– I provide primary care for patients seeking general internal
medicine services. So that includes the care of
chronic diseases over time, acute illnesses that arise, and also it concerns a lot
of preventative medicine. I also have a research
interest in addiction. We have to keep in mind that addiction is what brings patients in with their chronic medical
conditions very often. Whether it be related to
smoking, or alcohol, or drug use, and rather than chasing our
tails treating the problem without treating the addiction, my theory and my approach is we, as generals have to treat both. One of the reasons that this area is particularly well
suited for primary care, Is that as primary care physicians, we get to see patients
continuously over time, in particular as you develop
a relationship with patients it becomes easier to have
those kinds of conversations. There's so much to love about it. Sometimes it's as simple as
helping people quit smoking, sounds simple, but boy,
when that patient comes back and they've been away from
cigarettes for six months they got a big smile on
their face, that means a lot.



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