Namaskar to all the viewers and welcome back in this new video. I already made many diet related videos but today's video is on public demand. Topic of this video is Budget diet plan for weight gain. Many people messaged me that they don't want to spend too much on their diet and also many people don't have time to cook. So keeping in mind all these points, I'll share whole day meals with you. Let's start our video. Let's start our day with a healthy breakfast which will be the first meal of the day. So let's see what we can eat in this meal. First we have is a glass of hot milk in which I'll mix 50 gram of oats.

I'm using 10 almonds which I'll mix in this. And for little sweetness, I added around 10 grams honey. We'll mix this. It takes 3-4 minutes. And because milk is hot, it will be easily prepared. With this, I'm using 1 banana. You can either add in the oats or can also eat it normally. And I'm using 2 eggs with yolks. This will be a good breakfast in which I'll get Carbohydrates, protein and fats.

So this meal is a mixture of macro and micro nutrients which will help you in starting your day And because oats is a slow digestive carb, so it will help you in staying energetic whole day. Now let's talk about our next meal. Our next meal is Mid-Morning snack. Which I'll eat between breakfast and lunch. This meal is easy to carry and you don't need to cook it. Let's see what we chose in this meal. We're taking 100 grams of roasted grams, handful of unsalted peanuts. You've to eat these 2 so that you get enough quantity of Fiber and protein. During mid-day, you're hungry and i want you to choose a healthy option.

Come on let's see what all things we have for lunch. In lunch, we're eating 200 grams of white rice. But if you don't want to eat rice, then you can also choose chapati. But make sure that you at least eat 3 chapati's. With this we'll take 1 bowl of cooked green gram lentil (Moong dal). But you can also use any other lentils as well, there's no problem. Salad is there for fiber but this much is not sufficient. I've added more protein sources in which I have 2 options Either you can eat 6 boiled eggs but only white or you can eat 100 grams of cottage cheese (Paneer) Since your goal is weight gain, so make sure that you're getting enough quantity of protein and carbs. Let's move to our next meal. Now we'll eat our pre workout meal and this meal is very important because you need much energy during exercise, So let's see what we can eat in this meal I'm using 4 slices of brown bread but if you don't want to eat brown bread then you can also eat any other bread.

I'll eat this with Peanut butter. There are many brands in the market who are making peanut butter but i prefer Alpino peanut butter Because this is organic and with that it donot contain any preservatives. Trans fat is also 0. With that, it is low in cholesterol so there's no harm on our health. There's one more added advantage that there's no artificial sweetener added in this So it is very beneficial for your overall health. And I opened this new pack today because I finished the previous one. Whenever you'll open it, you'll find a layer of oil on it's top. But don't worry, this is the sign of purity and it's made up of natural peanuts. So mix it we'll before eating like this And I'm using 1 serving of this which is approximately 32 grams in which I'll get 10 grams of protein as well And this will be a healthy option for your pre workout meal.

But make sure that you eat this 2 hours before your workout so that it get digested properly and you get energy from it's nutrients while working out. After workout, now we'll have our post workout meal. By the way, you should consume whey protein after workout but since we're making a budget diet
So don't worry. If you cannot consume whey protein, then the alternative you have is boiled eggs Which will be without yolk and quantity will be 6-8.

For carbohydrate, I'm giving you 2 options. Either you can eat 2 bananas or if you don't want Then you can also eat 200 grams of boiled potato as well. Post workout meal is a very important meal so make sure that you consume this meal under 1 hour of workout. Now I'll share that what you can eat in dinner. Dinner is somewhat similar to our lunch in which we're taking 200 grams of white rice for the carbohydrates Green gram lentil for protein. Salad for fiber and we're adding more protein in this for which we're having 150 grams of cottage cheese (paneer) Only protein is not the reason behind adding cottage cheese (paneer) because we've already added enough eggs during the whole day. But the major reason is that it contains casein protein which is slow digestive protein So it will help you in your muscle recovery during whole night. This was our today's video. And if you'll calculate the diet expenses in a month, Then it will not be more than Rs.

5000-6000. If you liked the video, then do hit the like button And share it with those friends who need budget diet that too specially for weight gain. I'll keep sharing these informational videos with you all. Show your love on this channel and subscribe it But with subscribe, press the bell icon so that you don't miss any video.

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