trying to reduce unhealthy snacks so first of   all to make sure that you're not drinking too much 
alcohol it's recommended that men and women drink   no more than 14 units of alcohol per week ideally 
spread over at least three days or more is better   and also having a few alcohol-free days per week 
now if you're unsure how many units of alcohol you   are having per week this is quite normal it's very 
easy to be unsure of it there is a really good   calculator on the nhs website which i'm going to 
leave a link to in the description below feel free   to go on it it's really easy to use just click 
on whatever you drink how many glasses of wine   you drink how many beers you drink or whatever and 
it will calculate the number of units you have per   week now one really useful option if you're out 
drinking a helpful way to reduce your intake can   be as simple as alternating every other drink with 
water not only will this help keep you hydrated   but it will stop the alcohol units and calories 
accumulating it's also a good idea not to drink in   rounds as this can sometimes lead to you drinking 
more than you might have otherwise drink at your   own pace and then you're in control to stop when 
you know you've had enough now it's not only the   calories that we get from alcohol that you need to 
be aware of you also need to remember that whilst   you're out drinking with your friends and you're 
socializing you might have the occasional treat   which are usually unhealthy foods that you might 
have which aren't going to help also the next day   you might be a bit hungover you might have a 
fry up a heavy breakfast or anything like that   which again all those calories are not going to 
help with the weight loss journey and maintaining   the weight so a quick tip that everyone can 
do before you go out drinking have a meal eat   something at home have something home cooked so 
then you're not going to be hungry and you're   less likely to get those unhealthy treats whilst 
you're out drinking now i do have a few other   videos on how to reduce your alcohol intake if you 
are interested if you want to go in more detail on   this i will leave a link to it up here and in the 
description below the nhs website also has some   really useful tips and tricks as well which i will 
leave a link to in the description below too now   if you don't drink alcohol i guess that's one less 
thing to worry about with calories and putting on   weight but another thing to bear in mind is soft 
drinks fizzy drinks and also coffees for example   a 250 ml mocha can be as much as 193 calories or a 
can of coke is about 140 calories so challenge two   it's all about reducing these other drink calories 
now cutting down on caffeine can be very difficult   i know a lot of us rely on it and i'm not saying 
you need to stop caffeine entirely but really   think about it can you go for low calorie options 
for example a black coffee would you be okay with   the black coffee lattes cappuccinos and mochas 
can be surprisingly calorific containing roughly   105 110 and 193 calories each whereas a mug of 
black coffee is only about three calories which   is amazingly low fizzy drinks are also a massive 
culprit for high calorie intake if you're having   let's say two cans a day that can be about 
280 calories okay whereas water is calorie   free it's good for you switching to water adding 
some lemon in there to give it a bit of flavor   all of these things can be useful alternatives 
now you may be thinking well what about fruit   juices abraham are they good for you they've got 
fruit in them and they're a juice well you may   be thinking that and yes they do contribute to 
your five a day only one a glass of about 150 ml   but please remember a lot of these fruit 
juices because of the way that they're made   they can be very very high in sugars which are 
not going to help with our weight loss journey   some better options include sugar-free juices 
and fruit only smoothies but limit these to just   one glass a day and when you have a fruit craving 
switch to eating the whole piece of fruit instead   which can be more filling now i know that both of 
these challenges can leave you thinking well what   can i actually drink because everything is full 
of calories remember when you're unsure water is   always the best option it's got no calories it's 
got no sugar it's not bad for your teeth either   and it's gonna help with that weight loss plan 
okay if you can't if you don't like water for   example the taste of it try mixing it up try 
putting some lemon in it try putting some mint   leaves in it to give it a bit more flavor and make 
it more palatable for you now everyone's bodies   and lifestyles are incredibly different and it's 
really difficult to find the one size fits all   diet that fits everyone so please remember like 
i said at start of the video first of all check   your bmi make sure it's above 25 if you want 
to follow this diet and also most importantly   always speak to your healthcare professional 
first before you follow any diet plan like this   or any other diet plan so they can make sure that 
you're safe and suitable to follow it because   certain individuals certain health conditions 
certain people cannot follow these kinds of   diets so it's super important that you get the 
okay from your healthcare professional first   now if your bmi is less than 25 and you're 
still trying to lose weight if you're not   happy with your body if you feel like you're 
still overweight but your bmi is below 25   please speak to your healthcare professional that 
is one of the most important things i can tell you   in this video it's important for your weight to 
be normal and not underway and if you're having   any of these sort of thoughts there's gonna be a 
box popping up here i want you to really really   read through them and if you're ever having 
any of these kinds of thoughts please please   please speak to your healthcare professional 
about it that is the most important thing   because your safety and your health is the most 
important thing and that's probably why you're   here if you're trying to lose weight but if 
you're having any of these sort of thoughts   please speak to your healthcare professional 
that's one of the most important things i can tell   you in this video so that's it for this week's 
video you are doing amazing we're at the end of   week nine there is one more episode left that'll 
be coming out in a few weeks time please do let us   know how you're getting gone leave a comment below 
i would love to read it and as always send your   awesome vibes and i'll see you next week hey guys 
thanks for watching this week's video make sure   to click that like follow or subscribe button 
now to stay up to date with new weekly videos



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