I'm Dr. Emily O'Dell. I am a family
medicine with obstetrics physician. I think it was kind of a more organic
process, it wasn't a day where I was like I'm just going to be a doctor, I just really
enjoyed science and I enjoyed helping and caring for people, and it was kind of
one of those that it felt like the right fit for me to be able to do those two
things that I was very passionate about and then when I got into Medical School
and loved every minute of it even though it was really stressful, it was
just reaffirming that I'd made the right decision.

I was really drawn to family medicine
because it's really the only field where you can do absolutely everything. I
wanted, I loved every rotation that I did in Medical School, I wanted to keep doing
all of those things and so family medicine really gives me the opportunity
to do cradle-to-grave medicine. I take care of babies, I take care of kids, I
take care of teenagers, I take care of women during pregnancy, I get to deliver
their babies and be with them at that special moment and then I get to take
care of their aging family members and into the nursing home care and
end-of-life care, get to do every part of it with them and walk through them, it
lets me focus on prevention and working with them to partner for their health
care, to have the healthiest life that they can have and really gets to form a
good partnership with your patients, which is what I love the most about it.

I think it's a process that develops
from time and from getting to know one another and from taking the time when I
go in the room to sit down and get to know them and ask how they're doing and
and what their main questions are, trying to address their questions as best I can
and just kind of building a relationship with them over time because
this is about being in a partnership with them. The most rewarding thing about being a
doctor I think for me so far has been just getting to care for patients for a
longer period of time, getting to build continuity with them and having a
relationship with them and I have a couple patients I've taken care of since
they were born and that's so special to say that I'm their doctor and that
they've seen me for that long period of time and just getting to watch them
grow especially with little kids walking with women through their
pregnancy and getting to hand them their baby is a very special moment.

I have a three-and-a-half-year-old son
and I have a one-year-old daughter and I have two fur babies, two boxers and they
keep me very very busy, two toddlers in the house, both walking and both on the go
all the time. If I had a chance to get back to my hobbies, I like to do a lot of
crafting, I taught myself to crochet, I knit, I cross stitch I do all kinda
things like that, I love to scrapbook the pictures my kids, but mostly I spend
the time chasing my children right now.




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