Dr. Mike Moreno is still with us and we're discussing his new book, "The 17 Day Kickstart Diet" Dr. Mike partnered with Jay McGraw, The Doctors executive producer on this book. Well, our next guest is a prime example of what it really takes to make the diet count. Check it out. (gentle music) Around six years ago, I noticed how I began gaining weight. I steadily put on over a hundred pounds. Earlier this year, I went to my doctor for my annual blood work. He said that I had diabetes and I needed to work on diet and exercise in order to get my diabetes under control.

It was pretty hard to take. It just all kind of hit me, I guess, at once. I was very disappointed in myself, very. After the initial feeling of defeat, major determination set in. And I knew that I had to make a change. And my sister had talked about the 17 day diet, and I never looked back. Within the first three to five days, I felt more energy. I could breathe better. I could move better. After three months, I was able to walk three miles, which felt very empowering, but there was still anxiety within me that I had not done enough. I was worried that when I went in to my doctor, he was going to tell me that I was still diabetic and that I had not gotten where I needed to be. Hi there, Brandy. Welcome to the show. Hi. I am so happy for you. Now, tell us, Brandy, after your second visit to the doctor, what kind of results did you see? I've lost over 100 pounds.

I started at 234 pounds and I am, as of today, I'm at 133 pounds. My diabetes are gone. My triglycerides went from 400 plus to 112. My BMI is in the normal range and I am currently weaning off of my blood pressure medication because my blood pressure is normal. Brandy, simply amazing! Congratulations to you.
Thank you so much. I'm so happy for you. Tell us how it's affected your life overall. It's indescribable, really. Just, I feel amazing. My confidence is so much better. My energy and my stamina. And it's just, it's amazing to feel like myself again. Brandy, I mean, what a change, but tell us, is this the end of your weight loss journey? I'm not done yet. My goal is to get to 120 and I've got a lot of toning and firming to do. Dr. Mike, you just heard it from Brandy. Do you think you can help Brandy get to that ultimate goal with "The 17 Day Kickstart Diet"? Absolutely.

And you know, this program, she's done the work. She's proven that she can do it, the attitude and just her confidence is what's going to support her getting through this new program. But we're going to focus on those extra things, the sleep, the stress management, the goal setting. All of those things to get her to the finish line and more importantly, sustain this way of life. And I will tell you Brandy, my team and I will personally escort you through this journey to the finish line. And I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am and how much of an inspiration I think you are to millions of people. Thank you. You really are Brandy. We're all very proud of you and so impressed. What do you think? I think I'm definitely determined to get where I need to be. There's no turning back now. That a girl. Thank you so much, Brandy, for sharing with us. You'll have to check back in with us once you reach your goal weight.

Your motivation is awesome. And Dr. Mike, you're adding in something new to the original 17 days, you know, addressing all those tough, tough issues of underlying stress, getting enough sleep, dealing with the everyday issues that we're all confronted with in life. Thanks so much, Dr. Ordon. Always great to be here and see these motivational stories that just makes you want to push on and always be there to support. Continued success, my friend. Thanks so much. For more Dr. Mike, be sure to check out his podcast, Wellness, Inc., another great Stage 29 production..

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