[ Background noise ] >> Kayley is a vivacious little girl, always
on the go. >> I hope they got my wife's brains and my
looks and my athleticism. That's kind of what I was hoping for as a
father. Three years ago Kayley was complaining of
belly pain, I was at work and my wife calls me telling that my daughter is boarding a
helicopter to the Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital. >> When I was told she needed the helicopter
to get her there I basically called everybody in my family Kayley may die today. >> I was in the hospital the day that Kayley
was brought in and when I saw her I realized right away that she was very sick. >> We went from healthy little 5 year old
running around to life threatening situation that you think you're going to be in and never
wish upon your worst enemy. >> Kayley, she was septic so she was getting
sicker and sicker and she had a couple days where she was very critical. >> The walk down to the…down to surgery
was like it's going to be the last time I see my daughter.

>> Families and the patient are at the core
of what we do and it is a true team effort to take care of the patient and the family. >> It almost felt like our child was the only
child in that entire hospital, the care and attention that we got. >> Without Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital
Kayley would not be alive today and I knew that then and I still believe that today. >> The Children's Miracle Network will help
purchase equipment that helped save Kayley's life. >> We believe Kayley is definitely a miracle. >> Although it seems like a little thing or
a big thing, we say just remember be thankful for life. >> And like I love [inaudible] but like all
[inaudible] fight… >> We're just thankful for the Children's
Miracle Network, the Penn State Children's Hospital, without them I wouldn't have my
little Kayley.

[ Background noise ] [ Silence ].

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