I had a work related injury in which a lot
of the nerves had been severed from the bone fragments from my disk and that's basically
where all this roller coaster ride started. My pain is a sharp stabbing pains, 24 hours
a day. Like someone has got a hot needle sticking
it in most of my leg. I've got no feeling in my calf, no feeling
on the left hand side of my foot. I just wanted the pain to go away that's all
I wanted. I'd take the course of the three main medications
all at once and then within 15 minutes I would be out. I would wake up, do the same thing over and
I did that for 2 1/2 almost 3 years. Because I had built up such a tolerance over
time with the main medication that it wasn't working. Because that wasn't working I would go to
the chemist and anything that I could get over the counter that was your everyday pain
relief I would buy.

The mood swings were phenomenal. I'd go from being happy one minute and then
in tears the next – just like that. My wife found that she was now the main bread
winner, the house cleaner, dropping the kids on and off to daycare and school, picking
them up. When we would get into heated arguments she
used to say to me I am looking after 3 kids and that really hit home with me. That was like wow you are. I could not function without this medication. I had to go into a facility because it was
way out of hand, way out of hand and I was going to loose everything. That was the turning point in my life. A massive turning point. It's just a change of life. That's all it came down to. Yeah I've got pain, I wake up I've got pain
but how am I going to let that effect me today.

I'm not going to let it effect me today because
I've got things to do. The worlds not going to stop because I've got
pain. I can't go back to that. I won't go back to that because I have too
much to loose..



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