Today I'm gonna show you how to meal prep for the mediterranean diet. (upbeat music) Hi there, my name is Victoria and two of my favorite things are cooking and organizing. And today we're gonna do both. In my last video I showed you how to overhaul your pantry for the mediterranean diet. So our kitchen's stocked, we're ready to go, actually meal planning for a week of healthy, easy, mediterranean meals. The first step is making a plan. There's a few things to think about when making a plan.

One is the food has to be delicious. And two, it has to be easy enough that you can realistically follow it during the busy week. These are all things that I think about when making meal plans for So you can scroll through those and pick one or more that you'd like to give a try. But today, we're gonna be looking at one of our most popular plans, our seven day mediterranean meal plan at 1200 calories. (upbeat music) whoop uugghh, heavy So what I'm doing here is making our Brussels sprout salad with crunchy chick peas. Making this ahead of time means you're gonna have lunches for four days this week. And it leaves one day for leftovers or eating out. So first things first, I gotta prep my veggies. I'm just gonna pull the kale off the stem like this. It's kinda therapeutic, I love chopping veggies. What's nice about these veggies is that they really hold up during the week in the frig. So they're not gonna fall apart or wilt.

Thin strands here. Watch your fingers. So next step is making the creamy tahini and lemon dressing. And I'm actually gonna make a double batch because I want some for this salad, but I also want some just to have on hand in my frig for the week. So before I cut this lemon in half, I'm gonna use my microplane and get some zest. That was a good one. Olive oil, a little bit of warm water to help it all come together. (upbeat music) Then shake it all up. Gonna make sure it tastes good. Mmm, a little tartness, it's so good. Okay so we have these, we have all of our veggies chopped, our dressing made. You can roast your chick peas on your own. For ease, I often just use these already made crunchy chick peas. We're gonna pack these up in our meal prep containers for the week. I love these guys. They're a great size.

They have a little venting lid. They last forever. (upbeat music) Start with some kale. Now time for chick peas. So next up is the dressing. I would wait to dress these salads until you're ready to eat, as well as the avocado. (upbeat music) Close these guys up. Last step, adding this creamy avocado to the top. There you have it. We just meal prepped four days worth of lunches in no time at all. Thanks so much for watching, hope you like what you seed here. Seed here, that's not a word (laughing).

You want some more meal plan inspiration, we have tons and tons of delicious looking plans on our site. Please like, share, and subscribe to this channel. And if you have questions for me or have topics that you'd like to see us to do in the future, please comment below and I'll address them in future videos. I love that dressing, mmm, so good. See you guys later. (upbeat music).



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